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01-08-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default NA January Patch Notes

Meh patch, just gonna save for the S ranks in the coming months:

Originally Posted by OGP Derp

Greetings Pilots!
Happy New Year!

[Capsule Machines - added]
- Capsule Machine #54
- Capsule Machine #55

[Custom Capsule Machine - added]
- GN-X IV (A Rank, Scissors Type)
- Gundam Throne Eins (A Rank, Paper Type)
- Gundam Throne Zwei (A Rank, Rock Type)
- Gundam Throne Drei (A Rank, Scissors Type)
- Gundam X (A Rank, Paper Type)
- Blue Destiny Unit-3 (BR Rank, Scissors Type)
- Alex (BR Rank, Scissors Type)
- Blue Destiny Unit-2 (B Rank, Rock Type)
- Zaku II Minelayer (CR Rank, Scissors Type)
- Stark Jegan (CR Rank, Rock Type)
- GM Sniper (CR Rank, Paper Type)

[Quest - Added]
- Chronicle Quest 1 (Mobile Suit Gundam)

[Package Items - In-game Shop]
- New Beginning Package
- Alvatore Package
- V2 Assault Gundam Package

[Units (Sale by Astros) – In-game Shop]
- Alvatore (S Rank, Scissors Type)
- V2 Assault Gundam (S Rank, Rock Type)

[Units (Rental by Points / Astros) - In-game Shop]
- GN-X III (B Rank, Scissors Type)
- Tieren (High Mobility Type-B (B Rank, Scissors Type)

[Stickers - added]
- III Sticker
- II Sticker
- I Sticker
- C Sticker
- U Sticker
- Sinanju (10S) Sticker
- VI Sticker
- V Sticker
- IV Sticker
*Sticker Prices have been reduced.

[Paint - added]
- Bright Green1 Paint (Points)

[Gashapon – January 9th Edition]

[Gashapon - Units]
Gundam Spiegel (A Rank, Rock Type, 4 Slots)
Kowloon Gundam (A Rank, Rock Type, 4 Slots)
Aile Strike (Mu La Flaga) (AS Rank, Scissors Type, 4 Slots)
ReZEL Commander (BR Rank, Scissors Type, 3 Slots)
Ahead Smultron (Brainwave Type) (BR Rank, Scissors Type, 3 Slots)
GINN (Missile Launcher) (C Rank, Scissors Type, 4 Slots)

[Gashapon - Etc.]
OC100% Chip x1
Slot Expander x1
10,000 GP
CCM Slot Expander x25
CM Coins x10
Level Protectors x3
Custom Upgrade Kit x30

- Paint and Operator Prices will remain the same as December.
- Sticker Prices have been reduced for the new year celebration of January.
*Stay tuned for small updates to come this month.

Kind regards,
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