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WingedSylphe 03-28-2012 02:05 PM

Double Exp Weekend and Free Magic Chest of Change
After a rough weekend on East and EU we were thinking of a proper way to make this up to you guys. Nothing sounded more obvious than an epic Double EXP weekend. This isn’t your standard weekday affair; this is 48 hours of unbridled weekend EXP bliss on all three servers.

We'll also be giving away (2) Magic Chests of Change to players that login and cumulatively play Rusty Hearts for 4 hours between the following times*:

Start Time: Midnight PST (3am Eastern/ 7am GMT +0:00) March 29

End Time: 11:59pm PST March 30 (2:39am EST/ 6:59am GMT +0:00 March 31)

*Prizes will be sent 1 week after event is complete

*Cumulative login time must include actual playing, idle/afk inactivity will not apply to requirements (minimum of 10 dungeon completion/runs will be required)

*Limit (2) Magic Chests of Change per ACCOUNT (not character)

We sincerely apologize for the server difficulties that affected so many players. We’ll continue to work hard and ensure server stability and reliability. If you still have concerns or problems involving these issues please contact our support staff by heading to our Customer Support page and submitting a request.


That'd be useful for me if my char wasn't 45 already .-. XD
I'm sorta expecting crash of servers cuz everyone wanna log in XD

Mega 03-28-2012 02:26 PM

imo free cash shop character *cough*

oh well ._.

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