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zgmfx19a 11-13-2011 12:40 AM

[MSoTW] [14/11-20/11] Psycho Gundam
MSoTW: Psycho Gundam
By zgmfx19a/Nek0

This is probably my last MSoTW, since my interest in the game is waning. As such, I'll just share my views on one of my signature suits: Psycho Gundam.

People primarily recognize it as THE mission-clearing suit, along with Apsallas II. However, it is quite the beast in PvP as well.

This MS used to be one of the scariest units in PvP back in Generation 1. It's powers and playability have decreased considerably due to the emergence of stronger and stronger suits, but that does not mean it is not good. It still is a ***** to kill in ABC rooms, and imo it is still one of the best supporting suits out there.

Below are its stats in MS and MA mode. Quite impressive in terms of defense and HP.

There's quite a bit to learn about Psycho's weapon set, since they have lots of unique properties to them. I can quite confidently say that Psycho Gundam is the king of stuns. However, all of it's range weapons have a delay before firing, so it's something that needs getting used to.

MS Mode

W1: 4 hits knockdown. Despite it's huge size, it covers a pathetic amount of range in the Z-axis. No melee dash, but makes quite a lunge forward during it's melee sequence.

W2: A penetrating beam shot fired from it's head. Has a decently far scouting/firing range, but is considered as a middle ranged weapon. It's 1500 damage multiplier is probably one of the most painful beam guns available for a scissors, and rivals the beam magnum of NTD. Has a delay time before firing though, so manual adjustments may be required for accurate firing.

W3: A weapon that fires in the shape of a fan, with each shot dealing 400 damage. It stuns the enemies, and the clip is 2 shots deep. Seems like something to abuse. HOWEVER. Similar to Apsallas II's W2, the stuns do not 'stack'. Meaning, within a certain time period of the first stun shot, the second shot will not stun. I have no idea how long is the window, but it is significant enough for you not to be able to spam stuns with it. Also, it has a longer delay time before firing as compared to W2.

Spec: Melee spec. Decent to use, considering that you have no melee dash and anti-flinch in fortress mode.

MA Mode

W1: The star weapon in its huge arsenal. It fires a shotgun of beams in a conical fashion, and is 3 shots deep. It stuns, and the stuns stacks, so it's a joy to abuse. The shotgun hurts should you get just about every shot to land on the opponent. Otherwise, at 340 dmg per beam, the weapon is just an ant-bite should you miss the majority of the shots on your opponents. Has the largest delay time before firing out of all its weapon as a trade off to its abusability. And also, despite it's rather shitty firing range, it is considered as a FAR RANGED weapon. Meaning that it will get blocked by veteran infighter, but it will bypass veteran sniper.

Spec: Beam spec. A nice additional option for Psycho to have.

Fortress EX is a very very sexy skill for an A rank. The defense boost it receives is amazing, and coupled with Psycho's gigantic base defense, it makes Psycho a walking tank. People always forgets about the anti-flinch it has in the mode, but that just makes it even sexier against opponent rocks who forgets about it. It's an S ranked skill placed in an A rank's body.

I-Field's another great skill that increases the survivability of Psycho by yet another notch. With both fortress and i-field activated, beam attacks are nothing more than a scratch for the giant.

The position of the skills have it's pros and cons. In normal circumstances, the arrangement of the skills isn't that impressive, since fortress requires a set percentage of the MS's HP to activate, while i-field is on with enough SP. However, fortress being at skill 1 can be a boon in situations where you have specced with your HP being at less than half. Psycho do not have much difficulty to amass SP, and a well placed shotgun or 2 will be enough for fortress to reactivate again.

Detailed Analysis
Many dislikes playing Psycho as it is unwieldy, slow, and hard to control. However, it is a very impressive unit should you know how to play it well.

While it used to be the unit that does about everything back in generation 1, the current Psycho (in TW at least) is more of a supporter and distraction. It's huge presence can give the opponents quite a bit of pressure, while it's multiple stuns will be a pain for those who does not have vaccines with them.

Psycho's shotgun in MA mode is given a weird range rating. It's kind of fun to shotgun GNADs that thought they will be screening off a huge chunk of damage from your ranged weapons, but at the same time, the shotguns are just about the only weapon you have against incoming rocks before the anti-flinch kicks in. As such, rocks with veteran infighter will be a much more troublesome presence than imagined.

It's pure beam weapon set is the other glaring con for Psycho, but players can find solace in the huge amount of damage they will be dishing out. Akatsuki, Nu and V2A/AB will be a nightmare to deal with, but the same will apply for Akatsuki fighting against you as well.

Having no melee dash isn't much of a problem for Psycho, since it has the all-important MA mode to move about. That thing is a blessing in water maps, and adds on to your overall maneuverability of your unit.

When playing, one must remember the the important details, such as the stuns for W3 not stacking, W1 is a long-ranged weapon, and you gain anti-flinch in fortress mode.

(My) Playing Style
I use Psycho to lead rushes, since it does what it does best in a chaotic situation. Of course, that will mean that your teammates need to know how to abuse you, or else Psycho by itself is just a giant lump of meat.

MA mode should be your primary mode, because it offers maneuverability, and 3 shots spammable, uninterrupted stuns (save for the firing delay). It is also quite possibly your main source of damage, though W2 is a pretty good damage dealer as well.

As with all other shotgun weaponry, you have to get up close and personal to deal max damage with it. Try to hit the back if possible, because that will cripple plenty of suits out there. Stun rock suits so that your own rocks can proceed to melee the hell out of them.

