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12-13-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default NoeJeko's Story

When our members help you, understand that they're sacrificing their own time in order for your own benefit.
Don't ask for help with unneccesary things.
If it's something you can do by yourself, do it.
Thank those who help you, and always remember, never take things for granted.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <Link

A Story by NoeJeko


Let me tell you all a little story:

When I entered the military and arrived at my first base, I knew nothing about anything. I was told to call the base hospital one day and book an appointment for my first physical exam. I didn't know the phone number, so I asked my supervisor for the number.

He gave me a phone number and I called it.

When the line connected, it wasn't the base hospital - it was the base commander. The general was highly pissed that an airman had called his personal line, and I got my ass chewed out for a good 15 minutes.

I never said a word to my supervisor, for I had learned the lesson he intended to teach me with his harsh, but effective method:

"Don't ever waste someone's time by asking them to help you when you have not first attempted to help yourself."


Please, try to search for your questions first. We have a plethora of information here that can probably answer your question before you even ask it.

vBulletin FAQ - USe this for any questions about the functionality of the forum.

Questions/Feedback Forum - For questions not answered in the FAQ, but may have been answered by the staff already.

Forum Bugs - for open, known bugs with the forums.

Technical Issues - for tech help on specific games or just your computer in general.

... plus every major game section has its own Q&A section and other help sections. People are much more likely to help you if you have first attempted to help yourself.

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Well... we're too nice to chew someone's ass out for 15 minutes. :x But even so, you're never going to get better with someone holding your hand through everything. Give it a good try on your own, and you may be surprised at just how strong you are!

And here's a quote from the same thread that sums it up greatly:

Originally Posted by NoeJeko
It's not me trying to be an ass, but more like, taking the words of an ancient proverb to heart:

"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime" - Author Unknown, believed to be a Chinese proverb


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