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Mitchi 02-09-2011 09:25 AM

Space Station Oasis


Space, the final frontier...or at least it was a few centuries ago. These days, space travel is commonplace, with many people living their life out sailing the stars, hopping between planets for business or pleasure. It's rare that people will stay on one rock for their entire lives, now that the gates to the universe and all it's wonders have been opened to mankind.

But sometimes, out in deep space, a ship will be stranded, it's crew and cargo lost forever. Either from lack of fuel or simply from mechanical failures, some ships never reach their destination, due to the long distance between planets. But somewhere, out there in the black of the universe, there is a nexus, a center between many routes to many planets, where a high amount of traffic happens, as well as a high amount of malfunctions.

About 200 years ago, an interstellar repair station was created and launched out into the nexus, in hopes of being able to aid travellers.

Now it has evolved into a small town, filled with families of people who were born and raised here, as well as people who have travelled here to live their life. It now has all the comforts of home -- as well as people who call it home. And with all of the comforts it contains within its metal walls, it was named for what it truely is: An oasis in black desert.


Midmorning. Time for the deliveries.

Well, there wasn't any sun to revolve around, so the station's schedule for the day ran off a set time, Earth time to be exact.

In any case, it was midmorning on the ship, and therefore, time to make the morning deliveries. There weren't many that day, only a few packages. A parcel of books for the library, some rush order medications for the clinic, and some specially ordered Vanilla extract from the Sirius system for the cafe.

Vidalia strode through the halls, her satchel at her side and her long hair flowing behind her. She knew these halls so well, she could walk through them blindfolded, not that it mattered. Everything was a straight, neverending corridor, uphill both ways, with doors off to the side. But even then, she still knew where all the doors were.

She almost felt like skipping, but that would just be silly.

(( :D ))

Kudaranai 02-09-2011 09:12 PM

Barry Wells yawned a little as he watched the Stardust Cafe patrons starting their day--well at least for the inhabitants of Oasis. Barry had never been a morning person; not on earth or on Oasis. The only reason he was here so early was that this was his punishment for a prank that he wasn't even responsible for last week. So now, it became his job to accept the morning deliveries, at least for another few weeks.

Barry sighed has he placed his right cheek against the cold counter and stared aimlessly at the colorful shelves of pastries. He has been working at this cafe for nearly three years, and yet, he had never tried all the pastries and baked goods that were available here. It seemed as if new items were baked each week thanks to Shayne's eccentric tastes for things. Barry could've sworn that when he squinted his eyes a little, one of the pastries changes colors. He sighed once more and chuckled to himself at his strange imagination.

Mitchi 02-10-2011 06:34 AM

Vidalia set the small box on the counter in front of Barry's face.

"Sleeping on the job again?" she asked, amused. She glanced at the pastry case and smirked.

"Just how many sweets does Shayne think we all eat?"

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 11:01 AM


Hazel was in the shop dusting off his bottles. They were all alphabetical from Allspice to Ylang Ylang. He ran his feather duster delicately against the glass and shelf. If it were a big cleaning day he'd have to completely remove everything from the shelf but today he was merely going over everything as a touch up. After all, there was no use having his area looking any less beautiful than he.

Bang! Bang!

While he was doing that however he noticed that the Basil was in the Myrrh's spot. But when he went to look at the Basil's spot it was not there. Instead Jasmine. And in Jasmine's spot there was Vanilla and...

Hazel clenched his fist around the duster he was holding.

Who the heck went through his items!?

Clang! Bang bang!

And what was with the awful racket going on outside the shop's doors! He grit his teeth and slammed his duster down onto the counter causing Vera to look up from her station.

"What is it Hazel?" she asked.

"It's that damn noise! It's messing up my concentration," he replied.

Thock thock thock.... BANG!

Vera looked over at the door and shrugged, "It's just maint crew. They told us they were fixing that loose panel fixture outside our shop you know that."

"Must they be so loud? It sounds like they don't know what the heck they are--"


Hazel pushed up his sleeves and stomped towards the door.

"That's it! Someone's going to die!"

Joey 02-10-2011 11:26 AM

"Wa-WHAAAAAAAAAT?!!" Anna shouted as she entered the room a patron had just checked out of, "What the hell is this? What is that on the floor?!"

