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Dani 06-15-2011 10:49 AM

Fulfil the Promise
OOC Thread

In the World Trees of Asgard, Midgard and Utgard...

One hundred years after the Three Hundred Years War...

One thousand and two hundred years after the Phantasm War...

Zechariah 14:12

“Now this will be the plague with which the LORD will strike all the peoples who have gone to war against Jerusalem; their flesh will rot while they stand on their feet, and their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouth. On that day a large-scale panic from the LORD will spread among them. One person will grab the hand of another, and one will attack the other.”




One week has gone by since the parties all entered their respective World Trees.

With their footsteps accompanied the whispers of the spirits as the parties continued on. Whispers of salvation, damnation, confusion, happiness as well as sorrow. As the parties progressed further all their paths twisted into a downward spiral of roots, into a dark abyss. As they went down there were souls trapped in prisons- in the roots of the trees themselves. Some reached out, begging the parties for freedom...

But they couldn't be helped.

"Don't try to help the imprisoned souls," Frigga told her group as they progressed downward, "These are... The souls of true angels. Though they haven't been damned to Hell they are however living through their eternal punishments here..."

"Until they realize their sin..." Maya said sadly, weariness finally showing on her face, "... Big brother Luci..."

During their travels through the World Trees, all the groups ran into the Princes of Hell. However... None of them truly killed them off. Even Leviathan, who was blown up from the inside by Rune and Drake, was still alive. His presence was there in the tree, faint but... Still there.

Down and down the spiral they go...

And surely enough...

"Hey," Drake looked up, then downwards, "The spiral ended..."

Bianca blinked, looking around, "You're right!"

Kai however already advanced. Ever since the Utgard party started going downwards Kai became increasingly quiet, uneasy... When asked what was up the spirit merely gave them a laugh and said he was fine. But... "There's a pit here... And it doesn't look like there's any other way to go." Before anyone else could say something, Kai already jumped down!


Ludo and his party also found their way down at the bottom of the descending spiral. He was standing at the edge of a pit smack dab in the center of the bottom of the downward passage, "... Well, here's to a really long adventure that still won't be done even when we reach our objective..." And with that Ludo jumped in.


"Well here we are!" Celina chimed happily, "We're finally almost there! Just a bit further, guys!" And with that she jumped down a rather ominous pit after spending who knows how many hours going down, and down, and down...


And once the other party members sucked it up and jumped down too after much debate...

Just one last corridor.

Rather it felt more like a cave, but those who knew where they were going said it was the homestretch. The final few steps til they reached their destination.

The Asgard party emerged from the darkness of the passage and...

Before them a spiraling mass of mana, almost crystal-like, but at the same time like a pulsing heart floated in the center of the massive room. Even then, one couldn't even call the place a room! There looked to be no physical walls around them, just countless images and vivid colours and shapes. Flashing before the party, memories flooded by. Memories of themselves, the other party members, and the world. At their feet was water, and it went up to Frigga's knees.

A man pronouncing a great speech before his people, shouts and salutes resound quietly to the group but sounds almost like "mein fuhrer"...

Men clad in armor and on horseback, raiding an ancient city and slaughtering those before them... Torturing until they get them to convert to their beliefs...

A man in a strange suit, entirely enclosed in it and a planet in the background surrounded by darkness...

And Akaiito Kagamiya, with a head of black hair and no horns and looking to be around Drake's age... Running with a gun in hand, the other hand holding down a hat that looks a tad too big for him... Running from other cubi in the streets of a ocean side human city once upon a time.

At the foot of the floating mass of mana, a strange series of glyphs rested in place. There are nine glyphs in all, each separated by a magic barrier.

"... We finally made it," Frigga sighed.

"It's been a long time since I was last here..." Maya mused aloud.

Celina nodded, "Indeed. Though I was here only a few hundred years ago."

"Well holy shit," Kai nearly muttered as he entered the very same room as the Asgard party, though cut off via a magic barrier... "This... Well, I wasn't expecting this... Oh, hey there," he halfheartedly waved at the Asgard party. He stepped on forwards, marvelling at the amazing scene before him. "Why does it feel like... I've been here before?" He looked down, and saw the water that went up to his mid calves. He blinked, a tad confused, but returned his gaze to the Asgard party.

Not far behind Kai was Drake, and he was very surprised as well. This is... What they were pursuing? This is the center of the World Trees?... "... Wow..."

And right on the mark the Midgard party entered the room as well.

