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Sidero 12-03-2011 01:19 AM

Community Screenshot Contest!

Given some of the crazy stuff that can happen in Rusty Hearts, from crazy combos to possible glitches, there are bound to be some epic screenshots out there. Starting today and running throughout the weekend anyone that posts a screenshot in this thread will be entered in to this giveaway.

If we get enough entries (10+) we'll hand pick our top 3 and create a poll on Monday to let you guys select the winners.

(If we get less than 10 we will pick the winners and post the results on Monday. )

Submit your screen shots here between today 12/2 and Monday 12/5 at 9:59am PST to enter this giveaway.

What does the screenshot need to be of? Anything you want! Just make sure the image is appropriate, that includes no foul language and/or obscene material.

First place Screenshot
1) Costume of your choice from the costumes below

Second Place
(3) Dark Thread Balls
(1) Silver Thread Ball

Head to our Forums to post your screenshot now!

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