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Sakurawrz 02-01-2013 10:58 PM

Patching Error
I get to this Blue/White Rusty Hearts Launcher and the progress bar flashes yellow for a second then I get a Notice. "Fail to download patch file(s). [0]" Any halps please? Also I've got F-Secure for my antivirus software and such. I can disable it completely and still get the same error.

EDIT: My problem has evolved into Failed to Verify. [14] during the in-game log-in screen.

EDIT2: My problem is now a "Your account has been banned from Perfect World." Apparently I did something wrong in my 3 hours of play time. Such as completing quests and beating up monsters. :D

EDIT3: Was banned due to "Kick-spammer script" whatever that is. I'm no longer banned and error free. (that's way faster than SGI.)

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