Ludo looked around only a bit, then looked to the spiralling mass of mana. He didn't say anything regarding his feelings to the strange room showing various memories of the world, but only nodded a bit and took some steps forward. To his left was the Utgard party, to his right the Asgard party. Both enclosed in barriers to cut them off from one another. He then walked to the glyph in their enclosure and knelt down to it. Though the water now soaked up to his mid thighs like this he didn't seem to notice at all. He was too.. Engrossed in what it was he was studying.

Nihil679 06-15-2011 11:48 AM

"My, my. This is better than reading it from the books in our library." Jun smiled and spun around in circles in bliss.

"We aren't here for the history visions." Kirai snapped. "Ludo, as much as I'd like to let you study all day, aren't we on a short schedule?"

"Everything is short to you." Shigaru lazily replied. "Even your life, which I am surprised has not ended with heart attacks by now."

"I will have to agree with Kirai though. We should make haste."

Marzai 06-15-2011 04:49 PM

They finally made it. Everyone finally made it...

Standing as tall and dauntless as ever, the azure dragon was speechless as the images and memories from the world kept persisting at his gaze all around the three parties.

The flux was heavy here, almost like a thick miasma rippling through at his very soul, taking licks to taste the purity and corruption thereof. Finir stood there with motionless posture, with wings and tail all the more motionless. He crossed his arms and looked ahead at the colonizing mana before him

In the peripheral were the Midgard and Utgard team, making it in almost the same timely manner as Asgard. He noticed the cubi, Kai, take note of them with a weak wave, and Finir did the same.

He then looked to Frigga, knee-deep in what seemed to be water, elegant and almost dainty. He guessed she was immediately getting down to business and left it at that. After all, he didn't want to screw over anything as much as he had before...

And speaking of 'before'...

"...Why does this place give off a familiar vibe...?"
he said, almost nonchalantly.

Joey 06-15-2011 06:10 PM

"Welp, you're all here now, my part is done," Rune grumbled as he found a rock to sit on, "You guys take care of the rest."

Anna peered over at her dad in the Utgard group, lazing around as usual. "****ing figures," she thought out loud, "You play follow the leader for a few days and then when the game's over you pout."

"I can't help it," Rune hollered back, "It seems like these people are typing excessive descriptions of this place in their heads, so it's not any fun anymore."

He made a poo face and lit up a smoke. Looking around at the groups, Anna thought to herself, You know what, he's right. It's like their describing this place in their heads for the sake of making their posts look more substantial, or something. She shrugged it off and took a few steps forward...

"I'm ready to go," she sighed, "Got the flute?"

RoflKnife 06-15-2011 06:42 PM

What? How did they all end up in the same place? There were supposed to be three separate trees with their own seals, right?

Theresia threw out a question to no one in particular, "Why are we all here? There are three seals aren't there? Or all they all here?"

On the topic of here, where were they? In between all three worlds somehow? A separate location detached from the world? Where?

Leht gave his response, which didn't actually really explain anything at all. "It's magic. If it doesn't make sense, it's god damn magic. No need for explanations."

Bandy 06-16-2011 09:41 PM

While Boris gazed longly at the impressive crystal-like formation, he thought about attempting to answer Theresia's many questions, but he ended being quite contempt by simply laughing at Leht's statement.

".. Never a truer sentiment."

He looked to the side and saw that the other two parties had made it as well, and amongst the crowd, he saw his daughter. He couldn't resist the opportunity to be "annoying and embarrassing", as Ania often put it.

"Oh there's my little Ania~ You made it all the way here, like a big girl! I'm so proud of you."

Now normally Ania would've come up with some sort of retort, but she was too intrigued by the mass of mana to really say anything.

"..Hey dad." She smiled a bit to herself, shaking her head.
This is truly incredible.. All these images, these memories. It's completely surreal. It's no wonder I'm starting to feel so nostalgic, even though I've obviously never lived through these things..

PedroRomero 06-17-2011 03:23 AM

((ooc LOL glar! you crack me up))

Emilio made it out and lacing his arm with Drake's noticed the other groups also approaching!

"Hey guys!" he greeted cheerily, waving his hand in the air.

Grandison was also surprised to see everyone. Instead of greeting the groups with enthusiasm he eyed Frigga wearily.

"Why did we have to split up if we were all going to the same place anyhow?"

Dani 06-17-2011 08:08 AM

Frigga slowly approached the glyph closest to the Asgard party and answered rather calmly, "The nine glyphs here are all separated by magic barriers. You can only access them from their respective world trees... It's a security measure."

"Wait a sec," Drake changed his gaze to Frigga after waving at Emilio, "I thought there were only three worlds. Why do we need nine glyphthings then?"

