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altimore 02-18-2012 09:29 PM

[MSoTW] [19/02 - 25/02] Seravee
MSotW: [GN-008] Seravee

By: ALTimore

Introduction: My first MSotW, about one of my all-time favorite suits: Seravee! There are two things I love. One is artillery-type units, and the other is units that can go toe to toe against others in manly melee combat, which coincidentally, is what Seravee has. Actually was planning to wait for the plans to come out in TW to mix it, but lady luck decided to smile on me for once and gave me the suit during my last few rolls during a random Web Gacha! Since then, I've grown to love this suit, and it's currently one of my favorite artillery-support units in the game.

The Seravee is the upgraded version of the [GN-005] Virtue, and players familiar with the latter unit will find a number of similarities as well as core differences between the two. In this review, I'll be tackling some of these in order to develop a bigger view on the Seravee and how I play it.

Skill 1 - RELOAD UP
A godly skill to have on any paper, and much more so on an artillery unit, because of the low number of shots you have per weapon.
Skill 2 - TRANS - AM
Below 50%, your Attack, Defense, Move Speed, Boost Speed, Boost Recovery and Agility are all increased. I love this skill. This thing makes you terrifying in both modes, with all your hits hurting a LOT more, and with you being a lot more mobile as well.
Special: Ranged AOE Spec (Mode 1)/Melee Spec (Mode 2).
Seravee fires multiple shots at you from the GN Cannons on its shoulder and then blasts you with its signature GN Bazooka empowered by Face Burst Mode. In mode 2, Seravee grabs the opponent and Seraphim blasts away.

Mode 1:

Mode 1 is the mode you'll be spending a lot of time in. Your horizontal boost time in this mode is around 3 seconds like other papers, so you'll be doin a lot of jumping in this mode.

Shield - GN Field: 5000 HP, 80% Damage Reduction, Omnidirectional

This is sparkly, but the Seravee ain't no Edward Cullen! One of the selling points of the suit, this shield makes the Seravee one of the two suits in the game that has a GN Field. Seravee is surrounded with GN particles, blocking 80% of the damage from attacks from all directions. It's important to note that hits to the back ARE still more painful than hits from other directions. Even though Guard still pops up, it's actually a Guarded CRITICAL hit. So be careful not to expose your back to the enemy if you want your shield to last longer.
W1 - Fat Swing: 3000 Damage, 1-Hit KD

Seravee throws its fat around, Kung fu Panda style! Similar to Virtue's W1, this is your panic button when your W3 is on cooldown. Its range is actually pretty far for a melee hit! To give an idea of exactly how far: this thing can whack enemies pressed up behind the thin walls in part 3 of Single Player Mission 1. That said, unless you're fighting someone with a dash attack, a whip or an attack that lets him step in closer to you somehow, with a little timing practice, this does very well against people who want to melee you. Recovery time is pretty hefty (durr hurr) though, so make sure your Fat Swing counts!
W2 - Disco Ball of Doom: LONG RANGE (4200), 2050 Damage, AOE, Zook, Reload (5 secs/shot, 2.5 with Reload up)

Seravee shoots a FABULOUS disco ball at you. This is your main damage dealer, and the first core difference between Virtue and Seravee. The DBoD is essentially a beam zook (Not like F91 or MLRS's zook, but an actual bazooka shot), that travels farther and faster than the typical ballistic zook, slightly slower than a Linear Rifle, but a hell lot more painful than either, and with a slightly larger splash radius too! Unlike the Virtue, which has a flashlight, your main damage dealing weapon this time around forces you to learn to AIM MANUALLY. I'll talk a bit more about that in a bit.
W3 - Fabulous Beam: LONG RANGE (4200) 1075 Damage, Double Shot Beam, KD if both hit, Stops you from moving while firing, Reload (6 secs, 3 with Reload up)

Seravee fires beams of pure FABULOUSITY at you, and overloads you with fabulous, knocking you down if you get hit by both (2050 damage). Pretty much the same as Virtue's, so play it in the same manner. Your primary panic button against people trying to melee you. Lets you hang in the air for a bit longer too, so you can use that to your advantage against rushing rocks. Positioned directly on top of your body, so you can only peek shoot with one cannon from the left or the right at most, but opens up the interesting possibility of peek shooting from above.

Mode 2:

Mode 2 is where the fun begins. In a setup similar to Kshatriya's and F91's, Seravee's mode 2 focuses on closer combat, and out of the three, is the most focused on MELEE combat. You lose your GN Field in this mode, but gain around 2 more seconds boost time, essentially making you a rock in a paper body.
W1 - Two Fabulous GN Sabers: 1100 Damage, 5 hits to KD (Chainable up to 8)

Ohhhh yeah. Seravee is the ONLY paper suit in existence so far that boasts a melee chain that can naturally go up to EIGHT FABULOUS hits. Swings come out at S rank rock quality, meaning they cancel well and hit fast. Just make sure not to overestimate the (disappointingly) standard reach! (Something I tend to do often for some reason :py57:) This, along with W2, is the SECOND core aspect of Seravee that makes it different from Virtue - A melee oriented Mode 2.
W2 - FABULOUS Spin: 550 Damage, 2 Steps to KD, Reload (20 secs, around 11 with Reload up)

