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Default Cells of Darkness Update is Live

We’re unleashing our full Arsenal with the latest content update arriving October 26th, 2011. Are you ready for the biggest update to Rusty Hearts ever? We announced last week that we were finally bringing Natasha to Rusty Hearts and now we’re ready to divulge all the nitty-gritty details of the Arsenal update. Prepare your ASDF keys, because we’re dropping new dungeons, bosses, weapons, skills and more!

Newly Raised Level Cap- Challenge yourself on a whole new level by reaching the level 36 cap

Additional District- Navigate through the all new Cemetery District where you’ll find access to the new Pet Shed and Pet Resurrection.

Frantz does not fear the dead, the dead fear him

New Challenging Dungeons – Raid 4 of our most challenging and fierce dungeons to date

Conservatory- Reach the top of Castle Vlad and transverse the sky high halls of this haunted nursery. Watch your step as you encounter a variety of never before seen enemies. This nursery is no longer looking to preserve life, but rather take it!

Arboretum- Ever wondered what an Arboretum full of demonic monsters might be like. Vlad has answered your query as you’ll have to blaze a trail through these lush gardens and see what hides beneath the brush. We’ll give you a hint; it may involve new enemies like Mutants, Gorillas, Nepenthes, Mandragora, and Foul Onions!

Quarantined Labs- Dive headfirst in to the depravity of mad science. The lab is home to some of the most horrific abominations to man. Crawling with zombies and mutated monsters, you’ll be challenged like never before. Enter these decimated labs at your own discretion, but be aware you’re likely to bump in to Zombie Scientists or two and other unwieldy creatures. Take our advice; never get too close to a Zombie Scientist.

Debtor's Prison- No Castle is complete without a place to throw dissenters and rebels and Vlad’s prepared for everything. Suit up and face off against the seediest creatures to wander the concrete jungle. Prison is never a pleasant place, but this time it won’t be the inmates that you’ll have to watch out for. Face off with Paramites, Cranium Cannons, Ressurectors, and more vicious enemies

The Giant Rafflesia can be a tough seed to crack

Unique and Challenging Training Ground
Protected Relics Training Hall- Ready to bone up on your skills and abilities? Put yourself to the test in our newest Training Grounds dungeon. Stand tall against a barrage of enemies all while attempting to destroy each of the four protected relics. You will be tested, do not give up, do not die.
New Vicious Skills – Over 16 of our most powerful skills will be at your disposal including:
Fatal Blow – Axe Focus: Deals heavy damage with this vicious spinning attack. Enemies unlucky enough to survive will have their attack speed slowed.
Hand of Hell – Sword Focus: Open a portal to the netherworld on the floor and deal a whirlwind of damage. Nearby enemies will be slowed once they pass over your death portal as the hands of the damned reach to take them down.

Blinding Beam – Magic Sword Focus: Summons the pillars of holy fire to erupt from the ground beneath nearby opponents.
Rust Tornado – Scythe Focus: Blast enemies with an unrelenting cyclone capable of penetrating steel and whatever else is in its path.

Judo Throw – Gauntlet Focus: Grapple a nearby enemy and turn them in to an unstoppable plow as you push forward into anyone in your way.
Victory Jump – Claw Focus: Ascend an enemy into the air and repeatedly strike them with fatal spinning kicks.

Run 'Em Down – Revolver Focus: Run through enemies with pistols blazing to either side inflicting massive damage.
Trick Shot – Musket Focus: Throw multiple explosive charges into the air and shoot them to initiate a devastating air-burst disemboweling enemies nearby.

Take a little trip to my death portal

Legendary New Weapons

Frantz Sword:
Demonic Blade
Gallant Sword
Primal Sword
Goliath Gorilla Sword

Frantz Axe:
Lokaber Axe
Demonic Slayer
Gothic Axe

Angela Magic Sword:
Sorceress Sword
Nether Blade
Demon Witch Sword

Angela Scythe:
Barbed Scythe
Gothic Scythe
Angry Buzzard
Shubalt's Hex

Tude Gauntlet:
Evil Gauntlets
Black Rose
War Crisis

Tude Claw:
Scissor Claws
Ogre Mitt
Kaiser Knuckle

Natasha Revolver:
Gauss Revolver
Imperial Revolver
Burning Worm
Dune Falcon

Natasha Musket:
Wild Musket
Ornate Rifle
Fire Cracker
Deluxe Carbine
Can you feel the "powah?"

Intense Side Quests – Bring Vlad’s minions to justice with over 190 additional Wanted Board Quests

More Epic Story Quests- Get engrossed with over 70 new captivating story quests

New general quests – Explore and conquer with more than 110 new general quests to complete around town and in dungeons

Pet System- Acquire and raise bets from infancy to adulthood and partner up to run through dungeons and fight alongside each other. Run through dungeons with up to 2 pets and get an extra boost.

“Pet Shed” Management- Store and manage your pets in the all new Pet Shed located in the new Cemetery District

All New Items – Tons of new items including, weapons, vouchers, recipes, gear and crafting items

We've been working extremely hard to get this update to you guys and it's coming just in time as many of you have already hit the recent level cap increase. Be prepared to face-off against the biggest addition of dungeons, monsters, bosses, and quests ever.
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