"Because," Teodoro began to answer in Frigga's place, "There are, in reality, nine worlds. They are all connected here at the center of the Yggdrasil. What we've been calling World Trees this whole time are really part of a much larger tree and were merely branches of it."

Ludo got up, his eyes stuck on the floating mass of mana. He'd recalled reading something like this in the Royal Families Libraries a few centuries ago in ancient texts, "... Asgard, Midgard, ┴lfheimr, Ni­avellir..."

"How the hell is he pronouncing that crap right?" Drake wondered aloud as the weirder names started to roll.

"Beats me," Kai shrugged his shoulders.

Ludo continued as if he never even noticed the two, "Vanaheimr, Muspellheimr, our world Utgard, which was formally known as J÷tunheimr..."

"Niflheim and Helheimr... The latter more well known as Hell," Bianca finished for him, "It's a secret us seven Archangels and a fair amount of the lessar gods of Asgard have been keeping hidden from the worlds."

As she was saying that Kai already had his flute in hand and was standing on the glyph on the Utgard party's end. "As much as I'd simply love to chat on and on about the myterious worlds above and beyond we have something to do." he ended that with a smile.

Though it was a forced smile with something else behind it.

PedroRomero 06-17-2011 09:25 AM

Grandison looked around to see if the others who had flutes were going to pull them out as well.

"Well, that was easier than I thought," he mused. "A lot easier than last time that's for sure. And It seems like we won't have to deal with any nasty battles either. All's well in the end then. I was dragged along by that Cubi anyway."

Those thoughts running through his mind he watched expectantly for Maya to begin the much anticipated song.

On the Utgard side:
The flute was unceremoniously knocked from Kai's hand by a sharp icicle.

"What was that!?" Emilio gasped, watching as the flute fell into the water.

He looked over into the direction the ice came from and upon seeing nothing ran over to Kai to check if it nicked him. Before he could reach though more Ice, this time sword like in length and structure came from all sides at the party.

Dani 06-17-2011 09:37 AM

"FFFFFUUUUUUUuuu--" Kai hissed as he looked for the source of the icicle, "Who was the stupid prick that did that!?" He looked to the larger icicles that resembled swords hovering around the Utgard party and cursed under his breath, "... Oh, Makoto."

Drake looked to the doorway where the Utgard party entered, a man with golden hair who looked very similar to his teacher... It was the strange man he bumped into on the street way back! "It's you!"

On the Asgard side, as Maya was drawing her flute from her back she quickly stopped the action and drew her sword-- but a moment too late. She was blown back by a concentrated mana blast, "Ah!"

"Oh my," a woman with blonde hair that was nearly white walked in through the Asgard passage, "You always were on top of the game, Jophiel... Oh wait, you weren't just now." She brushed her hair to the side, "Hello, Bianca... It's been such a long time, dear sister." The woman's attire consisted of a simple black pencil skirt, white blouse and a leather jacket that matched the attire. The woman also happened to come with a pair of black stilettos.

"O-older sister..." Bianca could barely breathe now. It was almost as if everything just came and shattered to a million pieces. Her sister... "Serena..."

And from the Midgard passage a man with jet black hair and dark eyes walked in. His hair was neatly cut, almost like a businessman. Neat undone blazer with nothing underneath it, black slacks, and nicely polished black loafers. The man then reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. He unchalantly lit a cig with a quick ember of magic and finally spoke, "And that's as far as you go."

OOC: in case it was confusing Bianca is on the Utgard side but blahblah can see/hear other parties just cut off from em

PedroRomero 06-17-2011 09:59 AM

"Maya!" Grandison gasped when the angel was struck. He quickly ran to her side but a voice caught his attention. It was a blonde woman and she was addressing Bianca?

Grandison turned to see where the Utgard group was congregated and noticed that they too were under attack though he couldn't see who ther assailant was. All he knew was that a couple of the members were a bit too dumbstruck by Serena's appearance to notice it themselves.

"Bianca! Emilio! Look out!"

"Mama!!!" Emilio gasped, two hands coming over his mouth in shock.

Serena's appearance seemed to have distracted a majority of the group. She was one hot mama... and the ice easily zeroed in on the distracted Utgard group. Emilio was stuck and fell back into the water with a loud splash.

Nihil679 06-17-2011 10:07 AM

"I don't even let Kaela smoke next to me anymore, cut that shit out." Shigaru fanned away at the smoke.

"We have more problems than your anti-smoking policy, Greed." Kirai growled as her handcannon formed around her left arm.