Should you find yourself not able to fire shotguns due to the range or it being in reload, you should either position yourself better, or switch to MS to fire more stun supports or just deal damage with W2. Also, Staying in MS mode while in fortress mode to protect your teammates against incoming rocks is another viable option as well.

I have two main builds for Psycho. The first is a pure defense Psycho, which is the typical build that all Psycho should go. The second is Psycho invested with spd/agi/atk. I recommend 2 custom agi, 1 custom speed, 3 OC speed and the rest in attack. That spread grants Psycho a huge noticeable difference in it's handling, and maximum speed in MA mode, and more painful W2 and shotguns.

Other builds include the agi/spd mix Psychos, which are also great for play. However, being used to its default crumblesome agi, I tend not to go that route.

Should your Psycho ever reach EX, I recommend to go for the boost recovery part. MA mode has a slow boost recovery rate, and since it is a very important mode, the boost recovery is quite possibly the best skill to have.

Skill parts, vaccines is the best choice, no questions asked. An alternative is Newtype awakening, since that ties in nicely with fortress and your MA mode.

I don't think it needs any more reminding, but if possible, always aim for papers first. A good shotgun or two can cripple papers before they can do anything, especially for B/C ranks.

Comparisons Against Other Similar Units
Big Zam has received quite a buff due to it's new skills in Dozle Pride. Also, with i-field being in skill one, it offers better survivability during the early part of the game. However, Big Zam lacks consistent damage output, and quite frankly, the slow status is not that game-changing unless you are talking about those super slows. It's permanent anti-flinch is impressive though.

Psycho AR focuses more on damage dealing, and neglects all status ailments. It has inbuilt anti-flinch as well, making itself an absolute nightmare for rocks to meet. However, it lacks the fortress that makes Psycho a tank, which is something.

There's no similar scissors comparable to Psycho. Psycho is a truly unique MS.

Just to highlight, a team combination of Psycho + Big Zam + Psycho AR + Apsallas I is a nightmare to face without vaccines in casual ABC rooms.

I-fields and the likes hit Psycho the hardest, since Psycho is very dependent on its beam weaponry as the main source of damage. Neue Ziel is very very irritating to fight against, cause it shuts down just about everything you have with a simple vaccine, including the possible anti-flinch.

Next is vaccines, though Psycho still retains its hard-hitting capabilities.

Rocks with MG are a pain in the ass to fight against, in particular, DSH/DSHC.

Rocks with veteran infighter can lower the efficiency of the damage of your shotgun, though they will still stun.

Gameplay Video

First, my game-play video. It features a BS video consisting of a Psycho/Bucue CR/Psycho setup, together with a DM video of my EXed def Psycho.

Psycho/Psycho battleships can still function in BS for the current meta-game of TW, though I doubt that is possible in KR. Full-spec CR Bucue is there to handle rocks or i-fields that is too hard for my Psychos to handle. A typical method of playing involves rushing with the first Psycho to gain spec, speccing with CR Bucue, then swapping back to Psycho again till another spec is gained. Black Psycho is used as a starter due to it's higher speed, mobility and damage to get to the battlefields quickly, while White Psycho is to tank the late game. The recorded game is won with an A rating.

Second is my typical game-play in DM, which is also of a rushing style.

Do note that due to the delay of the firing of weapons, a smooth lagless gaming environment is required when playing Psycho, else you will be finding yourself missing a lot. The video recording caused some lag, which results in the sub-standard game-play.

Very very impressive Psycho play. This one's at OC6 with 3 custom agi, 4 OC speed and the rest agi.

This video showcases how scary a Psycho can be when the team rushes together and effectively abuses the stuns that a Psycho can provide.

As long as your teammates know what they are supposed to do, Psycho is a nightmare to face, especially in ABC rooms. Abuse your physical bulk, and those stuns of yours, and pave a path to victory for your teammates.

Crimsonred 11-13-2011 12:55 AM

Very detailed MSoTW that explains the pros and cons of psycho gundam, a well aged suit.

Bng422 11-13-2011 01:12 AM


Originally Posted by zgmfx19a (Post 1637555)
This is probably my last MSoTW, since my interest in the game is waning. As such, I'll just share my views on one of my signature suits: Psycho Gundam.


I like reading your reviews because they're so detailed and fun to read.

This one is no exception, even though I don't like using MAs.

Kisaragi 11-13-2011 01:17 AM


Psycho + Big Zam + Psycho AR + Apsallas I is a nightmare to face without vaccines in casual ABC rooms.
Ball K was passing by and asked me to say hi, Amatu Incomplete too

KirovReporting 11-13-2011 02:33 AM

a wild rock wing zero has appeared!!!

Kisaragi 11-13-2011 04:33 AM

Dammit, I don't have a single gundamball on hand

that means I have to defeat it ;__;

Ao 11-13-2011 11:15 AM

amazing as usual Nek0 =]

It will be sad to see you retire though.

Cypher15 11-13-2011 11:43 AM

Saw Psycho in the title, immediately thought of Nek0. Terrible memories... My vulcans... they did nothing, even after a FULL ammo dump on it ;_;

Blizt 11-13-2011 02:49 PM

I never bothered to check Psycho's damage multipliers w2 actually has damage that high...? o_o

Anyway nice guide!

YamiNeko 11-13-2011 09:50 PM

Psycho is sure a monster in the right hands .

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