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Ao 01-14-2012 04:31 PM

[MsoTW][1/15 ~ 1/21] Graham Flag
Graham Flag


Without Build

With Build

C speed, OC atk

This is the best build, it allows the thing to kite like a boss and hurt like one as well


Booster Ext

Amazing skill that increases boost duration and booster recovery by 50%

Assault Command

When HP drops below 50%, teams attack and boost duration both increase. This allows graham flag to hit the booster maximizing duration of 10 seconds.

Melee spec

You have this in normal mode

Ranged Spec

You have this in alternate mode

Weapon set

Standard Melee

Kind of odd feeling wise, at least for me. Feels almost like a good scissors melee. 5 hits, standard

Linear Rifle

Suit selling point. Relatively high damage, amazing linear rifle (so it has splash), ballistic properties. Comes out of LEFT

Boost Down Combo

Slow start up, decent damage, knocks down at the end

Linear Rifle (Mode 2)

Same as weapon 2 in normal mode


Grahams flag, though being a rock, is a lot more of a gun based suit. Its source of damage comes mainly from its linear rifle in both modes.
The player must be careful to pay attention that the linaer rifle is in the suits left hand rather than the right hand like most other suits. Players should play this suit at close-mid range and focus on spamming the second weapon. If a good opening occurs, the player should proceed to go in a melee. Do not start a combo with weapon 3 as it is difficult to catch with it. A suggested combo is weapon 1 x3, weapon 3, spam with weapon 2 while boosting around the enemy.

Players with lower latency have the option of pressing R and transforming into MA mode for additional mobility once they get in the air. DO NOT DO THIS RIGHT AFTER YOU BOOST DOWN AND BEFORE YOU HAVE MOVED OUT OF THEIR MELEE RANGE. Experienced players will simply turnslash you, and you will die.

In a sense, this suit can be played in a way similar to ball K.

Once the second skill activates, the dmg and boost duration boost kick in. This makes graham flag feel like the king of kiting, at least in terms of B ranked rocks.

Always keep in mind that R mode has V and MA boost. You will stay in the air for a longer duration and will hover.

Comparison to similar suits

Comparison to Lagowe

Lagowe is the only other b ranked rock with the same amount of boost as graham flag. It has the same skill set. Lagowe has a beam weapon, unlike graham flag who only has his ballistics. Lagowe’s weapon 3 combo is also less useful IMO and does not have the amazing R mode. The melee on lagowe also combines 2 of the hits in the combo into one hit, so one has to be careful of that. However, people who dislike using ballistics should go for lagowe instead.

Comparison to BD2

This has longer boost duration to BD2, but BD2 is superior in terms of both melee and a ranged game. BD2’s rifle is way too powerful, and also has decent ballistics to boot. BD2’s melee is also faster, but cannot kite as well. I find exam to be an amazing skill.

Comparison to Overflag

Graham flag hurts more if you spam the linear rifle due to the higher attack stat and the identical coefficient. Overflag has less boost, and normally has more defense. Overflag has an amazing looking beam spec, and the weapon 3 in normal mode is different



Overall conclusion.

A solid ranged rock with an average melee game.

altimore 01-14-2012 05:32 PM

LOLD at vid. His early gameplay could have been much better tho, IMO.

But good article. <3 Graham Aker.

tehprognoob 01-14-2012 05:36 PM

Video music


I don't like the way he flies in normal mode. It doesn't look cool, for some reason, but I was surprised when I picked it back up after a while of not using it at all.

It feels so strong for some reason.

pikachuwei 01-14-2012 06:26 PM

ah so I am doing it wrong by trying to spam W3 as catch

no wonder I keep getting outmeleed =/

Retune 01-14-2012 07:34 PM


Graham flag is actually pretty good for people who can't aim so well. That splash makes it so easy to land hits <3

Crimsonred 01-14-2012 07:36 PM

Some video's

(How I miss you Gen 2 QQ)

Strikegundam 01-14-2012 07:52 PM

i have OC6 graham flag as well..
the attack is good and normally i just use it like ball k..
spam zooks

Leongz 01-15-2012 12:03 AM


Originally Posted by Retune (Post 1667181)

Graham flag is actually pretty good for people who can't aim so well. That splash makes it so easy to land hits <3

^ True that. :py48:

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