A two step melee "step-in" attack, where Seravee unleashes SIX-ARMED FURY, the first step dealing 5 hits in a cone in front of you for 2750 damage in the first step, and a final step consisting of a wide swing that knocks down. The range of this, like the Fat Swing is pretty darn far for a melee attack (once again hitting enemies pressed up against the thin walls in Singles 1), and hits for a fair range on the X-axis. This makes it ideal for catching rocks or starting combos. Oh, and this thing HURTS when it hits. When Reload up kicks in, make sure to use this at will, when in Mode 2)


In mode 1, Seravee is very similar to Virtue, and is an upgrade in quite a few aspects. While it gave up the penetrating flashlight in favor of a Disco Ball, its role is pretty much the same - Support Fire and Artillery, with the added bonus of having a GN Field to augment its long range battle sturdiness.

In mode 2, Seravee turns into a RAWK, and the 8 hit melee combo as well as the 5 hit step of W2 (NEVER knock down if you're using it as part of a combo), makes Seravee excellent for locking enemies in place, and melting rocks in melee combat.


Seravee has some glaringly obvious flaws despite all its FABULOSITY.

The first is this:
In rooms that have A ranks and below, this is just fine, since comparatively, there are less units with beam defense in that rank range. But once you go up to S ranks, there are a CRAPLOAD of units that have beam defense, which basically makes you 80% more impotent. While your guns still hurt, and your KD beam (with its low cooldown) is still useful in supporting your team, Seravee, in a room with units that have good beam defense, will be a lot less useful.

The second is:

Even though you're SUPPOSED to melt rocks, you become a LOT less painful when 85% of your damage is blocked by a single skill. At least your melee will still hurt rocks, but unless you're confident in your melee that's little comfort when many rocks have ways of catching pesky papers anyway.

Here are a few of the units that make you a hell lot more impotent, and thus, units you have to watch out for. Generally, the best solution would either to Spec them or let your teammates handle them. But otherwise...

1) V2 Assault Buster (And V2 Assault to a lesser extent)
Melts you at far range, melts you at close range. Not good. However, even though its shield blocks damage, you can still knock him down (And help your teammates) chase and focus him down, or if you're alone, get close enough to melee him. Hopefully.

2) Akatsuki (Scissor)
You're screwed. No competent Akatsuki, should ever let Seravee close enough to engage in melee combat once Yata no Kagami kicks in. You can't even knock this thing down to try and get closer. Your only option really would be to melee, but when your opponent can pepper you with shots while avoiding you with high boost speed, boost cap and boost recovery, that won't happen unless you're a god at positioning and force him into a corner or something.

3) Neue Ziel (both of em) + Dendro
Antiflinch? Check. I field? Check. You can't do squat against these things. Best thing to do would be to stay at range and pepper em with shots, but even that won't really do much. Try to avoid them and let your teammates handle them as much as possible.

Veteran Infighter
There are TWO primary offenders amongst all the units that have veteran infighter - God and Master. Your shots will still sting, but the problem with these things is that with their antiflinch properties, you can't even melee them. They WILL take a long time to kill, and you WILL have to keep knocking them down with Mode 1's W1 or W3, but it IS possible to stop them. Best thing to do would be to practice your timing and aim with those two weapons.

There are others that you have to watch out for, but off the top of my head, these are by far, some of the worst.


There is one thing you must master when using Seravee, and that is to AIM MANUALLY. As your main damage dealing weapon, the GN Bazooka 2 is a powerful weapon to be sure, but you have to remember that as an ARTILLERY unit, the Seravee specializes in single, powerful shots that hurt. That said, when using Seravee, each shot has to count, ESPECIALLY when Reload Up hasn't kicked in yet. Unlike the Virtue's flashlight (which was a lot more reliant on autolock-right click at a distance), with the shift from flashlight to zook, you have to learn how to aim at GROUND instead of at units, and learn to ANTICIPATE their actions because of the travel-time involved with your shots.

Another thing you have to learn as Seravee, is that (despite your sparkles), YOU ARE SQUISHY. It's important not to feel like a god, tanking hits with your shield, because once that's gone, you WILL melt like Hershey's in your mouth on a hot summer's day if you're not careful. Treasure your shield, and don't needlessly expose yourself to enemy fire unless you're sure you can fight back well enough.

Finally, having said that Seravee is squishy, Seravee users must learn to be careful when going into Mode 2. Fun as it is, rocks without SOME form of defense from ranged weaponry (in the form of a skill, or a shield), melt quickly under concentrated enemy fire, and you will too. Mode 1 is what Seravee was MADE for, and you must use it as such. Only rush into the fray in Mode 2 to lock an enemy in place with your melee, if you're confident that you won't be sprayed with fire from the enemy's comrades, because if not, it would be better off for you to stay at a distance and help your allies by knocking down enemies that melee your partners with Weapon 3.

