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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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Default SDGO Skills Video Guide: MCA, ZBS, SS, Shooting

Disclaimer: No PROness here, but for newbies this is a pretty detailed guide to help you get there and not miss a step! If you know MCA, ZBS please take a look at the advanced versions of those two!I'm sure i might have a trick you don't know yet

A few friends and I decided to make a little web series to help show/explain the different sdgo techniques. Feel free to comment below or on the video with any questions or let me know your opinions. The main reason of creating this series was to help guide newer players! Disclaimer: I suck with rocks and melee; I'm defiantly a scissor player!

A little Video showing the mix match of skills being used together below!

Videos Below:
Group 1: ZBS Tutorial 3 parts
Group 2: MCA Tutorial 3 parts
Group 3: Shooting Tutorial 3 parts

Group 1:
ZBS = zero boost slash, also known as turn slash




[SIZE=5]Group 2:[/FONT]
This is a guide to everything MCA. MCA stands for Motion canceling animation. In short it helps you reduce the delay between actions.




Group 3:
This little series shows you all the tips and tricks of shooting. From how to abuse lock on to how to quick snipe and even quick shooting!




Group 4:
This video will help teach things from how to spec dodge, to even how to shoot spec bombs down.

SDGO NA: GundamSwag,
SDGO TW: GundamSwagOP
SDGO KR: GundamSwag

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I gave up on making guides due to insufficient attention to progress.
My oldies are still viable though:

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