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xConvict 02-12-2012 04:45 PM

[MSoTW] [12/02 - 18/02] Chaos Gundam
Paper A Rank.

Mode 1:
Attack: 18.3
Agility: 17.4
HP: 14.1
Defense: 16.8
SP: 15.3
Speed: 21.3

Mode 2:

Attack: 17.4
Agility: 20.7
HP: 15.0
Defense: 17.7
SP: 18.3
Speed: 24.9

>A pretty decent stats for a A rank paper imo. The agility and speed is alright with average attack. HP is kinda low though...


Skill 1: Phase Shift Armor
-Reduces damage taken from Ballistics weaponry.

Skill 2: Reload Up
-Increases your reload speed on all ammunition.
Mode 1 SP: Range

Mode 2 SP: Melee

>Reload Up in Skill 2 may hinder its capabilities but if you know how to get SP fast, this suit will be a monster. Equipped with PS Armor to reduce damage from Ballistics (Specially those God-damn Homing Missiles from Rau Dinn) and Range SP in Mode 1 makes this a terrifying paper.

Mode 1:
Weapon 1:
MA-M941 "Vajra" Beam Saber

>3 hit melee with 1050 power in each hit. Its like a typical beam saber range for a paper. But you wont likely use this since this is mainly for countering rocks and serves as a final resort.

Weapon 2:
MA-BAR721 High-Energy Beam Rifle
>11 ammo rifle. Probably your second weaponry in this mode. Has a quite smooth launch for a paper. The reload without reload up is slow. But with a power of 1200 and equipped with reload up, this thing is quite the rifle.

Weapon 3:
EQFU-5X Mobile Weapon Pod
> This is damaging as ****. 500 power per shot per Pod. This is Chaos' main and most damaging weaponry. Although its been nerfed, it still packs a punch. Watch your enemies melt with the combination of weapon 2 + 3.

Mode 2:
Weapon 1:
AGM141 "Firefly" Guided Missiles
>Shares the same name with Blast Impulse BUT it has a weaker damage, more ammo and longer range. The only ballistics weaponry. Launches from your pods and @ a 30~40ish angle. If I were to compare both I'd say Chaos would beat Blast Impulse's Missiles cause it can out-range it and has more ammo.


First things first, Mode 2 to spam those missiles and for mobility. After that, make use of your funnels! Just keep using them unless you have I field Users. Wait for Reload Up to turn on. But remember, your purpose is NOT to camp with funnels, but to support rocks and Kill opposing rocks. Never try to melee someone. It is only for a last resort. Remember that you only have 1 ballistics weaponry and you cannot use it if you used the funnels! Watch out for long range scissors, they will it you alive.


StrykerX 02-12-2012 06:26 PM

short and sweet.

xConvict 02-12-2012 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by StrykerX (Post 1678377)
short and sweet.

Its to avoid those "incidents". Remember last time?

Retune 02-12-2012 07:22 PM

I like. Sums up Chaos pretty well.

StrykerX 02-12-2012 07:28 PM


Originally Posted by xConvict (Post 1678386)
Its to avoid those "incidents". Remember last time? date btw

xConvict 02-12-2012 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by StrykerX (Post 1678400) date btw

Also, I can't change the thread title ._.

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