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Dani 02-10-2011 01:26 PM

Hiatus of the Dies Irae!?

One year later...

As late spring ended and the summer began, Syhi was bustling with merchants from all corners of the globe! From the finest silks of the distant eastern continents to ancient tomes from Ainuba over seas, the bazaar was bustling with activity as fishermen hauled in the day's catch from Lake Rinuh.

Lake Rinuh had once again blessed the town known as Syhi with a plentiful catch this year. Fisherman cheered as they pulled in their nets filled with fish. The town had been bustling with trade and life thanks to trade routes established by the guilds formed in each of the towns and cit--

"Cut the boring crap," Kain yawned. The one who was explaining it, Larietta Siefred, scowled at the man. They were both sitting in the guild tavern which more guildies then usual were sitting around in. Some were reading books, others playing cards... The notice board was bare with only meager jobs listed for C ranks. Hell, a lot of the guild members looked bored out of their skulls! Missions have been rolling in slowly for the past half year and today seemed to be the epitome of nothing to do!

Larietta slammed the book shut, "I reinvent the zipper thanks to records from the old days and that's what you say? I'll bust a cap in your ass." She hissed as she held up her rifle and brought the barrel to his face.

Kain smiled wryly and pushed it away lightly with his left hand, "Yeah, yeah.. But all that technical stuff... And... Androids? What the **** is an android?"

"A machine in the likeness of a human," Lari lowered her weapon, "They were used to replace humans for a lot of jobs. Factory jobs, extremely dangerous ones dealing with all sorts of hazardous materials.. Are you listening? Hey what are you--"

Kain at this point climbed up onto the table and was standing on it at this point. He walked down it and grabbed a random acoustic guitar which had been resting against the polished wooden table and strummed it a bit, adjusting it slightly so it was tuned properly, "One, two, three, four!"

OOC: like the singer's voice yet without the rap lol

"Pondering about the message today
It might reach someone who can ever say?
I have been this way, so simple, yet
A Patched up, crazy, Matroyoshka doll!

A headache brought up in a package today
To be brought at four, though time slipped away
Don't tell a soul or look like a clown,
But the world will one day turn upside down!"

As he struck the chords music filled the room and people looked up from what they were doing. Some people began to bop their head to the tune, or even tap their foot. The mood even seemed to lighten up some.

"...Ah, I'm breaking apart!
Throw out all your pain and all the memories!
Ahh, but I want to know
What's inside of me!?

And, if you please,
will you keep dancing more and more?
Kalinka? Malinka? Just hit the damn chord!
All these feelings... What should I do?
Tell me, just a little, about this!

Loud and clear, now, 524
Freud? Keloid? Hit the key some more!
Everything's still to be laughed at!
Hurry, dance with all the foolishness!"

"Randomly bursting out into song like that..." Lari shook her head, "You're crazy."

Aidan who just sat down where Kain had been previously chuckled, "It's god damn Kain Celeste, Nuketta. It's been nearly a year since he transferred to this guild from another and it should be pretty obvious that he'd do something like this out of the blue."

Lari sighed, "I guess... Who's guitar is that anyways?"

"Beats me," Aidan shrugged as he stifled a yawn.

Bandy 02-10-2011 01:58 PM

"... And then I sliced the sucker in half! Heheh, that was so badass~" A red-headed girl bragged about her exploits as she swished around a mug of beer between her hands. She had a wide, proud grin about her. It sort of defeated her seemingly cute and feminine look.

"Rhosyn, you've told me that one like five times now! Jeez, you really gotta cut down on the beer." The blonde man across from her said, laughing a bit. Rhosyn put on a fake and excessive british accent;

"Oh pish posh, Joshy! It's not like there's anything else to talk about. I mean, nothing's happening. And if nothings happening, then I run out of amazing exploits of my own to tell~" She took a sip of her beer.

"I think that's the only bright side to it all." He smirked a bit, joking. Before Joshua could say anything more, the man sitting on the table next from them, Kain, stood up on the table and broke into song.. Playing his guitar! He blinked a bit, sort of amazed that he could randomly start doing something like that. Since Josh loved music so much, he listened to him play and sing. And since her friend wasn't listening to her talk about herself, so did Rhosyn. When Kain finished the song, the blonde man clapped and nodded, approving of the spontaneous performance, while his friend danced a little on her stool.

"Woohoo~ That was awesome, Kain!" She said while lifting her glass of beer towards him, then taking a sip.

Lari sighed, "I guess... Who's guitar is that anyways?"

"It's mine, but that's okay. It's being put to good use!"

