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02-28-2014   #1 (permalink)
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Default [MS Review] Dom Trooper (B rank)

ZGMF-XX09T DOM Trooper


Before we begin, I'd like to say for this as well as my possible future MS Reviews. All forms of criticism, disagreements, opinions and arguments are most welcomed in my MS Reviews. Now moving on . . .


Close-Range Fighter Type


W1:MA-X848HD Enhanced Beam Saber (Melee, 5 hits to knockdown)

Not much different than any other average B rank close combat unit. The melee doesn't have vertical reach.
Average melee speed, reach as well as damage. The importance of this weapon is equally important as your W2.

W2:MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS (Vulcans, 2 x 2 shot burst) (The wiki states its a 3-shot burst. Double shot. But it isn't)

Its your one and only ranged weapon for this unit. Having a close-mid range vulcans is not going to help you much against those good ranged poke units that have weapons such as homings, beamzooks and kd beams. The range on this weapon is short just like most of the other vulcans/head vulcans.

Nevertheless, you are going to have to use this weapon a lot especially when you have enemies who'd red teleport after getting caught all-day, everyday. The good thing about this weapon is the large ammo clip it has as well as an extremely fast reload speed when High-Performance OS is active.

W3:"Screaming Nimbus" Scattering Beam Gun (Dash Attack, the JET STREAM ATTACK!)

The only main reason for a person to get this Dom Trooper is simply to use this weapon and yell out JET STREAMMMM ATTACKKKKKK!
It only does a slow ailment which is extremely good for catching and locking people down for your team to finish the target off.

Aside from using it offensively to catch enemies, you can always use it defensively to shut assassins down by catching them as well as to rescue allies who are getting melee-ed. You along with your JET STREAM ATTACK can be a drive-by, life saving, ultimate peeling, suit exploding move.

The JET STREAM ATTACK applies 2/5 melee hits. Meaning you can hit them 2 times and use the JET STREAM ATTACK full duration and the target wont get knockdowned.

You can use your JET STREAM ATTACK in many ways such as:

1) Catching your enemies with (W1) melee (1-2hits) and then using the JET STREAM ATTACK fully or partially depending on the situation. Again, make it 3 melee hits before you use your full JET STREAM ATTACK if you wish to kd your target.

2) Be a man and charge in with the JET STREAM ATTACK fully and hit them (1-2hits) and boostaway while using your (W2)vulcans.

*If theres someone who used hide/invisible/an assassin whos all alone trying to act funny and catch your team from the back.

3) Once he goes in to chop your allies to bits, immediately follow him and pin him down with your JET STREAM ATTACK especially if he has a combo w/boostdown or control shock etc.

*If they have multiple charge/armour type tanky frontliner and your team needs to take them out first in order to reach their high damage ranged units.

4) Initiate the fight with your JET STREAM ATTACK but avoid using the full duration of the dash on 1 target. Try to hit and run with the dash attack to lure their team to focus you and immediately attempt to reset the fight by getting into a safe position. (eg: behind buildings etc)

*If your team is playing like its every man for himself
5) JET STREAM ATTACK whatever,whoever, whenever and however you wish to.

W4 (SP): Melee SP

You can chain it at the end of your full combo to possibly 100 to 0 a squishy assault type or use it to sp cancel and continue doing what you're doing.


Attack Up

Gives Dom Trooper alot more damage output. With his kit, attack up is pretty good considering it increases all of your weapon damages as you lock someone down.

High-Performance OS

This skill benefits the Dom Trooper in so many ways, getting movement speed to close in the distance, having a quicker reload for your W3.
Search Distance also do help you locate enemies who are camping? and some who are probably trying to assassinate your allies.

Custom parts

I'd recommend Melee,Charge or Assault type depending on the user's preference.


+Has reliable average close-mid range damage output (for a B rank close combat unit)
+Easy to catch enemies with W3 as an initiating/peeling weapon
+Fun to use
+Doms are awesome

-Decent defence stats but is insufficient for the things that he needs to do with his kit
-No form of medium ranged sustain damage/poke
-No beam weaponry
-Heavily restricted to close-medium ranged combat
-Burst damage cannot really compete with the likes of some other B rank close combat units
-There are other B ranks with similar weapon set to the Dom Trooper but are generally stronger than it.

It overall has way more cons than pros if you ask me. But I'd say if you're looking for something fun, something that you can yell your lung out whenever you use your W3. This JET STREAM ATTACK unit is anytime worth getting. So what are you waiting for, call your friends, family and everyone you know to get a copy of their own Dom Trooper so you can do the awesome JET STREAM ATTACK, together!

Gameplay video?

You can look them up at youtube, but here's a little something before you go.


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02-28-2014   #2 (permalink)
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Dat Jet Stream attack. Are you also screaming RULES OF NATURE while using your Dom?
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02-28-2014   #3 (permalink)
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04-04-2014   #4 (permalink)
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dietgoth is an unknown quantity at this point
IGN: dietgoth
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i'm just glad people are reviewing suits for the fact that their fun to use and not because they're overpowered as heck. b-ranks ruhl.


dom trooper, jet stream attack, sdgo, seed destiny, zaft

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