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Sidero 12-09-2011 04:10 AM

Community Screenshot Winners

We received over 100 screenshots for our community screenshot giveaway and we were overwhelmed at the response. From epic attack shots to hilarious glitches, there was no shortage of entries to choose from. While most shots were all worth checking out, there can only be one winner—there’s second place winner too, but it’s not the same.

Behold the winners of the screenshot giveaway!

First Place was submitted by grounters and is what we believe to be a pretty interesting glitch. While Natasha is not supposed to be bathing in a scalding cauldron hot tub, it hasn’t stopped her in this shot. While this may seem like a good idea, we assure you attempting to relax in a steamy lead pot is not the safest activity to partake in—even if Natasha is asking to you to join her!

Second place was a surprising fan favorite. “Drool Worthy” submitted by akosicy2x2 was a simple shot of a box head Tude ogling Natasha in a fancy cat skirt and striped jacket. We don’t know if it was the jacket or stockings, but something was making Tude lose his cool.

Protip, while attempting to court a beautiful lady such as Natasha, drooling is never a good idea—putting a box on your head may be a better choice.

We want to thank everyone for submitting all the hilarious and gorgeous screenshots as well as voting on the winners. While these screens were primarily based on humor and/or unusual activities, we plan on running future polls based more around action and attacks. Keep an eye on our blog for more events including screenshot giveaways and more.

See the full thread and voting breakdown by checking out the poll.

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