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Strikegundam 04-17-2009 02:36 PM

SD Gundam Online Missions Guide (Updated 10/6/09)
Missions Guide:
I know many of you have problems in some of the missions. They can be rather hard if you have no idea what you are doing.
Guess what? This guide is just for you...

Missions 1:
1x Cgue (used for Bait tactic)
3x other scissors type (you can use Cgue again if you want)

4x scissors type

NOTE: No matter which tactic you pick, Time is the key for this mission. Always remember that.

Bait tactic (untested for me, but SD Gundam fan forum has it):

Cgue would be use for this tactic as I mention earlier, you lure all the Zaku to you while your teammates do their job to kick Psycho's ass.
Cgue should rush to the top of the building at the start (normally I would go to the building where Psycho 2 appears - centre square)
Shoot the Zaku and go back down to the ground. When the Zaku fly/walk toward you, use that time to go back to the original building. You will notice that Zaku would try to hit at the bottom of the building, but can't.

There are two things you need to know in this tactic:
- When the Psycho Gundam appears near you, try to move away from it to another building. Of course you will need to lure the Zaku with you as you move.
- Always notice how low your HP is. Remember that if you die, all the Zaku will run away and probably attack your teammates.
- Except for the time when Psycho is in invincible mode, it will attack you or one of your teammates. If Psycho kills/attacks Cgue, it will need to re-lure all the Zaku again and you probably don’t want that. So distract Psycho while Cgue moves to another building

Normal tactic:

Try to avoid attack the Zaku, only destroy them if it is really necessary.
A lot of people would go on top of Psycho and attack it. This is not recommended, since it will cause tiny little damage to the BOSS. And if you fall down, Psycho’s giant feet will probably crush you like an ant.
Any ranged weapon that can reload fast is good for the mission. It will damage the BOSS more if you shoot it from the back.

Mission 2:

1x MS with machine gun (usual Cgue again)
3x normal MS

This tactic is similar to the Bait tactic in mission 1 guide, except the bait will at one place at all time in the mission.
Decide which space shuttle is going to have the bait lured to.
There is two tactics in this mission:
Defence 1 Ka 2 (EX mode)
Defence 3 Ka 2 (Hard mode)
Ka means get the Zaku/Z'Gok to follow the player

The bait will need to go to the very top of space shuttle 2 and lure the Z'Gok and the Zaku to space shuttle 2 by shooting them.
While another 3 players defence their space shuttle (2 or 3), they should try to avoid attacking Z'Gok and Zaku. Even they are really close for you to attack, DON”T DO IT.
Bait should lure the MS back if they are running to other space shuttle because it can go out of control.

This mission tactic is pretty simple compare to the others. Hopefully you can jump to the very top in one go. It can be really difficult to do the jumping (I know, I have been there), but try not to give up.

Mission 3:

1x Astray Red Frame
3x MS with fast reload weapon, like machine gun (recommend Cgue)

The tactic for this mission can be confusing, but you will get there. Well hopefully…
There are a few steps you and teammates need to know.

Step 1: All MS would be to go to the very back, except Astray Red Frame (which I will call RF from now on)

Step 2: RF will need to stand on the square rock and attack the little gap, then thrust forward. You will be on the other side of the map, where the enemy MS can’t lay a finger on you.
Picture of the little gap and the square rock. It will be behind you when you first start the mission.

Step 3: RF moves forward and the enemy MS will try to attack you, but they can’t and hit the wall. While this is happening, other MS will move forward for the first gate. Destroy the first and second gate.

Step 4: After the second gate is destroyed, the 3 MS will need to go back and destroy 3 MS in order for Apsulas to spawn. RF will need to move through the second gate and lure Rising Gundam & Acguy & Gold Frame Amatsu toward you. (Remember they can’t lay a finger on you, so you can just chill. RF maybe needs to move up and down, if Sword Impulse & Gold Frame Amatsu run away and attack your teammates.
Yes, somehow I did this with a Cgue, but I am not sure if it will work again with Cgue. So stick with RF.

Step 5: 3 MS will attack Apsulas. Please stay away from RF side, because we don’t want you to attract Rising Gundam & Acguy & Gold Frame Amatsu’s attention.

Hopefully this tactic will work (most of the time, it will work perfectly).
Remember the steps properly are important. And again time management is the key to pass the mission.