Nihiru placed a hand on Lau and synced with her, then formed a wall with the rest of the Sins, wielding her gun. "What an inconvenient place to pick a fight."

Joey 06-17-2011 10:55 AM

"Hey booger!" Rune hollered to Makoto, "How the hell are ya?"

He started to stand back up, and reached for the smokes in his pocket. "Hmmm... wait what?" Rune pondered.

"Oy Hooch, you mind if I bum a smoke?" he shouted to the black-haired man who had just entered the Midgard side.

"Huh, what the hell is going on?" Anna questioned, "Hey, are you just not aware that you're knee deep in water, walking in stilettos?"

What the hell is with all these weird people? I really need to find better friends, she thought to herself, Should I pull my weapons? Dad doesn't seem to be too worried about it... I guess I'll just relax then.

Anna sat down and tried to relax, but it was still fairly obvious that she was tense.

Marzai 06-17-2011 11:27 AM

Finir staggered back a bit from the turbulence of the mana blast that hit Maya, and looked to the source. His blazing eyes fell on the form of 'Serena,' apparently an angel herself, and Bianca's sister as he overheard her quivering voice.

Finir took a moment to look at the two angels, then rolled his eyes, facing nothing in particular.

"...Oh, great. The good-sibling-evil-sibling-dilemma.

Then he focused on Serena with an irritated glance.

"Let me guess: you're the death of the party, aren't you?"

RoflKnife 06-17-2011 11:43 AM

What a surprise, party crashers!

Leht drew Lorelei and readied himself for a confrontation. But first...

"So, anyone wanna tell me how these people got here at roughly the same time as us? Was there a shortcut here?" Leht looked at Frigga expecting an answer. "Or were they tailing us the whole time, and NOBODY noticed?"

Theresia was not worried about the guests that had entered the fray. They had the element of surprise, but they didn't use it too well. "Come now, just three of you? And you're all divided. We have the obvious advantage here, seeing as none of you appear to be a being as powerful as the ones we encountered on the way here. Or do you all have an ace in the hole with a magical piece of equipment?"

Bandy 06-18-2011 04:57 PM

It is to be expected., Boris thought to himself, arms crossed. He didn't seem especially alarmed at the arrival of the intruders, however, he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when he heard Bianca pronounce a certain name..

" O-Older sister.. Serena..."

Although not especially active in those days, Boris was amongst the humans, many hundreds of years ago, when this woman caused havoc on a scale much larger than it seemed. He knew that she was capable of much more than what he'd heard of...
This wasn't going to be just any battle.

Ania, on the other had, was very nervous to see the intruders, especially Serena, who was in the passage of her party. She wondered how in the world everyone could act so calm at the moment, but she decided it was best to follow suit. Taking a deep breath, Ania put her hand on the hilt of her weapon, shaking just slightly, and eyed the female angel intently..

PedroRomero 06-20-2011 01:33 AM

After Rune's comment and display of utter disinterest, two ice swords came hurdling towards him as he asked for a light for his smokes.

Other ice swords also targeted other members like Theresia, Boris, Bianca et al.

Emilio lay in the water a second before sitting up and grabbing at his shoulder. He grimaced in pain but he knew he would be ok. He turned over to where his mother was and noting that she was still there.

'What is she doing here?' he thought. 'It's dangerous...'

He then began moving his head too and fro, looking around for the source of the ice attack.

Dani 06-22-2011 07:22 PM

OOC: too lazy to use colour at this point yeuh

Drake quickly dodged the swords coming his way, and melted any he couldn't quite dodge with his fire magic. Since nobody else seemed to be bothering he used Kai who had just dodged the ice himself as a stepping stool and jumped up into the air. He landed short of the Utgard side's assailant but quickly followed up with a punch at the man.

"Oy! Watch it!" Kai barked as he searched for where the flute fell... Oh boy, "Here... Yo, Bianca!"

Bianca ran over to Kai, a bit of her dress torn from ice, "Y-yes?"

Kai shoved the flute into her hands, "You play it! You have to score in your bag too, right!?"

"B-but... I don't think I'd--"

"Just play it! I know you can!" Kai urged her, "You did it in your first life as Zadkiel and I'm sure you can do it again!" Before Bianca could reply, he quickly dashed off and called forced a pair of revolvers. Time to kick some ass.

Bianca was still dumbfounded, confused... "How... How did you know that?..." was all she could say. This isn't the time to think about that!... He's right... I have to play this while the others are busy with that blond man.... The angel mustered up her courage and shouted to the other groups, "We have to play at the same time! Get the others in your groups to protect the players! If we can stall just long enough..." Bianca trailed off before running to the glyph and standing on it.

