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09-14-2010   #41 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Accent
And people, this is how you die in first 30 seconds. Quickly.

Rush with the whole team = win
rush alone = are you ****ing insane unless you are the goddamn batman
LOL batman.

Before I got GN ARMS, I practiced with Exia on stock matches and I rush the team from behind alone while the other team is distracted with my team and doesn't notice that 1 player has gone elsewhere, usually get at least 2 or 3 kills beginning of match. You just need to be aware of your opponents and be cautious with what routes you take.

But in general, rushing alone does suck, yeah if you're batman or spiderman coming down from the sky ... wow no comment, great job you are now badass!
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09-14-2010   #42 (permalink)
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stock matches dont really count.

You can keep trying to attempt to go behind without any "real" penalties.
The risk outweighs the benefits in deathmatch but not so in stock.
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