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Ao 10-29-2011 09:05 PM

[MSoTW] [31/10-6/11] Sandrock Kai (EW)
Sandrock Custom (EW)

So in the end, I decided to write on another rock S rock <3
Note that this is written in note style, if you want to question/discuss/suggest something, feel free to post below, even if it is not mentioned.

Sandrock Custom (EW), from now abbreviated as SRC, is one of my all time favourite MS. Why? Its like your standard rice, with a little bit more spice. SRC is what I consider to be a great, but not competitive rock.

Things you are recomended to learn before using this suit
- SS, MCA, ZBS (optional), how to look @ the radar in the top right corner of your screen (honestly, alot of people dont do this)

Outstanding Features
- Somewhat tanky
- Fast cancel
- Good melee range/speed
- Stun
- Dash attack melee
- Super slow shotels
- Team Aura

-Highly melee based (not many ranged capabilities)
-Not the highest damage dealer
-Relatively difficult to mix
-Requires experience, good judgement and a somewhat significant level off skill to be played well

Attack -18.3
Agility - 21.6
HP - 15.3
Def - 19.8
Special Attack Damage - 21.3
Speed - 24.9 (the speed cap)

The recomended builds are C hp, OC def or full defense

Weapon Set


5 hit melee
-stun, decent damage(1320), fast speed, good horizontal and vertical reach.
-Note that the melee dash from this weapon is slightly faster than your normal dash


-Selling point. Super slow, higher damage than melee(1400), can be tossed in relatively rapid sucession, aimed similar to linear rifle


Melee Dash
- High damage(260x15=3900), 2/5 KD coefficient, slash, dash, another slash (KD). Click for each of the next parts to happen! Oh, and stun


Defense up
- increases defense by 4.5 (I believe this is 9%?). Very useful for this suit taking its other skill into consideration

Crest of the winners house
- under 50% hp, defense goes up and radar for your entire team

Special Attack
- Melee spec, nothing special here

(My) Playstyle

-Be @ the front of the team @ the start of a game

-Melee things while exposing self as little as possible

-Use shotel to slow before catching, can screw over people who are starting up their boost. Beware that use of melee cancel will also cancel the status aliment

-Melee mobile armours for team because you can chain 10 hits on them if you MCA/SS

-When skill 2 activates, stay a bit furthur back and protect your team mates until you find an ideal time to rush and hunt down someone

-Hunt invis suits when radar up

-Shotel things randomly if your team mates spot them, it really helps more than people think

-If sneaking around, dont give position away using shotels unless you're close enough to be able to melee them right after you throw the shotel, or unless you know that throwing the shotel at them will allow you to catch them (super slow)

-When about to be 2v1'd, use W3 to catch both

Similar Suits

- Sword series mobile suits
These are also melee based, with the rangs, play style is similar in the sense that you run around cutting things while triyng not to get killed, but SRC is tankier, can aura support, and has stun instead of boost down. SRC can hunt MA npnp Sword series suits tend to go offensive OC to dish out more damage.

- T3
Also an aura carry, better in range than SRC because of the flashlight, less mobile for the same reason. Can bullet zero, but cannot stun.


Oh look its hexi

zgmfx19a 10-29-2011 09:26 PM

Slightly fast, so I'll be sticking it only later.

tehprognoob 10-30-2011 10:12 AM

I just knew that the vid was going to be Hexi's

KirovReporting 10-30-2011 08:54 PM

thank gods for vaccine

LiLMewmew 10-30-2011 09:47 PM

mewchan did not boned 0shift :<

Jaen 10-30-2011 09:58 PM

LOL @ the vid comments.

And <3 SRC.

</3 Vaccine.

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