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Sidero 12-25-2011 01:31 AM

Merry Hearts Holiday Costumes

Itís beginning to look a lot like the Holidays and that only means things are getting a bit frigid. Donít get left in the cold this winter, grab your coat and stay warm! This year weíre bringing Santa inspired apparel to the whole gang. You wonít be complaining when youíre nice and warm bundled in a fluffy red coat and cozy warm fur.

Each member of the Golden Seal team, including Meilin, has a special holiday inspired outfit. These snug coats, boots, pants, and hats are ideal for freezing temperatures and massive snowfall. With the town blanketed in snow youíll look like a fool if youíre not covered accordingly.

The team dramatically walks in their festive costumes

Tude has thoroughly prepared for the cold weather by not only throwing on something warm, but by also growing a special mustache necessary for cold weather. Combine his hairy upper lip scarf with his actual scarf and you're bound to not only keep warm, but attract beautiful women like Natasha and Meilin.

Natasha's outfit maybe a bit less warm as her legs are exposed, but as most style conscious people know it's not easy looking good. From her form fitting coat to her holiday boots, she indeed looks good.

The latest addition to the team, Meilin, gets in the holiday spirit by hiking up her long stockings and topping everything off with a lovely Santa hat.

No Rusty Hearts holiday would be complete without Frantz and Angela. This Christmas they're not only giving you their heart they're giving you style! Frantz is known for keeping things slick, but always taking part in the festivities. While his costume is a bit more subdued than others, he still loves dressing for the occasion even if he's a bit more formal.

Lastly, Angela is wearing a bit more unique holiday outfit fitted with chiffon frill and seasonal colors. Her white stockings and skirt keep her ready for a Christmas walk in the town or a monster thrashing.

These two are looking sharp for the holidays, are you?

Check out these costumes and more in the Rusty Hearts Cash Shop. Be sure to also get involved in all of our special Holiday events taking place over the next few days.

BoredomKillz 12-25-2011 10:59 AM

do not like angelas..........but everyone elses is nice lol

Shadow5YA 12-26-2011 04:12 AM

Oh Frantz, you and your high popped collars...

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