"That's it, I'm not taking in any more musicians, they can sleep in the dirt for all I care!" she huffed as she went to get a mop, "Oh well... The new light fixtures are supposed to arrive today, at least I have that to look forward to..."

As if I could look forward to more manual labor.

So Anna set back into her work, and as she finished mopping the floor, she began cleaning up the rest of the room. When that was all done, she went back out to the front desk. She promptly plopped herself down in the chair behind the desk and put her feet up on the desk, taking no time at all to get comfortable.

Dani 02-10-2011 02:28 PM

Noel was taking it easy at his office, spinning round and round in his chair. He had no patients to attend to now so he was just looking over some files... While spinning.

"You spin be right round baby right round~ Like a record baby round round round round~" he hummed to himself.

OOC: lol boring intro

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 02:42 PM

Hazel opened the door machinism in order to throw a fit when...


The panel from up ahead fell and slapped Hazel right in the head. He spun around on one foot before falling unconsious on the ground.

"My bad," a maintence tech said.

"Someone should probably call a doctor," another said.

Vera went to the door to see why the sounds had stopped and saw Hazel passed out face down on the ground.

"Oh my god!" she gasped.

And thus: the doctor's office would soon have their first patient of the day. Hopefully... if someone would call them.

Nihil679 02-10-2011 02:44 PM

"So bored." Niku sat on one of the barstools. She rested her head on her left hand propped onto the counter, biting into the cough drop in her mouth.

"If you keep doing that, you're going to break your teeth." James said, grinning to himself as he poured beer into a glass.

"When that happens, I'll know." Niku growled back. She pulled another piece of cough drop from her pocket, unwrapped it and dropped it into her mouth, then discarding the wrapper in the trashbin over the counter.

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 03:02 PM

A stretcher came and carried Hazel to the infirmary. Vera stayed behind though since she had to look after the shop so a random maint worker had to tell what happened.

The infirmary doors opened.

"Hello? Is any body home?" the maint guy called.

Nurse Aila came forward.

"Oh dear what happened?" she said.

"He was hit in the head," the main guy explained. "He passed out."

The nurse looked at Hazel's head.

"Can I go now? I don't really know the guy," explained the tech.

The nurse dismissed him.

Kudaranai 02-10-2011 03:08 PM

"Mornin' Viv," Barry mumbled as he picked his head off the counter to face the girl on the opposite side. "Sometimes I think that Shayne bakes them to decorate the store."

Barry walked over to the pastry shelves and chose one at random before wrapping it in paper. He did notice that it had an odd shade of neon pink icing but figured that it was safe. It did not have a weird smell either. If anything, it smelled pretty appetizing. He set it on the counter and slid it over to Vidalia.

"For the road," he told her before picking up the parcel and took it to the back while letting out another yawn.

Mitchi 02-10-2011 03:22 PM

Vidalia grinned and took the sweet greatfully. She peeked at it and smirked.

"A sugar cookie? Aw thanks, you knew my favorite." She said as she wrapped it back up again. "I haven't had breakfast yet, and the sugar could do me some good."

She looked around, surprised at how few people there were.

"Pretty dead in here for morning. I wonder where everyone is."

Kudaranai 02-10-2011 03:53 PM

"I guess it's gonna be one of those days," Barry said to Vidalia as he emerged from the backroom. "Ya know, one where nothing interesting happens."

Barry cannot recall the last time anything big happened on Oasis. It is a good thing though, he figured. Aside from the occasional androids malfunctioning and a little accidents (like a stray asteroid), nothing major ever occurred ever since he arrived. Maybe this is why so many people stop by here often.

"But it's all gooood," said Barry, stretching himself.

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 04:36 PM

"S,sir!" the nurse Aila called after the man but it was too late. He was gone. "Dang it. Now who is going to help me lug this guy around?"

However just as she said that, Hazel began to stir. He groaned and sat up, holding his head.

"What the," he began. "Who spiked my drink this time?"

Aila grabbed Hazel's shoulders to steady him.

"Hold on sir, you just expereinced head trauma. I have to run some standard checks on you and see if there's anything to be concerned about. You may even have a concussion."

