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02-16-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rikkis Armor Crafting

okay so pretty much before someone says it, i made this character before craft resets were released or else i would be alchemy and changed later.

Moving on, i found out the other day that bobbins are overpriced out the ass so i will not be buying them seeing as i cannot make any money back from using them. Currently i just hit Lv12(finished with thin *not-so*heavenly bobbin thank god.. it was either farm those fox beside aioch for materials, or pay 750k/stack for the bobbins...take a guess which i did)

I currently need 'Thick Normal Bobbin' which is made by 'PurpleHusu`s broken Tail' i will be spending probably a ton of time farming these misc materials which is why i ask if anyone has these bobbins or higher level laying around to kindly mail them to Rikkis. If anyone has free time who can also help me farm the materials that is also great, PM me to find out what i need.

Im currently not in full throttle leveling this until i hit Lv110 and can unlock everything, at that time i will be spending most of my time crafting. With this i plan to craft Class Armor Sets, well the pieces i could make, i am going into "Skilled Misc. Armor Craft" which is Gloves/Boots/Shield. I still need LV.22 craft before i can unlock it also so i am spending a few hours a day at it for now. In time we will have a high level armor craft in the guild!

Any further questions leave a post or find me i`ll answer them. I`ll make a chart a bit later to keep everyone updated what i am at, what i will need.

Thanks to everyone who has helped so far~
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02-16-2010   #2 (permalink)
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Send a message via AIM to Roboto707
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*Preorders MG boots and gloves*

I'll farm a bit when I get this Shet-Trap bug fixed. >.<


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