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WingedSylphe 04-16-2012 07:16 AM

[KR] Patch update - 12th April 2012

1. New Rune System (Added Damage for each skill type, possibly more additions, skill cooldown reducing, etc) (Basically seems to be a gem/socket system for skills)
2. New costume type: glasses
3. Party Challenges
4. AP points are now accumulated faster
5. Now the "V" key has a function. It is used to cancel skills at the price of some action points.
6. Random Board Quests improvement (Variation and improvement for the quest reward)
7. Some quest objectives have been toned down.
8. Some quest item drop rates have increased
9. Quest fixes some leading
10. Added more detailed quest descriptions
11. Experience clear up the bathroom dungeon - Something good about public baths? possibly quest wise?
12. Outbuildings cleared up experience - No idea
13. Bosses now have a/some 60% resistance stat(s), Champion mobs now have a/some 30% resistance stat(s) (example: Resistant element, crit, etc)
14. More tips revealed during loading screens
15. When you learn new skills and unlock a new skill by hitting its pre-req you will be notified.
16. Guild experience has been modified
17. Dungeon maps now show you accessable paths and non accessable paths with color coded walls (red [door won't open], white [door opens])
18. Top secret facility engines will be on all the time once all quests for that map have been completed
19. No keys needed to access blood mode (i think until Debtor Prison?)
20. Either manufacturing items has changed or it needs to change due to level 40 craftable items needing new material.
21. Leila's costume design has a name change
22. Teddy bear, insect set, poison secret box set are now all UNTRADEABLE (that's already the case in the NA version)
23. Cranium Cannon cannot be knocked down
24. Cranium Cannon can no longer confuse.
25. Additional pieces of Lapis Item Description (no clue about this yet)
26. Durability changed on training weapons

BoredomKillz 04-16-2012 11:53 AM

need male version of natasha already qq /shot

WingedSylphe 05-04-2012 05:32 AM

This is for the point 13:

O god I haven't finished the bosses resists/weakness in wiki yet and now they're doing it in korea. D:

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