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Default Char Custom Units

What is your opinions about the char custom units, what are the best stats we can give to thats MS.
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no need to make a new thread -.- each unit is different on it's own, but most of the times it's B rank rock
C speed oc atk
or C speed oc3 agi oc6 atk
some shit like that
A ranks can go either way, with hp defense or hp atk/full atk
and S ranks the same, agility is a stat of preference, if u want the unit to feel smother u get agility, speed is useless on S/A ranks since it doesnt give much of a benefit, so what we are left is
atk: self explanatory
defense: self explanatory
hp: only custom points into defense
Spec: only for spec troll bombers, sazabi can be one of them


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