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12-24-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default [MSoTW] [CB] DSHC-EW (xConvict)

DSHC(EW) by xConvict

Deathscythe Hell Custom (EW)
"Who needs flashlights when you have invisibility?"-Kisaragi


Attack: 19.8
Defense: 18.3
Agility: 21.6
Speed: 25.8
HP: 14.4
Special: 21.3
(I really don't do numbers but all I can say is that DSHC is one hell of a killer, and a glass cannon)


Auto-Lockon Jammer EX
>When the unit's health drops below 30%, enemies cannot auto-lockon to the unit.

Hyper Jammer ECM
>When the unit's health drops below 45%, the unit's attack is increased and enemy positions are shown on the radar. The unit is also fully cloaked when standing still, partially cloaked when walking, and not cloaked when boosting.

The skillset are good, skill 1 allows you to have the full advantage agains auto-locking feglights. Skill 2 is just perfect for DSHC. Radar + Invisibility + Attack Up. What more would you want? with both skills, DSHC can stalk/lurk/ninja/kill your enemies with the highest efficiency.

Melee SP
>Just your same old melee SP. The animation is kinda cool though.


1. Beam Scissors.
A 3 hit before KD melee with wide vertical and horizontal range. With a power level of 1850 per hit. It is DSHC's main weaponry in killing most suits. Although it was nerfed back then, it still has a good cancelling speed and fast execution. Although you should always remember that this is not always your weapon in killing.

2. Vulcans
Probably one of the most useful weapons to date due to the appearance of I-Field Users. It is the only range weaponry of DSHC and one of the most use against MA's. Watch your enemy melt with your vulcan spam on the back. With 12 ammo and a fast reload, you'll be sure you will have enough to kill 'em all.

3. Beam Scissors
Knockdowns. Gives temporary invisibility. Attack Up, Speed Up, Defense Down. Makes you kill faster but heightens the damage you receive. Please do note that this aint for a combo chain of 1->1->3. Using this will make your enemies know that you are there, hence giving out your role as a ninja and stalker. It is better to use it for stalking your enemies rather than ending a combo chain with it. You might think its a waste since it has 3000 power but lemme tell you, the attack up that it gives makes your melee and vulcans stronger.

Stat Builds:
All attack.
>This build gives it the power to 1 combo kill almost anything from behind. It is recommend that you go with this build unless you cannot dodge sp.

C HP OC Atk.
>It is basically for surviving SP and still have the high attack power. (although not as much as All Attack)

*Why not defense?
>It is because you don't need. It is worthless to invest on defense for DSHC. It is suppose to kill not to tank.

Stalk and Kill. Do not charge head in like a crazy ***. Remember that you are not a one man army. Wait for your enemies to be distracted. Know when and when not to use your weapons. Don't melee someone if you know his teammates are right beside him. Vulcans from afar, then melee when the enemy is all alone.
Invisibility =/= invincibility


A trick that NuKira showed me. Basically using weapon 3 at the start of the match to give you invisibility then using a red teleport to teleport you to the enemy base. Really good in killing 'em all in the start of the match.

Your Worst Enemies.

If your enemies knows how to use their radar, your position will be revealed. Really irritating specially if your trying to stalk someone.

(I really don't know what suits to compare so ill just compare it with 2 EW Suits)

1. Nataku (EW)
DSHC still reigns over Nataku for many reasons:
>Nataku is no longer needed with the appearance of SR Neue Ziel.
>Nataku has limited range capability.
>Nataku has no unique skill.

2. Sandrock Custom (EW)
When it comes in fighting MA's/anti-flinch, I'd rather use DSHC than SRC for many reasons.
>One is that vaccines completely makes SRC's ailments useless. SRC becomes just like a normal rank rock unit.
>SRC has low ammo on weapon 2(although high attack and good reload.)
>SRC has low damage in terms of melee.

Although SRC shines against DSHC in many aspects too.
>It gives team buff. (Defense + Boost for team; Additional radar for SRC)
>It is more tanky
>It has better HP and defense.

Recommended Skill Parts and Items

Skill Parts:
1. Vaccines.
Countering those ailments.

2. Art of Fighting: Gundam Fighter.
Gains a low chance of getting red Critical's when meleeing.

3. Latent Potential.
Under 50% hp, damage is maximized and SP gain increases.

1. Hide
Gives temporary invisibility. It DOES NOT give attack up, speed up and defense down.

2. Teleport
Teleports into a random location in the map.
Really useful if you want to tele-scythe.


(I wanted to post Kisaragi's video but it contains *** in the link.)

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12-24-2011   #2 (permalink)
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I made a mistake in the skills.
"Radar + Invincibility..."
Pls change Invincibility to Invisibility xD
I am Convict.
12-25-2011   #3 (permalink)
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>SRC has low damage in terms of melee.
Elaborate on this. SRC does more damage than DSHC in a full combo.
12-25-2011   #4 (permalink)
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DSHC hits hard, hits fast, is given a better chance for getting crits.


SRC has 1320/hit, 5 hit combo

That makes it 6600 DMG

DSHC has 1850/hit, 3 hit combo


It actually hits lower, but invis makes it easier to crit. Also, you can theoretically Hide + 113, which gives 6700. A mere 100 point gain and one you won't make most of the time.

There's also the dash shotel attack that does 650 per hit for 15

Which gives 9750 in all

DSHC has 19.8 ATK
SRC 18.3

Even taking into account the 1.5 point difference I don't see how SRC hits less. On the other hand, maybe you were talking of ranged? 'Cause that vulcan is amazing.

Source: OlGame
KR IGN: MidBoss
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