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11-30-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Devoured by Darkness is Live!

On November 9th we unleashed Cells of Darkness, a content update that ignited a feverish story-line involving Cipher as well as Gerald and his men. This time we’re breaching full twilight with the latest update that continues Gerald’s decent in “Devoured by Darkness.” On November 30th a new dawn breaks for Gerald as he battles his darkness caused by his past encounters… We’ll stop there to prevent us from dropping any spoilers, but you won’t want to miss the conclusion to the proliferation of darkness series.

Highlights From Devoured by Darkness
· Battle the giant Sandworm living under the dungeons of Curtis Castle
· Face off against Cipher’s vile abomination, the demented Spider Lady in the Top Secret Facility
· Race against time in an attempt to cure the soldiers Cipher used in his depraved experiments
· Meet the self-appointed prophet to the monsters of Curtis Castle, the Angel Nomi Nomi
· Help Poison’s husband infiltrate Cipher’s labs and overcome his crippling arachnophobia
· Watch the intense reunion between Duke Gerald and his father...

New Features

Increased Level Cap- Set a new standard with the increased level 39 cap

New Quests- Over 40 new quests unique to the Devoured by Darkness update

World Completion- Fully complete the Cathedral world by beating “The Hole” and “Top Secret Facility”

New Items- Hundreds of new items to use for crafting, forging and progression

New Dungeons- Two new heinous dungeons that complete the Cathedral world
The Hole- Reserved for the worst of the worst, the hole is known for its harsh conditions and dangerous environment. Dimly lit and littered with feculence, “The Hole’s” conditions are a breeding ground for miscreants and beasts plagued with deformities. Brace yourself for returning monsters including Paramites, Bone collectors, Zombies as well as Tyrants, Executioners and Giant Centis. Follow the dark path in to “The Hole’s” vast cavity and face off with the elusive Worm boss.

Top Secret Facility-We’d love to tell you about this Facility, but if we did we’d have to kill you. While mums the word on this top secret laboratory, the monsters roaming the electric halls will make their presence known to you. Encased in heart stopping electric barriers, this facility was meant to keep things out, but now it’s keeping things in… Watch out for Zombies, Nomi Specimens, Bone Butchers and new enemies like the Mutant Dog, Soul Seeker as well as the boss, Spider Lady.

New Bosses
Worm- Battle this creepy crawler roaming the caverns of Curtis Castle. This monstrous mutated insect uses whatever advantage he can as he climbs in and out of the sand only coming out to attack. Not only can he wiggle his way beneath you, he also has a tendency to navigate the walls and ceiling pouncing when the opportunity arises. Watch out as he whips his body around you while trying to destroy you.

Spider Lady- The biggest secret in the Top Secret Facility is a mysterious centaur-like spider woman. Mounted on the body of a spider, this hideous woman will make it rain poisonous arrows if you get too close for comfort. You’ll need to watch were you step as she will dispense minion spiders as well as webs to entrap you. Don’t get too close to the pinchers of the spider as its pedipalpswill clinch you and inflict massive damage. Better get over your arachnophobia, because beating her is the only way out.

Hot New Skills- Over 130 new and upgraded skills to master from levels 37-39

Frantz – Air Slash, Darkness, Reduce Damage
Angela- Zero Cool down, Cross Roller, Pumpkin Bomb
Tude- Activate Super Armor, Shadow, Crazy Step
Natasha- Land Mine lvl. 8, Gatling Barrage lvl. 2, Rising Attack lvl 10

Lethal New Weapons- Array of new weapons for each of the 4 Rusty Hearts’ characters
Golden Seal Team's Burst Sword
Golden Seal Team's Hell-Judgment
Magic Sword of Devilry
Scythe of Devilry
Giant Rafflesia Magic Sword and Scythe

Golden Seal Team's Colossus Blade
Golden Seal Team's Bloody Axe
Sword of Sorrow
Axe of Sorrow
Giant Rafflesia Sword
Giant Rafflesia Axe

Golden Seal Team's the Cloud
Golden Seal Team's Croa Zephir
Scoundrel Gauntlet
Scoundrel Claws
Giant Rafflesia Gauntlets
Giant Rafflesia Claws

Golden Seal Team's Desire
Golden Seal Team's Explorer
Swindler's Revolver
Swindler's Musket
Giant Rafflesia Revolver
Giant Rafflesia Musket

Hop in to Rusty Hearts and see all the new additions for yourself! Be sure to also drop by our Ladder page and see where you stack up against everyone else!
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