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Post Royalty's History

Note: This thread is constantly being edited.
If there's any typo, give me a notice.
Other than that, enjoy reading our history.

The Guildmasters
The existance of Royalty comes from three real life friends who began playing a new game they found called "Latale".
Having such a unique attitude of having high maintenance like kings, Josh and Justin decided to name their new found guild "Royalty", even though Eric refused.
Josh as lindex (Explorer) Justin as GKOREA (Wizard) Eric as Drinkayoohoo (Warrior).
Our goal was to create the best organization out there for this new found game called "Latale".

Level 1 (Genesis)

I have a dream. That one day, Royalty is going to be the most famous and wanted Guild of Latale for it's uniqueness and its organized community.

Not knowing what kind of guild was suitable for Royalty, Gkorea decided to make its tendancy "Neutral".
Reason behind it was for every member in all classes to have an equal benefit of having the neutral based stats.

Ask yourself this question, there are many guilds out there in Latale, but how many of them are successful?
How many of them have loyal members that are wanted by every guildmasters?
The "Age of Promotion" begin as Josh begin his guild advertisement.

I was out for members for the birth of Royalty and was on the prowl at the OGP forums in order to find quality members.
I created over 5 advertisements/promotion/recruiting threads in order to attract new members to the guild.
While I was spamming my "Royalty Recruiting" macro, I was fortunate enough to find Saphiro(David, one of Royalty's proudest members) in the forest of Belos as a level 7 Warrior.

Mai (Royalty Offical Forum)
Justin was able to have his Ragnarok Online friend Mai to create our ROF "Royalty Offical Forum" for us.
With this new attraction, we were able to have recruit the rest of our members to max out our guild members capacity as a level 1 guild. ROF was first used to talk about anything. It now serves as our "Private Library" for special members of Royalty.

Level 2 (Bringing SF to Life)

Nobody was replying to our guild recruit threads at this time.
The only way to develop more members was to run around at belos spamming my macro.
I thought to myself, what was the reason that nobody was wanting to join our guild?
I've come up with the answer to my own question, which was guild organization.
A guild without rules is an unattractive guild.

Duokun (Guild Signature)
"Royalty Guild Rules" was soon created and we've started getting some replys about our guild for a while.
Duokun(Alex) was one of them.
Alex happened to be talanted at photoshopping and getting informations about the game.
Therefore I allowed him to join us as the only exception of joining the guild with an alt, until he showed me that he was too busy for Latale.
I still talk to him on windows messenger about a whole lot of things, we were able to develop a friendship bond. Alex was the first one to create the Royalty Guild Signature.

I am fortunate to have a member like Varenian (Greg) in our guild, he proved to me that he would go as far as to the end of the guild legacy and i was glad to have realized. Around the time when guild rules was created, Greg had signed up our application and had become a member of the family.
One of the reason why Royalty has no level requirement is because Greg proved to me that anyone can be out leveled at any time. Another reason why Royalty has no level requirement is due to the fact that we're looking for quality players. Higher level does not mean quality members. I want Active/Social/Mature players who are willing to contribute themselves to Royalty.

imBeast (Sub Forum)
Royalty Sub Forum was found thanks to imBeast (Kevin).
As Josh was wandering around the pyramids, he found a beast grinding at the Great Hall. "Why don't you have a guild? Join ours, we're looking for Active/Social/Mature members!"
As Kevin became part of the family, I was able to find out about and it's useful community.
Royalty Mission #1 was successful after finally having 15 members sign up for our own subforum within three days. New Members doubled, and Royalty was able to stop squirming in the mud.
Royalty had gone through tough times, but we made it through.

David's Story

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Guild: Royalty

Nice work there. I got booted off because my internet stopped working, but now I'm back on and it has this 10012 (not the exact number) error and won't let me get in. T_T


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