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Eonswrath 11-16-2011 10:35 AM

Eons Sacrier Guide
I'm pretty new to the game, and things, but I made a sacrier and really enjoy it, and i think i've got a pretty good build

Attributes (stats and how to level them)

Info: Sacrier are tanks. A secondary thing you should do as a sacrier is hold monsters still for your team, thus, you'll want to upgrade lock.

Now for abilities!


Blood Pact:

This ability should be leveled as fast as possible, as you are a tank, and should increase your health to do your job better.

This is possibly the best Raw-tank ability in the game. It allows you to take more damage, and fulfill your roll as damage taker.


That's all i've got for now, and i will begin to add more about the elemental abilities later, but for now, i'm off to play wakfu/skyrim

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