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WingedSylphe 02-02-2013 05:12 AM

Get Your Meilin and Roselle for FREE!

You read that correctly! We're now offering Meilin Chen and Roselle Vergerius for Free!

We’ve seen the feedback and heard your pleas and now we’re ready to give you what you want! For the first time you will be able to create both a Meilin Chen and Roselle Vergerius character for free. Yes, free! We've successfully implemented the latest patch to Rusty Hearts, which brought with it a new Winter event, new costumes, and some fixes to some outstanding bugs. We really appreciate the patience and the continued support that the community has shown to us. It was a lot to endure and we're extremely grateful that you've all stuck around when times got rough.

As a tremendous THANK YOU, we've unlocked Meilin Chen and Roselle Vergerius! Both of these characters are now FREE to play! If you haven't had the chance to play as these two lovely ladies, now is the perfect time to start fresh. Take a look at what these ladies have to offer:

Meilin Chen:



The young nomadic Kung Fu master has traveled the land far and wide seeking peace and tranquility and only one thing stands in her way, Vlad. Meilin’s gauntlet is one of the fastest attacks available to the Golden Seal team. She is able to uppercut enemies into the air and kill them twice before they hit the ground. Her Gauntlet is an extremely short range weapon, but her speed and agility are vital in keeping her alive. Like Tude, Meilin doesn’t need magic or sorcery to overcome her enemies, pure skill works just fine.


Adapt or die, that’s the motto Meilin lives by. While the claw is a bit unusual for a Kung Fu master, she manages to find a way to overcome enemies by improvising. Her precision and skill allow her to wield the glove of razor death with ease and speed. Despite being slower and much bulkier than the gauntlet, the claw has the ability to charge up even its most basic attack in order to unleash a flurry of strikes against all foes. As with the gauntlet, the claw abilities favor close combat strikes and charging attacks over fancy spells.

Roselle Vergerius:



Very few would suspect a slender alleged “vampiress” would brandish a massive axe, but Roselle has proven to be quite proficient. Her speed and agility with this brutish weapon are unsurpassed by her foes. Roselle’s spinning attacks make crowd control a cinch and perfect in tight situations.


While skilled in axe weaponry, swordplay is where Roselle stands out. Years of practice and duels have prepared Roselle for any sword battle. With pinpoint lunging attacks distant enemies don’t have a chance against her. Roselle’s sword carries the perfect balance of speed and damage and is effective in almost any situation.

Once again THANK YOU for sticking around and continuing to support one of the best Free to Play action MMORPG brawlers around!

Edit: The avatars for these ladies are still in the RH cash shop, however we will be removing them shortly as they are free.

(Yes there will be compensation for those who bought an avatar, conditions for that will be given later).

Shadow5YA 02-04-2013 04:01 AM

So are all characters free now?

And people have been complaining about PWE why?

zafairo 02-04-2013 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by Shadow5YA (Post 1803230)
So are all characters free now?

And people have been complaining about PWE why?

For once, no. It's a shocker.

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