Mission 4:

2x Apsulas with full skills
2x A or AS with full skills

Focus your team in one spot, so you won’t miss RB-79 Ball. Usually you should gather around in the left side. It will probably take you 30-40 seconds to complete this stage.

Stage 2:
Gather the team to the left side corner, the target MS will just run straight to you guys and the two Apsulas should have no problem killing them.
By attacking in a group, you can make sure Z'Gok die before they attack you.
Probably about 4minutes and 30seconds left when you finish the stage

Stage 3:

First thing when the mission starts is to hide behind the Container or boxes on the left to dodge the attack.
Apsulas will attack the canons while others attack the canons while hiding behind a container. The key is to focus your attack on one side.
Apsulas’ special attack should take care of them easily.
About 2 minutes 30seconds left when the stage is completed

Stage 4:

Aile Strike Show Time, lol.
Apsulas should avoid use special attack since Aile Strike will fly around all over the place. Just stick with your normal weapon.
When Aile Strike is down, use a close combat weapon to attack. Don’t let it fall down before you give huge damage to it.
The process starts again, Apsulas attack, others attack when it is down on the ground
About 2 or 3 seconds left, if you are lucky..

This mission will probably take you a few tries, because it is really easy to run out of time. I did it with Cgue, because I just love machine gun and the fast reload part.

Mission 6:
4x fully leveled Apsalus II
Cyclops (if you are doing EX6 or H6)

The aim of the mission is to destroy all the MS and reach the target number. There are three types of enemies in this mission - Bucues, Doms, and Xamels. Sounds pretty simple, i know...

Every Apsalus need to head to a corner at the beginning of the mission. There are rocket launcher station, so you should destroy them first (need to jump up all the way to see them)
There is not much strategy in this missions. You just need to stay in your corner and cover each other. Try to use unlimited ammo effectively and also SP from your corner and try to hit several Bucues all at once.
Use Cyclops effectively. If you fail the missions, you just have to keep trying like other missions. You should do a couple of time first without cyclops, and see how you guys go.
Video of the missions:

Mission 7
Requirement MS:
2x Rock which has good melee range and good def (e.g. ZZ gundam)
2x Psycho Gundam (fully leveled)

Stage 1:
There are Daggers and 105 Daggers in this stage and your team is required to destroy them to reach the target number. The team should stick together and cover each other, especially 2 rock type suits. Since psycho gundam are needed for stage 2, rock suits should do the best to protect psycho.
When Daggers/105 Daggers circle around, psycho should melee instead of using weapon 2/3.

Stage 2:
As soon as stages two begins, 2 psycho need to change to MA mode because you can get to the ship faster. When you are on the dock of the ship, press the "v" to land on the ship, then change back to normal mode and melee. The two psycho need too work together as a team and destroy one ship at a time.
While psycho are doing their thing, the two rock type suits should work on the Daggers and 105 Daggers. If the rock suits finish their work, go and help psycho to destroy the ships.

NOTE: If you see a bunch of Daggers/105 Daggers together, don't be afraid to use cyclops. But you should have no problem in the stage 1, so try to save the cyclops for stage 2.
And also, for people who play TW version, mission 7 is sometimes bugged, so you may need to try a few more times to complete the mission

Video Of Mission 7:

Pictures Of Mission 7:
Stage 1
Stage 2

Written by Strikegundam
Edited By Metty
Pictures and Video From LiLMewmew
07/06/09 Mission 6 guide added
10/06/09 Mission 7 guide added

RoflKnife 04-17-2009 03:08 PM


3 MS will attack Apsulas. Please stay away from RF side, because we dont want you to attract Sword Impulse & Gold Frame Amatsus attention.
Aspalus, and the Sword Impulse is a Rising Gundam. Acguy's come as well, and they can heal the Aspalus which is annoying as hell.

wolfzero66 04-17-2009 07:23 PM

For mission 4 hard and expert, recommand 2 apsulas, 1 psycho, and 1 good long ranged rock(AS zeta, later justice), all units need the Vaccine skill part equipped. (keeps u from getting stun by the turrents in stage 4) Psycho must be custom 3 with points in defense, it will be responsible for tanking and killing scissors turrents in stage 3. When going against Aile, the rock will be responsible for meleeing aile in the back when he gets beam specialed from either psycho or apsulas, but do not knock him down. It is necessary to beam special aile because it keeps him from moving, but once you beam special him, you will lose sp for the Vaccine skill, so good luck on dodging and forcing Aile to somewhere without the stun turrents.

ralpho94 04-30-2009 04:09 PM

for mission 3 where is that squarish rock? i can't find it, plz help, iwan t strike!!!

