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Default Winter Wonderland Events

The weather outside is frightful, but that doesn’t mean you should stay inside and bundle up. Now is the time to enjoy the holidays by embracing the frigid temperatures and snow riddled streets. Bramunez is decked out with so much holiday décor and snow it would make Bing Crosby ask us to tone things down. Make sure to take a moment and enjoy the change of environment with snow, trees, presents and Poison’s Events.

In addition to the amazing winter wonderland we’ve provided, we also have a number of holiday events taking place in game and out.

In-Game Events

Our winter holiday events are some of our best ever. Not only do we have great costumes and a snowy world, there are also great in-game events that will keep you busy for oodles of hours. Poison is back in her giving mood and is ready to bestow holiday weapons upon you in exchange for an all new item called “Snow Crystals.”

Stop by and craft with Poison when you pick up Snow Crystals

Each time you run through a dungeon you will pick up Snow Crystals as you defeat specific monsters, these Crystals can then be exchanged for holiday crafted weapons. We’re not sure what you asked Santa for this Christmas, but Poison's got you taken care of. She’s checked her list twice and doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice. Exchange your Snow Crystals for a slew of special holiday crafted weapons and beat your enemies in to submission with holiday spirit!

Take some holiday spirit to the face!

In addition to crafting holiday inspired death devices, Poison also has a special Cheerful box for you. This Poison box variant will randomly select one of our special holiday items and will give you mysterious buff or other great Holiday items.

One of the items available in the Cheerful Chest is a unique Snow Man’s Head. This costume based item will give your character the “cool” look they’ve been looking for. Frosty is going to lose his head when he sees how fabulous you look. Stock up on Snow Crystals and maybe you’ll get lucky enough to receive a Snowman Head.

Franzty the Snowman

Snowman Heads are unique to each character, if you get one for a character you don’t have or can’t use you will NEED to take it to Ruska and have it dismantled. You cannot destroy the item by removing it from your inventory. Visiting Ruska is beneficial since you will have Snow Crystals returned to you upon dismantling the undesired item.

Whoops looks like someone typed /tree

While equipped with a Snowman head and a specific holiday crafted weapon, you may even have the option to type a command in to the chat window and turn in to a Christmas tree or a full snowman!

With so much to do in Rusty Hearts this Holiday it's a wonder how you'll get anything else done! Be sure to hit our forums if you have any questions about Poison's event or any general comments.
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