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zgmfx19a 04-06-2011 02:37 AM

[MSoTW] [04/04 - 10/04] Astray Red Frame (Flight Unit)
I was busy, and had forgotten Crimsonred had sent me this in advance. I apologize. Was kinda busy.


Originally Posted by Crimsonred
Astray Red Frame (Flight Unit)
A unit that is often ignored due to the better Astray units released. This unit may have a similiar weapon set to Astray Green Frame but is very different in it's role in a group battle.First off let's look at it's weapons and skills.

Wep1 BuCUE Head
Average rock meele that has a slow 2nd to 3rd hit.

Wep2 Type 71 Beam Rifle
Beam rifle that has average reaction with 8 shots and medium reload.

Wep3 Gerbera Straight
Boostdown weapon that has 11 seconds cooldown and a 3 part attack, with the first hit being a very quick slash that has little range and the 2nd part being a multi hit slash that has decent range. 3rd hit is the finisher that knocksdown.

Skill 1
Booster Extension
Increases boost pool, very useful

Skill 2
Communication Commander
Enables enemies to be detected on radar, useful for support.

This suit mainly uses wep3 for opening into a meele combo as it's meele is not very good and would be out classed by better rocks most of the time. When you get skill 2, it is advised to switch to a supportive role (using rifle more often, staying close to teammates, helping teammates who are being meeled etc.) to maintain the radar.

C Spd OC Atk (If you really feel that the meele is smooth)
C2 Agi C1 Spd OC Atk (If you feel that the rifle and meele is not smooth and feels irresponsive)

No Videos (Couldn't make a decent one due to lag)

Kisaragi 04-06-2011 05:02 AM

Flight Red Frame is hella fun to play. W3 is extremely easy to use as an ambush weapon, and there's the radar. Too bad almost everything else about it is sluggish.

Retune 04-06-2011 06:27 AM

A while ago I randomly capped a Red Frame Flight and tested it out.

W3 felt GREAT to use. Ambushing people from around corners on E-Gate <3

...and then I would get destroyed in the 11 seconds it took for w3 to reload due to the sluggishness of W1. Even if I was better at handling melee, the fact that the BuCue head doesn't do much for melee range, nor speed, makes this suit rather challenging to use.

So, basically.

Awesome W3
Great Skillset
Pretty good shooting speed.

Sluggish Melee - use sparingly.
Lack of melee range - BuCue's beam saber goes out from the sides, afterall.

In hindsight, I would actually go C Agi OC Attack to make up for the sluggish melee, and improve on the already decent beam rifle shooting speed.

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