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Sidero 12-25-2011 01:39 AM

Meilin Chen is Now Available!

Little is known about Meilin Chen, but before she was wiping the sewers with Skeletons and Hakens she was best known for her masterful Kung Fu abilities. Meilin’s grace and beauty are only surpassed by her strength, speed and agility. Her poise is unrivaled as she is rarely fazed and can endure even the most brutal attacks by her foes. As a disciplined Kung Fu artist she is constantly in an attack stance with one foot up, ready to kick and inflict massive damage. Her nomadic and lone-wolf tendencies have led her to Bramunez to right the wrongs and bring peace.

Meilin is the first Cash Shop based character for Rusty Hearts and selecting her is a bit different than selecting a traditional character. After purchasing her through the CS you’ll have to navigate to your inventory and select the “Consume” tab.

Right click on the Meilin package and you’ll be taken to the Avatar selection screen. This window will give you details about Meilin and ask you to enter your desired character name. Click “Create” and your newly created Meilin will be dropped in your character selection screen.

Get more info on Meilin and enter your desired info

Meilin has nearly identical skills and weapons as Tude, therefore you will find her listed under Tude - Bonus Avatar in the character select screen.

You will ONLY find Meilin characters listed in the Tude character select screen

As we mentioned, Meilin maybe a master of Kung Fu but her skills and weapons correspond with Tude’s. Since Meilin is in a new land with new enemies, she has made do with Tude’s weapons and skill masters. To upgrade her weapons and/or skills you’ll recognize that anything traditionally reserved for Tude will apply to her with the exception of costumes.

While she shares many features with Tude, Meilin’s attacks are uniquely hers and fitted for her Kung Fu masteries. Be the first to master her and achieve greatness while exhibiting grace and power.

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