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09-18-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default [MSoTW][19/09 - 25/09] Raider Gundam

GAT-X370 Raider Gundam


The shield is the gun itself. A shield has its purpose, moving on.



5 hit melee, has vertical reach. Nothing much to say other than that.


Double Shot zook (Its 2hits per shot)
This is one of the painful zooks (not the best) that hits real hard in sdgo.


Hammer Spin also has vertical reach, low damage.
Same like most of the other weapons that can be used to spin.
This weapon is probably going to be your main target locking weapon since Raider cannot chain up to 8hits with W1, chaining W3 and W1 together is going to be your best bet.


Normal melee SP.

Alt mode W1

1 hit slows, doesn't kd. IMO, its useful for the melee dash. Using the weapon is not as important as using the MA mode to travel quickly and dodging. However, the 'slow' can be quite useful at times.

Alt mode SP

Standard beam SP for you to SP and prevent getting SPed by other suits/stall time.


1) Limiter Release
The Badass skill. When activated, Raider goes on Steroids.
Usually when Limiter Release kicks in, its better for Raider to be more focused on using W1 and W2 because the risk of you getting killed is EXTREMELY high if you are using W3 to chain when your hp is that low for Limiter Release to activate.

2) Trans-Phase Armor
Extremely useful skill especially when you are using W3, this skill is your only defensive skill.

1) Custom health, Oc attack.
2) Full attack.
3) Custom health, Oc defence.
4) Your choice of customization.

Recommended skill parts:
1) Vaccines.
2) Special Up.
3) Other skill parts of your choice.

Why those customization and skill parts?

I chose C hp OC atk is for Limiter Release and also to tank SP (since suits that spins their weapon/immobile tend to get SP a lot) the attack is important as and when your Limiter Release kicks in the Zook you fire will hurt to the core. Builds with full atk is acceptable though you need to be more aware and dodge sp more often.

As for the skill parts, Vaccine is for the most obvious reasons. Prevent getting bullet zero-ed and boost downed! These 2 ailments are ones that will make Raider either close to useless or become a sitting duck. Special up is to NOT waste your limiter release. Sometimes you might hesitate thinking whether or not to SP or keep Limiter Release with you. With special up, you don’t really need to worry because if you do land SP on your enemy (even if you wanted to SP cancel) you definitely have a high chance on killing it. You basically don’t waste SP if compared to without skill parts, you SP the enemy, enemy is still alived, enemy SP you, you die. The end.

Now now, why choose Raider?
Honestly, Raider isn't really all that famous and such. However, I do think that Raider still is a capable suit and not close to fail as some other suits due to ageing. (new feg suits gets released and the old ones, forgotten)

So now, how do you use Raider?
It is indeed pretty simple actually; your main weapon that will be dishing out most damage is probably W2, your zook followed by your W1. W3 is your target locking weapon and it works extremely well if you combo it with W1.

Combo sequence:
W3>W1>W2 or
W1>W3>W2 or
Alt Mode W1>W3>W1>W2 or

Your own style of combo-ing/other combo that you feel comfortable with.
There are many other different combo sequence that can be used for engaging different types of enemies I only list a few because they are not hard to be executed and I pretty much play it like that.

If you noticed I end most of my combo with W2 instead of melee this is because most of the time when you do chain a long combo on your enemies, there is a chance that the target will get enough SP to spec you since your allies might/should be shooting the same target as well during the combo. Playing Raider means you don't want to eat SP since you are an A rank.

For comboing with allies, you can also just go W3 up to 2-4 times depending on how many times your ally melee the opponent just to lock them there so your ally can get to a safe/good position to eliminate it.

In my opinion this enemy locking combo should be performed when:
1) There is only 1 stray target/You catch an enemy off guard and none of his allies noticed until he dies.
2) Your allies are with you. (unless you are going against one enemy only)
3) You are not being targeted/focused by your enemies.

Locking enemies for your allies to chew.
Has a MA mode for you to travel quickly and dodge range weapons during the process.
Decent skill set.
Available in normal capsule and can be mixed.
Have different types of Specials (Melee and Beam/Useful for different situations)

Extremely weak against beam weapons especially flashlights.
Doesn't have a standard beam weapon. (Beam SP doesn't count)
Spec magnet in ABC rooms especially during the use of W3.
There are other suits that perform better than Raider in what Raider does best.

Video: (you can find more on Youtube)
This is just a video of how I use Raider Gundam (It is at skill 2 in all 3 matches)

Sorry, my bad. Its 'MSoTW' but I accidentally wrote 'MSofTW' in the video.

Last edited by Leongz; 09-18-2011 at 03:00 AM.
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09-18-2011   #2 (permalink)
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Nice review, question tho....why the HUGE text?
09-18-2011   #3 (permalink)
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Very nice article. Honestly speaking though, I'm more amuse with that gameplay video then the article. Too bad this is one suit I'll never attempt to make unless I got it somehow from web cap and what not.

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09-19-2011   #4 (permalink)
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Raider is one of those fun to play suits, IIRC.

I would go for one of them if it wasn't so time consuming and/or tricky to make one

Especially the whole Gundam Hammer deal. I don't have much love for that thing.
09-19-2011   #5 (permalink)
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No mouth beam cannon.
I was disappoint. But hammer's nice.
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gat-x370, gundam, raider

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