Metty 04-30-2009 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by ralpho94 (Post 813560)
for mission 3 where is that squarish rock? i can't find it, plz help, iwan t strike!!!

Look at the picture its not hard to miss.

LiLMewmew 05-01-2009 02:27 PM

Putting this here because I find it useful

Strikegundam's post

Originally Posted by Strikegundam (Post 796850)
Mission 6 (the new one which is coming next patch) if anyone interested

4 Apsalus in one mission....

Seim 05-01-2009 07:01 PM

For mission 6, the way I did it was to kill the nuclear missile silos first on the sides. You gotta find them on the sides perpendicular to the White Base (the Ship). You will need to jump to see them. One silo will take 3 shots while the other takes 5 or 6. Its fairly fast to take them out if u got 2 on each side shooting them just when the spawn starts.

Pressing Esc doesnt do anything since timer resets on spawn.

After killing the silos, each apsalus takes a corner. Now the main reason for this is because of to make use of ur piercing shots. Also, each apsalus will get cover from 2 team mates and it'll be more organized.

It took me a while still to beat this because I didn't notice that one of the apsalus was noob-ish and couldn't aim at all. After I kicked him out and another apsalus came in, we got 122 on the first try and then the 2nd time we passed with 30 or so seconds left.

LiLMewmew 05-05-2009 03:00 AM

For the future missions and your own interest. :py62:

Mission 7


Mission 8


Mission 9


weissritter 05-05-2009 07:05 AM

Nice find, although the guide mainly seems to aim for Easy and at most Normal level of difficulties which most beginners can do on their own.

Sadly it does not stress the difficulties during a Hard and Expert level @_@

Especially the later ones with Require to kill XXX etc.

For the Bigzam mission EX need dummy units from Cash shop.

For the Space one, need team work to kill those daggers NOT GMs really fast especially the 105 dagger. Someone also is recommanded to blow up all the parts of the ship with cyclops bomb.

Finally the newest mission, F91 is the only known MS to just jump into the core for fast kill. Until they patch it

LiLMewmew 05-05-2009 11:51 AM

I made the guide up myself... and did the missions myself. x___x;;
But the vids, I found on YT, cuz I don't have fraps

LiLMewmew 06-06-2009 11:28 PM

EPIC BUMP for noobs

sticky please~! :py33:

Strikegundam 06-07-2009 12:03 AM

I just added mission 6 guide.
I will add the mission 5 and 7 later if i have time..
EDIT: mission 7 guide is up for anyone who is doing it...
I will try to write mission 5 or the new missions for EX2 guide later this week..

LiLMewmew 07-08-2009 05:51 PM

Someone should sticky this. = =

These following are the anime-related missions.

Mission 10 (a.k.a. Side 7 I think)

Mission 11

Mission 12

RacerX 07-08-2009 06:14 PM

Oh should I look for guides on these to go with the videos? Or if there is already a guide available I can probably help translate =P

LiLMewmew 10-01-2009 05:24 PM

just want to show people what mission 13 is.

Have a penguin too. :py27:

Seim 10-01-2009 06:36 PM

nice, invasion of solomon ._.


ComradeHX 10-03-2009 01:35 PM

Mission 2 guide does not work anymore since the mobs are given the ability to jump to the highest point and hit you.

xDemonFire 10-11-2009 05:22 PM

YouTube - SDGO MISSION EX2 *奇卡法 o.o pro much? according to comrade mission 2 is pretty much screwed for us or is that K hes talking about?

einyaki 10-11-2009 08:19 PM

you still can. players use wing zero as bait in K and stand at the tip of the antenna on shuttle 2 while jumping. do it right and its all done at the first wave.

Strikegundam 10-11-2009 08:31 PM

Sorry about not updating the thread, since wasabii hasn't been release more mission..
I will update as soon as we get new mission in TW

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