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PedroRomero 11-27-2010 10:03 PM

Between Wings and Dreams... a FFXII rp
Between Wings and Dreams
a final fantasy xii rp

It has been ten years since the restoration of the Dalmascan Kingdom and the end of the war between Rozzaria and Arcadia. There are those who lead peaceful lives as cockatrice breeders, merchants, and more. However there are still less traditional employment to be found: sky pirating or monster hunting.

Lately there have been reports of strange events occurring in the wastelands of Nabudis and lots of warnings to stay away from the area. Many monster hunters are often sent to the area to combat the spread of the unnatural beings but despite the danger there is said to be a powerful treasure lurking within drawing opportunistic fools to the scene as well.

Do you seek the aide in the fight or are you out to discover the treasure for yourself?

It's a sunny day in Rabanstre. It's early in the morning but the city is already bustling. No longer are their Imperial guards on the streets but that doesn't mean one can roam around unguarded. The Dalmascan peace force keeps tab on the citizens and controlling to once uncontrollable pickpocketing epidemic.

In the Bazaar merchants are selling their wares. Also Migelo and other storefront keepers are opening their doors for the day's business. A cafe beside the city fountain is already full of customers for their morning brew. The aerodome is packed with travelers and because of rains, villagers from Giza have flocked to the city. The Sandsea tavern is empty but for the bartender and one already drunk patron.

Yes, it was the start of another day in Rabanastre and Gio'Bani was glad to be able to fit right into it. He had already been up for some hours because he had to help Gurdy in the stables feeding the chocobo their greens as well as cleaning the area up of any droppings. He got the work done however and Gurdy paid him upfront for his help.

"Thanks again, Bani! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to have everything finished by open time if it weren't for your help, kupo," she said as she handed him some gil.

"Thanks Gurdy," Bani replied in a gruff and gutteral tone unique to his race. He pocketed the gil. "If you need any more help during the day I'll be in town."

He then bid his farewell to Gurdy and the Chocobos and left to enter town. He was very grateful to Gurdy for letting him work in his stables. There really wasn't much work in Rabanastre for a Bangaa with no experience outside of a mine and the hours were really generous as well. Usually he could be finished by 9 and then have the rest of the day to himself.

Bani didn't really have any big ideas for how to spend the rest of his time so he decided to stop by the Sandsea. He took the moogling station to the Sandsea and as soon as he arrived there were three Rabasnatre teenagers giggling nearby. Bani didn't have to listen to their conversation to know what they were going on about. That girl was the one that the patrolman in the bazaar was always flirting with while on duty. One day something was going to happen while he was on duty and he'd be sorry he didn't pay better attention.

Bani went into the sandsea and went right to the Notice board.


Sandsea Tavern Notice board:

Mark: Rogue Tomato
Petitioner: Tomaj in the sandsea
Message: It's happened again! An annoying little member of the Deadly Nightshade family has taken to attacking Travelers and Merchants, and so did Tomaj post a Bill for this Mark.

Mark: Bomb Queen
Petitioner: Linus in Fountain Cafe
Message: This is unsettling! I cannot get any imports of the fine Archades brew any longer because of caravans being held up. I think it must be some foul beast causing a muck in the Salikawood again! It has to be it. Will some brave souls please vanquish this before my business suffers any longer?


Joey 11-27-2010 10:51 PM

*Huff* *huff* *huff*

"Phew, a night's worth of hunting... I'd say it wasn't worth it, but these are definitely some nice pelts," Jyrn said, with a grin on her face, "Guess I'd better be getting back to the shop, I've got work to do!"

As she strolled back to the shop, from outside the city, into and through the city of Rabanastre, Jyrn took in all the sights. "I may have lived here for most of my life, but it still amazes me what has been accomplished here... Better not let myself get distracted!" Jyrn said, oblivious to the fact that she was thinking out loud.

On the way back to her shop, Jyrn passed the Sandsea. Walking by, she noticed someone she knew. "Is that Bani? Hmmm..." she said, followed by an overly energetic shout: "Hey Bani! Anything interesting on the board today? After I get a bit of work done, I'd love to get back out in the field!"

PedroRomero 11-27-2010 10:58 PM

Bani heard his name being called and turned to see a familiar Viera talking to him. It was Jyrn who he sometimes went on hunts with.

"Good morning Jyrn," he greeted. "Yeah there's one. The other is just the usual from Tomaj--"

"Hey!" Tomaj called from the bar. "I'll have you know I post all good marks. There are no lame marks on my board."

Dani 11-27-2010 11:05 PM

Larietta lurked around the streets of Rabanstre. Looking from left to right she seemed to be searching for something... or perhaps someone. She skipped along barefoot through the city, avoiding any cracks that may come by as if like a game. In a dense crowd bustling with activity she spotted a man with dirty blonde hair that trailed down his back in a long braid. A playful smirk came to her face as she shrunk in the crowd and slowly advanced.

Yuuki... Star hunter known to all... You shall be my victim on this fine day!