Nihil679 02-10-2011 02:28 PM

The door to the guild tavern swung open and a hooded and goggled figure walked in, a large sniper rifle resting over her shoulders. She slammed the door behind her and pulled her hood back and goggles down to her neck, her white hair ran into her coat and red eyes adjusting to the different light. The albino picked a sucker from her coat and stuck it in her mouth.
"Your queen has arrived! So look brighter, parasites." Jeanne haughtily announced her arrival.

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 02:32 PM

((fffff you dot you ninja! ))

Cameron finished filing the last of his paper work and happily closed and locked the cabinet behind his desk. It was another day at the guild but now it was all over and it finally time for Cameron to go home for the day. He just hoped that there wasn't any sewing to be done when he got there. He bent down to grab his bag when suddenly the tavern doors flung open and he heard someone's heavy feet running in.

"Cameron! Cameron!" Van's voice rang.

Cameron sighed, slumping in defeat a bit, but when he turned around he was all smiles.

"Hey, Van. Finished eating already, huh? Don't you have some kitchen chores to do too?"

Van shook his head, "No way. I'm all done with those. But LOOK!"

Van held up a wrinkled petition for a hunt.

"I have a hunt I want to take! Hurry and write it down please!"

Cameron replied, "I'm sorry. Office hours are over."

He walked past the younger male, roughly slapping his shoulder as he went. Never to be seen again...

((orz edited again!))

Dani 02-10-2011 02:45 PM

Kain grinned and hopped over to Josh and Rho's table.

"Woohoo~ That was awesome, Kain!" Rhosyn said while lifting her glass of beer towards him, then attempted to take a sip.

With that Kain took the glass from her hands nonchalantly and chugged the rest down, then handed the glass back to her, "Why thanks, Red!" He set the guitar down next to Josh, "Here you go, Spotticus."

It was then the guild tavern doors swung open and Jeanne announced, "Your queen has arrived! So look brighter, parasites."

"Oh? Where is she? Last time I checked my Queen was overseas... God save the Queen!" Kain ended with a laugh.

OOC: Kain is from Europe/England/Ainuba and has a hint of british in his voice, btw

Claudia pulled her eyes away from her book and scoffed, "Calm down, Jeanne. You too Kain. We could do with a little less crazy."

"Crazy?" Kain's eyes lit up, "I was crazy once. They put me in a large white room with rats," he shuddered, "I hate rats. They drive me crazy! Crazy?... I was crazy once. They put me in a large white room.. I loved that room, but then I died in it. They then buried me at the roots of a maple tree and then a worm went up my nose," Shudder, "I hate worms... They drive me crazy!"

"Now I'll really bust a cap in your ass!" Lari roared as she aimed her rifle at him.

Kain jumped off the table and crossed his arms, "You're just hatin, Spotty."

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 02:51 PM

When Cameron left Van had a naughty thought in his mind. He knew that he could defeat the mark so it made no difference if Cameron registered it or not. If he defeated it and came back Cameron would have to acknowledge it anyway. Van decided that's just what he'd do. He went behind Cameron's desk to look for the guild ledger.

Nihil679 02-10-2011 02:55 PM

"You say that as if I am not calm." Jeanne humphed. She walked over to the boards, quickly inspected it, then turned around and took a seat at an empty table, dropping the sniper rifle onto the table. "Still nothing to do, is there?"

Mitchi 02-10-2011 03:09 PM

A graceful, tanned, womanly figure in flowing rayon strode down the hall, her shining straight hair swishing behind her. To anyone, she looked like a woman about to go out on the town, or an exotic dancer preparing for a show, but to anyone in the Dies Irae guild, this was just how Melody dressed on a normal day. She was on her way to the tavern, but stopped as she passed by Cameron's desk, not so surprised to see a younger boy rummaging around behind it.

"Van, what on earth are you doing?"

RoflKnife 02-10-2011 03:21 PM

"Van, what on earth are you doing?"
"Yeah, yeah, you shouldn't be rummaging through other people's things you know!"
Ergus suddenly appeared right after Melody, wrapping one of his arms around Van's shoulders.

Bandy 02-10-2011 03:25 PM

"Thanks," Josh said as he picked up his guitar. He then started to strum a song to create a bit of ambience in the tavern.

Rhosyn looked at Kain with slightly irritated, squinting eyes as she watched him down her beer.

"Youuu sneaky bastard." She then promptly went to the bar to order another beer, and returned with it at her table. When she heard Lari mention something about 'busting a cap in Kain's ass'. She looked over at the two;

"Oy, don't take him out just yet! That crazy ass owes me a beer."

Josh, while still playing the guitar, looked over at where Jeanne was.

"Eh, apparently not."

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 03:36 PM

Van nearly jumped out of his skin when Melody and Ergus found him looking through Cameron's desk.

"I was looking for a pencil!" Van said stuffing the petition for the hunt into his shirt. "Ha I wanted to draw a picture and I knew Cameron would have one. Are you all about to eat dinner?"

