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Sidero 11-10-2011 04:35 PM

Poison’s Paper Box Pet

Poison’s Secret Box is filled with fabulous items ripe for the picking. As one of our most popular items, Poison’s Box has some of the game’s best items including Expand Personal Warehouse, Equipment Repair Kits, Weapon Enchants and more. One of the most elusive items exclusive to Poison is the Paper Box package that allows players to raise a Colorful Box Pet.

Getting pets is as simple as acquiring the right starting items. For a pet plant you’ll need to defeat the Giant Rafflasia on Arboretum. Chicken eggs can be acquired by completing all 10 chick-raising quests from Hen. Finally, you can raise a Colorful Box by acquiring a Paper Box package. These packages are available exclusively through Poison. Simply purchase Poison’s Box and let her work her magic; maybe you’ll get box package to start raising your new pet.

Full Equipment Repair Kits are awesome, but we'll keep trying for a paper box package

Whatever the outcome of Poison’s Box, you always win. Like any game of chance, you’ll never know what you’ll get until you try. Test your luck and see what Poison’s got in store for you!

Get more information what Poison Secret Box contains as well as Pets by reading our past blog posts.

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