She quickened her pace but still used the crowd to her benefit, blending in and keeping her presence unknown. It didn't take long for her to go over to were Master Hunter Yuuki was and it took even less time to swipe a bag loaded with expensive goods that happened to be loosely slung over the man's shoulder. She dove down into the crowd and was gone as quickly as she had stolen from the poor sucker.

Joey 11-27-2010 11:14 PM

"All right all right! I've got to head to the shop and get these pelts prepared for tanning first, but if you want to stop by a bit later, I should be ready to get back out there," Jyrn stated, way more excitedly that she should have, "Anyway, I'll catch you in a bit."

With that, she turned and rushed out of the Sandsea, eager to get going again. So eager, in fact, that she didn't realize the door to her shop being opened up as she was running in. Well, she didn't realize until after she ran into the door, anyway.

"Tch- that hurts..." she growled, clutching her now sore shoulder.

"Maybe next time your head is in the clouds, you'll keep your eyes on reality," the old man said, with a huge smirk on his face, "What are you in such a rush for anyway? You were out all night hunting, I would think you'd be tired at this point."

"There's no time to be tired! I've got another job coming up soon, so I'd like to get this work done so I can head back out!" Jyrn exclaimed, with an overly excited face.

"All right, all right. There's no use stopping you, I know that by now," the old leatherworker said with a smile, "Anyway, the salt bags are over there, so get those pelts cured."

"I've been working with you for how many years now? I think I know where the salt is," Jyrn huffed, a little bit annoyed, but also a bit happy that even years later the man is the same as he always has been. "Anyway, I'll get right to work!"

Nihil679 11-27-2010 11:30 PM

Dryn crawled out from under a large machinery and shoved the few small scrap parts she managed to take off into the pouches strapped to her thighs. She looked up and covered her eyes as the sun beamed down on her, focusing them after being under the machine for quite some time.

Dryn stretched out her arms and was about to make her way towards the bazaar through a dense crowd until a red-haired someone with a bag slung over their shoulder pushed past her. A thief's hunch, but something has to be of value in that back and it must have already been stolen. Dryn slowly followed after the ragged person, who seemed to smell of oil.

sevidical 11-27-2010 11:48 PM

"Ugh. Could that ride have been any longer?" Russet complained as he stretched his legs out onto solid ground. Russet and Adelain were boarding off the airship after their long voyage from Archades. Adelain's eyes almost sparkled with the sight of Rabanastre once again. The clamor of its inhabitants and the beaming sun seemed to bring back memories.

"Did you hear me Adel? I really think airshi-..." Russet trailed off as his eyes followed a scantily clad Viera amongst the crowd.
"Wah!" He exclaimed, "What are those...? Are those ears?! Where are the rest of that young woman's clothi-" He halted in his speech again as his eyes caught yet another spectacle.
"Look Adelain! More reptile creatures." It was obvious Russet wasn't a well traveled person as he took in all the sights before him.

"Young master, I told you once before on the ship, they are Bangaa. Please refrain from causing a scene. Here in Rabanastre you will meet many walks of life. So do try your best to be respectful, sir", Adelain said calmly.

"Oh right. So... To that tavern you mentioned right? Something about your Century Club, and what not?"

"The Clan Centurio, and we are heading toward the Sandsea which is north of here", the moogle replied looking slightly irritated.

The two gathered what little belongings they had and began to navigate the sea of people towards their destination.

PKShota 11-28-2010 07:21 AM

Leila walked out of her house and locked the door. She stopped once she took a few steps on the shade of the building.

"Ugh...150,000 gil...I need 100,000 more. Off to more hunting..."

She walked toward the crowd of people of Rabanstre and tried to find her way to the Sandsea Tavern, hoping that Tomaj would put good game for good gil. She couldn't rely on her parents for more money, since it takes a long time for the mail to reach her.

Leila arrived and found Tomaj, and familiar face Bani by the Notice Board.

"Oh, hi Bani."

Dani 11-28-2010 09:22 AM

Almost there....

Larietta tightened her grip on the bag and cleared away from the crowd. She didn't want to be there when Yuuki possibly goes berserk. After making her way to a less populated street close to where her and her papi's workshop was, she stopped and let out a happy "WHOOOO!". Of course this brought a few curious glances over to her but she payed little heed to them and started walking to her workshop. She didn't ease her grip on the bag since well, she didn't want to get stolen from after she just stole.

Nihil679 11-28-2010 10:58 AM

Dryn took a risk and followed the girl down the street with an uncomfortably less amount of people. She was ready to turn back and ignore whatever might be in the bag until her target suddenly hollered in excitement. Dryn quickly pulled up her scarf to cover her face and ran at the girl. She pulled out her dagger and sliced at the bag near the girl's hand so that it still retained its... bag-shape and quickly snatched it off the ground to run off. Dryn turned her head and let out a laugh from behind her scarf. "Celebrating when you didn't even clear, what are you, stupid?"

Dani 11-28-2010 12:28 PM

It was at that moment Lari casted a haste spell on herself, ran to the girl and snatched the bag back.

"Mind your own business and return to your enchanted forest, HALFING!" Larietta barked before casting a slow spell on the newcomer with a snap of her fingers, "And don't be such a stingy b*tch either."