Hazel blinked at the nurse and it seemed her words weren't coming through to him. Aila helped him into the doctor bed (the one with the paper on it) and began to check him.

Dani 02-10-2011 06:07 PM

Noel was walking around now at this point so he could drop some files off in the file vault (( idk what to call it really lol)) then he saw a man and Nurse Aila! She seemed to be checking up on him.

"Hello, Nurse Aila," he greeted as he peered in the door, "And what's a man from maintenance crew doing here? He seems to be in one piece..."

PedroRomero 02-10-2011 06:21 PM

Hazel was now holding his head as it was throbbing in pain.

Nurse Aila looked at the doctor.

"Good you're here. I was about to send for you soon. I just checked him he seems fine... everything seems to be at stable levels you want to check out the head?"

"I just need a little sandlewood and I'll be as good as new," Hazel groaned as he held his head.

"Sorry sir but we'd like to at least get a proper look at you before letting you go," the nurse said.

Schael 02-10-2011 08:46 PM

Qay was fixing a loose panel fixture outside of Magnetic Rose.. or, taking a break from fixing.. well, really more of supervising the fixing of the loose panel fixture (and by supervising, that is to say that he was talking to Olgis, the other tech, the one doing the work, about his latest idea for a device that would alter the trajectory of meteors so that they wouldn't hit space stations of planets or space dogs or something (he could make millions!) via minor nuclear explosions) when Olgis slipped and hit the magnet-crane's release button, dropping the panel it was holding.

"My bad" Olgis called down, giving a nasty glare to Qay, who grinned widely.

"Well that was bril" Qay said to Olgis, who continued his work, ignoring Qay as people discussed something below that didn't have anything to do with space dogs at all really. He started to continue telling Olgis about his space dog idea (pets in space, bril!) when he realized that the guy that was hit by the panel was that one guy that said something to him about "yalang yelang" flowers or something a week or two ago (might have been a month). He looked at his watch and then said (to no one in particular) "Well, it's about lunch time anyways" and jumped down through the gap, running off to find that "yalang" guy before Olgis even thought to ask him why he was talking in an Irish accent now (it's going to catch on, just you watch).

Mitchi 02-10-2011 09:01 PM

"Well, thanks for breakfast, I got a couple more deliveries. If I don't hurry, dad's gonna be on my ass for this again." She said with a sigh. "Later."

She waved as she left the cafe and strode along. The Clinic was on the way, so she would stop by there before going to the library, though she really should rush to the library to drop off the books, as they were getting pretty heavy.

As she made her way over, she passed by a Maintenance guy, who seemed a little annoyed. She was going to ignore it, but then another Technician ran past her. She wasn't really familiar with most of them, even though she probably had talked to everyone on the ship at least once, if they were picking up groceries or something.

She reached the clinic and sat down in the small waiting room. For some reason, there weren't any nurses here. Who's shift was it right now anyways? Probably Aila, she was pretty much the only morning person on the med staff.

"Hello? I need someone to sign for this package." She called out towards the doorway that led to the op room.

PedroRomero 02-11-2011 11:31 AM

The nurse shined a light in Hazel's eye and such much to his annoyance but finally saw fit to let him go what with his complaining and all.

"You're lucky you're going away with just a lump. I'd think something like that would split your head right open!" Aila said, helping Hazel to his feet.

"Maybe I just have a hard head," Hazel supplied, a bit out of charcter. Maybe he still wasn't completely there after the hit.

Schael 02-11-2011 06:54 PM

Qay dashed across the corridor, coming close to knocking a few people down (not that it mattered, there was no 'down' here), but he was on a mission.. or something, but he had to hurry! And fast! He ran and ran and ran until he remembered why he was running (it helped when he passed Olgis again, you ever forget something and then go to where you thought of it and then remember it? It was like that) and strode into Stardust Cafe.

"One pastry! And a scone too."

Dani 02-11-2011 06:56 PM

Noel blinked, "Eehhh so nothing's wrong with him right? How bori--"

"Hello? I need someone to sign for this package." He heard a voice call out.

"Oh I'll be right back," he went off to where he heard the voice from and saw it was Vidalia, the friendly neighbourhood delivery girl! Or something. "Oh hello there, Vidalia."

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