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11-12-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default [MS Review] Strike Noir (Twin Linear Guns) by Bng422

Strike Noir (Twin Linear Guns)

Hi, I'm back. This time I'll keep the review short and clear.

AS Strike Noir may look generic as hell, but it's one of those suits where skill plays a huge part in its effectiveness. If you play passively, this suit is no meant for you.

PLAY AGGRESSIVELY. This is one of the traits needed to play AS Strike Noir well. You need to zip all over the place and shoot people whenever you can without getting shot yourself. That means you must be able to dodge and anticipate incoming fire while being able to track and hit your targets at the same time. There's no bs weapon here: just you, your beam rifle, double swords, and only myyour railgun. There's no auto win weapon, no broken skills, and no impenetrable shields. Land your shots, dodge everything else, win the game. As simple as that.

Stat wise, AS Strike Noir has really low defense. Like, really low. If you get hit by something, it's going to hurt. With a low defense, however, you get godly attack and mobility. (Does that sound similar to you? I dunno... LIKE A CUSTOM PARTS SECTION?)

The glorious weaponset that has been around for ages. It is a carbon copy of Freedom's weaponset put into an A rank. AS Strike Noir has a decent amount of ammo for both w2 and w3 so it has sustain in fights. You only run out of ammo if you're making lots of blind shots (shooting where you think the enemy will popup) but the reload is pretty good so it should be manageable. The w1 is very similar to AR Strike Noir, just missing a hit. Alternate between w2 and w3 to burst people down, and use w1 to initiate or defend yourself. No tricks, no secrets, nothing. Just your skills.

Both of these skills boost your attack damage. It lets you burst people down a lot quicker, and gives you the bonus boost to be able to zip around, mca, crit shooting, etc.

"Whoa whoa hold on there, so how exactly do I use this thing?"

You apply all of your sdgo skills in using this suit. Taking cover, poke shooting, fast shooting, crit shooting, mca, turn slash, boost management, surviving, anticipating, everything. This suit can be a stepping stone into more specific roles, such as melee, assassin, aura carrier, front line charger, etc.

Honestly there's not much to talk about, so it's much better if you can try it yourself. At first you'll probably struggle a bit but when you master this suit, you have subconsciously learnt the traits needed for other roles. I highly recommend this suit.

Yeah, I know, this isn't the usual MSoTW/MS Review format. I just think that this suit needs more recognition because it's that good.

Video? Maybe later.
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11-17-2013   #2 (permalink)
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Oh? I didn't notice this review.

So basically AS Noir is like freedom-ish? (on steroid?)
In HK that doesn't have a lab yet, this unit is only obtainable via spending event for now. I ever got my interest in it, but i don't think i'll spend cash to get it.

And i don't really mind about the review's format. Since this is not MSotW anymore, people are free to write in their own liking. As long it's not just a few words.

Great review Bng, and cheers for our first non-S rank MS Review!
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