With that the redhead sprinted off having said her fiery remarks.

Nihil679 11-28-2010 12:48 PM

"Why don't you just go crying back to your mother!" Dryn made a horizontal slice in the air with her hand to cast Haste on herself, then ran after the girl.
"If I can get in range," She thought, "I should be able to Immobilize her."
She cursed to herself. If only she had brought her gun. Normally, she wouldn't shoot anyone, but calling her a "halfling"... Dryn pulled out a wrench from her strap pocket and hurled it at the girl in frustration.

Dani 11-28-2010 02:45 PM

Lari quickly looked over her shoulder and saw the wrench hurtling towards her head. She quickly got down and did a roll, avoiding said projectile, then jumped back onto her feet and turned at a corner. She didn't want to be around when the peace force comes lurking around so she reached into her pocket and dug around for a bomb. Specifically a smoke bomb. She found a small sphere in her jacket pocket that felt like a cherry bomb much to her dismay.

Almost there...

Nihil679 11-28-2010 03:21 PM

"If I'm not getting that" Dryn yelled and pulled out her dagger, "then I'll just make sure you don't either!" She hesitated slightly before hurling the dagger at the bag to rip it open.

Dani 11-28-2010 03:31 PM

"Screw you!" Lari called out. Looking over her shoulder one last time she saw the dagger but just in time she found the place she was looking for. Her Papi's workshop! She dashed to the large, iron door (or whatever crazy materials exist in this world) and slammed it behind her. She could hear the sound of the dagger hitting it and a sigh of relief escaped from her lips. She locked up the door behind her and leaned back against it, sliding down to the ground on her bottom as she gasped for air.

Nihil679 11-28-2010 03:50 PM

"Dammit!" Dryn cursed and picked back up her dagger. She observed her surroundings and made a mental note of the area and the girl, then put away the dagger. She picked up a rock and hurled it at the door out of frustration and ran off to the bazaar.

PedroRomero 11-28-2010 06:30 PM

"Good Morning, Leila," greeted Bani. "You're sure up early. Are you here to get first picks at the marks today?"

"There's a good one about a rogue tomato," Tomaj noted.

"I'll think about it," Bani said. He actually had in mind the other mark by Linus the cafe owner. "I'm surprised though to see only two notices up."

"Yeah it's a slow day. Well," Tomaj leaned forward and gestured for the other two to coe forward too although the only other patron was a drunk guy who was way too out of it to even evesdrop. "I heard Montblanc may have something for you too but you didn't hear it from me."

"But I did!" Bani said.

"What?" Tomaj asked.

"But I did hear it from you."

"Bani... it's a Hume expression."

"You and your Hume expressions," Bani shook his head.

PKShota 11-28-2010 06:38 PM

Leila giggled at the small talk they had. Then she looked at the two hunts.

"A bomb queen? Worth more than the tomato for sure."

"Tomaj, I'll be taking on the Bomb Queen. That all right?"

"You sure? That one is really tough."

"...Have you not remembered the other tough marks I've taken?"

"...Oh yeah, you were great with those. You've got those guys in 1 shot! Or two. But this one is probably tougher than the ones you've done before."

"A bomb queen is weak against ice magic. I'll be fine if I go get my Glacial Staff. So just sign me up."

Leila then looked at Bani.

"Care to join? It's alright to say no."

Dani 11-28-2010 07:06 PM

Once Lari caught her breath she tied the bag of goods up and looked around... Okay she took a wrong turn. For once... Most likely out of desperation of just wanting to get away from the viera... hume hybrid. A large crowd of moogles were staring her down once they came to the scene and Larietta stared back.

"... Hey there?" she managed a weak laugh, "Don't mind me, just passing by."

"... Right, ~kupo. I suggest you leave..."

Lari slowly turned around. She paused, wondering if that other girl was gone. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin. Heads, go out. Tails, find another exit. With a flick of her thumb she flipped it and caught it, then turned it over on her other arm and checked what came up. Heads. She unlocked the door and opened it, then walked off as if nothing happened. After a few minutes worth of walking she made it to the shop she had been looking for and stared at a nearly identical iron door as the one she went through earlier.

... I wish the metal was at least a different colour... she mused as she pulled open the door and went inside. She went up to where her room was and stuffed the bag of valuables under her bed, then went down to her papi's shop.

"Papi!" she called out as the bangaa man just finished attending to a customer.

"Lari where have you been?" the Bangaa man, Claudio, asked in his usual gruffy voice, "Didn't you know I had work for you to do?"

Lari sat down on the steps she was standing on, "Oh, sorry about that. Um I'm gonna head on over to the Sandsea place and get a job. Yeah."

"You're procrastinating..."

"I'll do it when I get back! Bye Papi!" she hopped down the stairs and grabbed her rifle and belt of handbombs in many packets attached to it. She was out the door before Claudio could object.

PedroRomero 11-28-2010 07:07 PM

"I'd love to but... is it ok if Jyrn comes?" Bani replied, remembering that the Viera had wanted to tag along with whatever mark he choose.

"Whatever you two decide remember to go to see Linus about the details," Tomaj reminded.

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