STATWISE, I'd say that Seravee goes for all attack. A wise man once said that any unit with reload up should go full attack, and I am inclined to agree in Seravee's case because any artillery that does not hurt is not doing its job properly.

I'll be frank. As much of a Seravee fanboy I am, I have to say that Seravee's flaws are just too crippling to make it as a High-tier unit. However, Seravee is in no way Low-tier either. Against all other units that don't have any of the aforementioned countermeasures to Seravee, GN-008 serves as a TERRIFYINGLY FABULOUS force on the battlefield, with the capability to destroy most rocks in just 5-8 hits (Even less if you manage to crit). Also. IT'S A PAPER THAT HAS MELEE THAT'S FREAKIN CHAINABLE UP TO 8. :py63:

I wanna record my own, but free version of Fraps only allows up to 30 secs XD So while waiting for a way around this problem...

Good example of how to catch people with Seravee's W2. The damage dealing potential of melee mode can at times, exceed Mode 1's if you're able to pull off a full melee combo. However to do this, you gotta be a ninja, and only jump in when you're not gonna be shot at. Once the dude here's spotted and has no allies around, he jumps back into Mode 1 and peppers them with shots.

Another pretty good Seravee vid. The melee combo vs the Master and the Chouhi at the start amused me to no end.

And that's it. A bit long, but I hope it was informative enough!

xConvict 02-18-2012 09:42 PM

This Article is FABULOUS Tier.

KirovReporting 02-18-2012 10:07 PM

One of the bigger victims of scirudim

altimore 02-18-2012 10:11 PM


Originally Posted by KirovReporting (Post 1680806)
One of the bigger victims of scirudim

Thankfully, it's not in TW yet XD

StrykerX 02-18-2012 10:12 PM

fabulous forget that meleeing MA's is a legitimate way of taking them down tho provided that they arent attracted by your fabulousity.

zgmfx19a 02-18-2012 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by StrykerX (Post 1680809)
fabulous forget that meleeing MA's is a legitimate way of taking them down tho provided that they arent attracted by your fabulousity.

As much as I want Seravee, it is one of the last thing that I'll be afraid of when I am playing SR Neue.

altimore 02-18-2012 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by StrykerX (Post 1680809)
fabulous forget that meleeing MA's is a legitimate way of taking them down tho provided that they arent attracted by your fabulousity.

As long as they don't notice you first XD But generally, Seravee should ninja in most cases when meleeing anyway.

Kenshiro 02-18-2012 10:21 PM

altimore 02-18-2012 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Ezio (Post 1680818)

StrykerX 02-18-2012 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by Ezio (Post 1680818)

where do you people get all this stuff.......:py53:

Kenshiro 02-18-2012 10:43 PM


Originally Posted by StrykerX (Post 1680822)
where do you people get all this stuff.......:py53:

The internet... well, sort of. :py55:

Retune 02-18-2012 10:51 PM

Zero approves of how FABULOUS this article is.

Joking aside, though. Interesting article on Seravee. Maybe its because I hardly see any of these guys milling around on HK.

StrykerX 02-18-2012 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by Retune (Post 1680827)

Zero approves of how FABULOUS this article is.

Joking aside, though. Interesting article on Seravee. Maybe its because I hardly see any of these guys milling around on HK.

its the scissor spam......

Kenshiro 02-18-2012 10:57 PM

*one dude enters the room, readies with Seravee*

*everyone switches to a goddamn Sinanju/Strike Freedom*

Such is the life in HK.

Retune 02-18-2012 11:15 PM

So I walked into a room with Ksha.

Then this happened:

I see what you mean.

Cypher15 02-19-2012 08:23 AM

Lulu approves!

Crimsonred 02-19-2012 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by Ezio (Post 1680830)
*one dude enters the room, readies with Seravee*

*everyone switches to a goddamn Sinanju/Strike Freedom*

Such is the life in HK.

Enjoy the bliss of no SR MA spam.
Seriously, walking into a room full of HWS/SR NZ/SR GP03D makes you pretty useless if you use a rock.

Jaen 02-19-2012 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Crimsonred (Post 1680957)
Enjoy the bliss of no SR MA spam.
Seriously, walking into a room full of HWS/SR NZ/SR GP03D makes you pretty useless if you use a rock.

Not entirely true. My SRC was still somewhat effective in those x2 BS matches. Your B rank rocks on the other hand...ouch.

altimore 02-19-2012 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by Crimsonred (Post 1680957)
Enjoy the bliss of no SR MA spam.
Seriously, walking into a room full of HWS/SR NZ/SR GP03D makes you pretty useless if you use a rock.

Haven't seen as many SR Ziels as SR Dendros in TW YET thankfully. Still not saturated, thank God. But after a while.... :py22:

Kenshiro 02-19-2012 05:17 PM

I suppose me and my trusty Scinanju can live through the advent of the SR MA's, not so much for my other suits though.

(And this is why I plan to have lolHWS and S Zeta by then.)

And oh, those bulky things might give a new hope for my BR Regelg lol.

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