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zgmfx19a 11-25-2010 07:41 AM

Welcome to the SDGO Sub-forums of GGFTW. Your mod here.

Now, before you get excited and want to start posting, please read the follow stuff below to get yourself started to this forum.

Most importantly, these 2 threads.
Rules - ggFTW MMORPG and MMO Gamer Community

Okay, once you are done, you may want to start posting that question that is tormenting you, or participate with the rest of the forums. However, heed the general rules of forum etiquette!
1.) Lurk
2.) Search
3.) CTRL + F
4.) Read through posts/threads, ESPECIALLY STICKIES. They are stickied so that they can get your attention, and most likely, they are the threads you want to post in.

And now, for a little story telling from the boss of the site, though not aimed directly at the SDGO forum itself.



Originally Posted by NoeJeko
Let me tell you all a little story:

When I entered the military and arrived at my first base, I knew nothing about anything. I was told to call the base hospital one day and book an appointment for my first physical exam. I didn't know the phone number, so I asked my supervisor for the number.

He gave me a phone number and I called it.

When the line connected, it wasn't the base hospital - it was the base commander. The general was highly pissed that an airman had called his personal line, and I got my ass chewed out for a good 15 minutes.

I never said a word to my supervisor, for I had learned the lesson he intended to teach me with his harsh, but effective method:

"Don't ever waste someone's time by asking them to help you when you have not first attempted to help yourself."


Please, try to search for your questions first. We have a plethora of information here that can probably answer your question before you even ask it.

A lot of times, your questions are already asked by someone multiple times. As much as we will like to answer your questions, the same question asked repeatedly do irritate people. A simple search will not hurt, and will save many of us the trouble.
Search -> ggFTW MMORPG and MMO Gamer Community - Search Forums

Also, hints: You can search within the sub-sections, within the threads itself, all by pressing the correct button! [Search this forum] and [Search this Thread]. They are there for a purpose, use them.

If you feel that your question has been answered by an outdated post, then feel free to ask again. Most of us wouldn't mind that.

If you need any tips in how to search, there is a thread here detailing how to do so: /forum/sdgo-guides/

And finally, before you go, here are the threads that most of you will want to go / read to get started.

Introducing yourself / Getting into the game
SDGO Guides - ggFTW MMORPG and MMO Gamer Community - stickies contains registration guides

QnA Threads

Discussion on events

If you are absolutely certain that the topic of your thread does not fall into any of the said categories above, stickies or recent threads, feel free to post new ones correctly in the correct sub-forum.

Ok, now that you are done with this long post, have fun.

Role 11-25-2010 07:49 AM

Something to add.

Report flames/flamebaits. I of all people know how all the drama starts in this part of the forum. So please report first instead of making something small into a big useless drama.

Also, if your reps have degrading insults/vulgarities, feel free to PM the mods about it. *ahem*

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