Teodoro ran to Bianca's side with his bow in hand, "I'll be sure to snipe down anymore ice that may come our way. We're too close to our goal now to go down here!"


"Ugh..." Maya held her side, "Just a few broken ribs... But I'll live..." the angel slowly rose up and sheathed her weapon, "Do as Zadkiel.. As Bianca says. They're here to prevent us from opening the passage to Niflheim... If we just force them back and succeed in our mission..." She walked over to the glyph and sheathed her weapon. Just as she had been before the attack started she drew the flute from her bag, "Jun, was it? I trust your sisters will be able to force back Luci--"


"God damn it, Rune!" the black haired man nearly hissed as he cut off Maya, "How many times do I have to tell you? Don't call me Hooch!" ... the man sighed, and took a deep puff of his cigarette then exhaled deeply, "... My name's Lucifer... Oh and... I'll be borrowing these."

With a snap of his fingers, Shigeru and Kirai began to act... erratic. The two girls held their heads, muttering perhaps curses or groans... Maybe even both. The two girls then turned to the other sins- Shigeru and Kirai raised their handcannons, ready to fire at any moment. Soon Lau followed suit, and drew a giant hammer as she and the two other sins got ready to strike.

"Oh no, he's controlling them," Romeo said rather dryly with disdain. That being the first thing he'd said since they came to the center of the tree, he drew his rapier and stepped forward. Magic winds wrapped itself around the blade, turning it into a completely different weapon. A grand two-hander that the man only needed a single hand to wield.

"Whatever will we do?" Charlie cried, actually sounding worried of the situation! He bent over and touched the surface of the water with his right index finger, then the ice shot up in the form of a spear. Charlie grabbed a hold of this and stepped forward as the ice chipped away- revealing a real spear hidden within the ice, "Do you think big brother Luci will go easy on us?"

"Nnnnnnnope. Hey, Jun... Forget about fighting. Just focus on playing that flute."


Serena blinked, "Aren't you all so lively? Anyways it was easy enough. All we had to do was mask our mana signatures and keep our mana low. There are countless routes through the trees to get to the centre, it's just a matter of knowing how to get around!" She laughed as she drew a deck of cards from her blazer pocket. She cast out around fifteen cards, and in their place small explosions went off where they landed. When the smoke cleared, various angelic looking figures stood before them. however, something was very grotesque about them: rotting flesh, moulting black wings, and the miasma they let off led to those who breathed it in coughing. Each angel had various weapons in hand...

And on each of her fingers transparent strands of magic attached Serena to each of them, like a puppeteer. With a movement of her fingers the undead lunged forwards, weapons raised. In the back three archers fired off volleys of arrows at the Asgard party.

Nihil679 06-22-2011 08:45 PM

"So much pressure, I might crumble." Jun jokingly replied as she walked up to the glyph, readying her flute.

Nihiru, who had been forced out of Lau by Lucifer, recovered and stood back up. She froze her current clip of bullets and fire one behind Jun, creating a thick wall of ice. "Charlie, Romeo, focus on Lucifer. We'll deal with our family."

"Sin Mode on!" The Charil and Sara yelled, assuming their hooded figures and blades in hand.

Sara immediately flew forward to engage Lau, locking her blade against the large hammer.

Charil covered Sara against Shigaru and Kirai's cannon with her own firepower, firing off lasers from various angles around them.

PedroRomero 06-23-2011 01:05 AM

Emilio knew he had to deal with his attacker before being able to address his Mother. As he finally saw the source of the attack, a blonde he recognized as looking a bit like, though not as cool and nice and friendly (what emilio?) as his friend Grandison.

"Drake!" he gasped, as he saw his cousin direct a punch at the man.

Makoto smirked as Drake's blow landed upon the physical barrier he had up thanks to his equipment.

"I'm untouchable," he taunted before vaulting away backwards and unleashing another rain of ice at the group.

This time Emilio countered by unleashing a torrent of his own light arrows that smashed against the ice. It shattered the swords they did manage to hit into hail/glass like shards that rained over him and landed noisily into the water.


Grandison arched a brow at the creatures summoned by Serena. He definitely didn't sign up for this but hopefully they would be easier to handle than the phantasms. He could only hope. Grandison reached at his side and pulled out his rod, unfolding it. It immediately began to glow red with fire enchantment.

Suddenly the creatures were charging at the party. Grandison quickly aimed to keep them back by shooting fireballs into their rotting chest cavities.

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