He smiled happily and picked up a random pencil.

RoflKnife 02-10-2011 04:28 PM

Ergus patted Van on the shoulder, "You're a pretty bad liar, you were looking for something like his porn stash weren't you?" He chuckled a bit and gave Melody a passing comment as he headed towards the tavern. "Well-groomed as always, I see~"

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 04:30 PM

Van let out a relieved breathe that he wasn't caught.

"I'd better eat too," Van said. "Before I start my drawing."

He went in after Ergus. It was too risky to write the mark into the ledger himself. He'd just show up with the completed mark instead.

Shinkirou 02-10-2011 04:38 PM

Early in the afternoon, in Mt. Grena, Kallistos was running at a steady pace over the slushy snow as a bloodied, weak redkle was limping its way over to him.

How pathetic... You're still after me? I can't believe I had trouble with your kind over a year ago.
The redkle, panting heavily with hazy smoke coming out of its mouth, did a last resort attack by charging forward with its fur lit up with heat. Kallistos raised his arms into the air, holding his long katana which was pointing toward the sky. The surrounding air gathered into his blade, which began to give out a glowing green tint.

I will end your life...

The wolf leapt into the air, jaws open. Kallistos swung his blade down before it could get any closer...

"With the fall of my blade!"

Although it began with one mighty downward slash, multiple blades of wind shot out, surrounding the redkle and cutting it up from every direction. Blood splattered everywhere and the redkle fell onto the ground, now lifeless. Kallistos sheathed his katana and pulled out his gathering knife.

I guess I overdid it...


At around late afternoon, Kallistos returned to HQ with a bag full of materials gathered from his hunt. Even though he earned no reward due to hunting in an off-limits zone, he still wanted to get materials to donate to the blacksmith. The blacksmith could make some free armor for the newbies, giving them a safer future... or something like that.

Sounds of joy were shot from every corner of the tavern as he entered, or so he wished. It was livelier than before, though.
I don't think I can handle the guild being this boring anymore.. Kallistos thought as he shook his head. Before going to the blacksmith to donate his hunted goods, he wanted to go get some food first.

Sandrie 02-10-2011 04:52 PM

Iona walked into the guild HQ with a sour pout on her face. Another boring day, and of course people would NOT letting her tag along. She took a seat and propped her bow against the chair. She heard some other people talking in the room, but paid them no heed.

Mitchi 02-10-2011 04:56 PM

Melody rolled her eyes. Van could be such a troublemaker, but what could you do? He was a teenage boy, therefore a brat.

"Well-groomed as always, I see~"

"Why thank you, Ergus." She replied, then gave a small wink. Grown men were much more fun to deal with than little boys.

"I'd better eat too," Van said. "Before I start my drawing."

Melody sighed and shook her head, then turned and made her way to the tavern too.

"Well, this looks lively" She muttered under her breath, then smiled and walked over to the table where Larietta was.

"Good day, Lari" She said, nodding. She looked at the others at the table. Kain had been there almost as long as her, so she remembered his name (and why wouldn't she!), where as she struggled with remembering the names of the other two, since she didn't have a lot of contact with them, and they were relatively new. She recalled the blonde guy's name being Josh, but she couldn't remember the woman's name. Rosie? No, that was Kalistos's nickname.

"So, how are things today?"

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 05:03 PM

Van saw Ione and immedietly joined her with a mischevious look. She was a fellow rank C and as such he knew he could count on her for being a good accomplice on his quest to defy Cameron.

"Say, you look kind of bored," he grinned. "I think I have something that may interest you."

Sandrie 02-10-2011 05:08 PM

Iona saw that one kid come up to her, Van was it? He teenage boy came up and said "Say, you look kind of bored. I think I have something that may interest you."

She simply shrugged and said, "If it doesn't involve shooting things, I'm not interested."

Dani 02-10-2011 05:12 PM

Kain laughed, "What are you talking about Red? That's just craaaazy."

It was then a torrent of familiar faces entered the tavern and Kain greeted them all!

"Sup, Rosie, Mel, Brat (( van )), Ergus and Pyrona!" He waved as he returned to his seat... Well his seat was stolen by Aidan so he sat next to Melody.

Lari smiled back at Melody, "Hey Mel! Things are boring as usual and Kain's just being Kain. Rosie come sit here!" she waved at Kallistos who just entered the tavern, "And maybe you too Ergus. Maybe."

Claudia returned to reading her book. Suddenly it was really lively in here.

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 05:13 PM

"Well you're in luck!"

Van reached into his shirt and pulled out the folded paper. He unfolded it and presented to her.


On the paper was a monster with a smiley face. It looked like a sheep but it had a single horn on its forhead like a unicorn.

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