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09-30-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default Shop Talk – What’s the Deal?

Tired of your run down duds? Not feelin' hot running around in busted sandals? It's time to set you up with the new hotness. Rusty Hearts has got all the pants, shoes, hats, and hair you could possibly want. We also have in-game items like level-up packages, resurrection scrolls, potions, poison boxes and more!

So how do you get in on this action? The answer is quite simple friends. Let's go over the basics and run through the steps you'll need to take advantage of this system and maybe you'll "get learned" a few things too.

Step one, hop in to the Cash Shop. You can easily identify the cash shop button as it's glowing gold and has coins on it. This is probably the most important step in the process. If you forget this step you will likely end up staring blankly at Rusty Hearts waiting for new clothes-- we don't advise this.

Odds are most of you have already completed step one at one point or another. From here you will be presented with all the Cash Shop awesomeness you would expect. A window will appear with new tabs listing game packages, costumes, individual items and bonus items.

If you head over to the costume section you can peruse the selection and see what is for sale. Right now we have a plethora of items listed in the CS and we're bringing even more as we update the game.

An interesting feature of the CS is you can actually try on anything you see. Not sure how items will look once purchased? No worries, you can see exactly how they look by selecting "Try it On" and get a 360 degree view by rotating your character. We've got so many items in the CS we think you're gonna like the way you look.

Another interesting feature is the ability to switch which character you see in the shop preview window. This nifty tool will let you see how items look on other character types. See how items look on the fly without actually exiting your game and switching characters by hitting the arrows above your character.

Some clothing items are assigned a random buff that you will have to purchase to see . This buff system for CS purchases adds a unique element to clothing/hair items. This bonus is will work as long as you have the costume item and will prove useful as a boost to your abilities. Purchasing clothing items doesn't just make you look awesome, it' also has other benefits.

Okay, so you made your purchases and your character is now decked out in epic clothing, now what? Besides kicking ass and looking great, you will have likely acquired "Bonus" points in the process. This often under utilized point system tracks your total purchases and allocates a percentage of total purchases to your "Bonus" . After you've acquired enough points you can then use them to purchase items in the "Bonus" tab.

At the moment we have just a couple items here, but we'll be building this out and rewarding players for their hard work and dedication to Rusty Hearts. Buying items in the CS just got better as you can now get more free when you purchase more.

So now that' we've detailed the ins and outs of the Cash Shop, we fully expect you to check it out. Have fun seeing how ridiculous you can make your character look, or just pick up items you think look cool, it's your call really. Have fun and enjoy.
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