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Sidero 11-17-2011 12:32 AM

11/15 Server Maintenance

Starting at 9pm PDT / 12am Eastern on 11/15 we’ll be conducting our regularly scheduled Tuesday maintenance for approximately 140 minutes. This maintenance will clean up our databases, remove some old event content, and make room for minor content adjustments.

Please be patient as the length of time required for maintenance is always subject to change. We will update this post if we anticipate any changes in our maintenance duration.

Thanks for your patience and for playing Rusty Hearts.

Update: We implemented the update, but some players may notice an error message that pops up when the game loads. Please be aware this message is normal and will NOT inhibit your ability to play Rusty Hearts. We'll be working on getting this removed in our next update, but in the meantime please ignore it.

Thanks for your patience as we went a little long with the maintenance. P

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