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Dani 11-16-2010 06:19 AM


September 13th, 2010...

7:00am, before classes start...

Students were making their way to the caf for breakfast after somehow managing to haul themselves out of bed. Others who had already eaten breakfast were wandering the school hallways or had decided to go back to their dorms to sleep more and miss some of first period. Many who decided to stick around were bracing themselves for the new school layout for the day...

Ludo was heading to the main office. Head held high he tossed his bottle of apple juice up and down as he munched on a bagel with cream cheese spread on it. His poofy white fox tail swayed from side to side as if anticipating what the day would bring.

As he neared the office he tossed up he bottle high enough so he could quickly devour the remains of the bagel and caught the bottle as it came down.

His uniform of black slacks, white shirt and red plaid tie seemed to be bothering him now. A teacher actually jumped him earlier and made him fix his loose tie and to make him tuck in his shirt. He'd cleared enough distance from said teacher and untucked his shirt and loosened his tie. (( uniforms will be sketched tonight ))


Kai whistled to himself as his headphones blared with music. He had finished his duties god knows when and was now just wandering the hallways. He waved at students who greeted him and flashed them all a quick smile. His janitor uniform, which the easiest way he could describe it was a beige jumpsuit but the upper part merely rested at his sides and he wore a black wifebeater. His aged looking workboots were mostly covered by the cuffs of his pants. (( will sketch soon ;_; )) In his left hand he carried along a mop. It's hard to tell if this carefree janitor is either just trying to be prepared for any mess or he's carrying it as a precaution...

Genji 11-16-2010 09:44 AM

A pair of students were walking down the hallway, one with a bag of pretzels, the other looking worriedly at the shorter one. They were both in proper uniform, but the uniform was wrinkled.
"Siiiiss, you're gonna get a heart attack if you keep eating those!"
May was chewing out Elly for eating from a bag of sourdough pretzels.
"I paid a dollar for these, and I am gonna enjoy every last bit of it. To the last grain of salt."
Elly was holding a bag of pretzels the size of her stomach. These pretzels weren't the round, cylindrical pretzels.
"And besides, do you know mow much salt is in those cups of ramen you chow down?"
May put her hand on her chin and thought for a second.
"Exactly. If anyone, you'd die of a heart attack before me. But I am not gonna let that happen because..."
Elly's eyes flashed, a grin popped up from her face. She quickly wrapped her arms around May's shoulders, and jumped on her back. She dropped the bag of pretzels.
She yelled in a high-pitch voice, "YOU ARE MY NEE-CHAN~♥ "
May knocked her off, and Elly landed on her back.
"D-don't do that in public!"
May's face was bright red.
Elly picked up her bag of pretzels and continued to follow May to class.

Nihil679 11-16-2010 01:53 PM

A large congestion was formed in the hallways with students getting lost over the uncountable amount of new layouts that the school somehow morphs into. The congestion was suddenly broken up as the students scrambled into the nearest room while a small and silent girl walked past them.
Nahiko yawned loudly. Her short stature contrasted her long, flowing hair and large colored orbs floating around her. Her uniform was a wrinkled mess, as if just thrown to the side after washing and drying. Her white shirt was untucked, her tie loosely wrapped around her collar, and oddly enough, the hem of her skirt was slightly burned.

Although it was a while before class starts, Nahiko seemed to have made her way into her class with ease, taking a seat in the farther corner of the class and slamming her head onto the desk as if in fatigue.

RoflKnife 11-16-2010 03:15 PM

Stepping out of the main office, Leht clips an "Assistant Teacher" tag on the front of his shirt. He took out the papers he had just gotten from the office, and read over his schedule and started navigating the school with the map. Oddly enough, the school has shifting walls and rooms, but even odder was the fact that the map also redrew itself to reflect the changes. He still had to read the rulebook for the school, but he was already running a bit late, and would have to read it later.

Ugh, this place seems like a pain...but the pay's so good...

PedroRomero 11-16-2010 05:28 PM

It was another day at Wolverhampton and with that meant the daily grind of managing rambunctious teens who were probably better off knowing magic in the first place.

"Thanks for signing on! Good luck!" Derf called out after the new assistant teacher as he left the main office. "You'll need it." He added on in a mutter as the door slammed behind him.

Derf then turned to his desk and began shuffling his papers around when a mug of coffee was set on his desk. He looked up to meet his coworker Luap with a slight smile.

"Thanks... Lord knows I need it," he said reaching for the mug.

"No problem," Luap said walking towards his own desk and sitting down. He began flipping through the morning's paper.

After taking a sip of his coffee Derf asked, "So who's taking Grandy duty today?"

Luap didn't even bother looking up, "I had him Friday..."

Derf narrowed his eyes though he knew the other failed to see it, "No wonder you were being so nice."

He got up and readied himself for another day of Grandison watching. He really didn't know why he did it since the younger boy rarely got up to anything. He went to classes like any other normal kid and he seemed to have one decent friend. Regardless, it was what star student Matthew wanted. Talk about brother complex. Still it couldn't be helped and thus Monday began for the office pair. One engrossed in the paper and the other to begin his day as a child-stalker. Yippee...


The cafeteria was still full of students taking their breakfast. Some chated happily with their friends, clearly morning people, while others stared blankly into their bowls of oatmeals with vacant, zombie-like expressions. The Yuley's were in the midst of them, seated near one of the large glass windows enjoying their meal together much like they did back home on their estate.

The oldest was going over the notes for his presentation later. The only thing in front of him was an untouched danish and a glass of orange juice. The middle child was practicing an "revive" spell on an egg and the very youngest was pouting over his plate of pancakes and sausage, poking it with his fork.

"Stop poking your food," the middle child said, finally leaving his egg alone and fixing a glare at the subject of his annoyance.

"I'm not hungry," replied Grandison. "In fact I think I must still be full from dinner last night."

"Well throw it away. It's distracting me from hatching this egg--"

"Nobody told you to hatch it there."

"Nobody told me not to."

"Well you can't because it's boiled," Grandison stuck out his tongue.

"I asked for a raw one from the back."

"No you--" Grandison began to reply but he caught Matthew looking up from his notes and immediately began eating his sausage.

"Leave your brother alone," Matthew said to Jaden. "You know how his appetite is..."

Matthew stood and grabbed his danish and juice.

"Eat as much as you can though ok. You know what the doctor said about your weight."

Grandison nodded, still pouting with a mouth full of sausage as his older brother left the table. However as soon as he was gone he spit the meat back out.

"I'm done!"


When Matthew was leaving the area and simultaneously reading his notes he came across Derf coming his way.

"He's in the dining hall and has Herbalism in the morning. He better not ingest or come into physical contact with anything potentially harmful or it's your head."

Matthew continued walking on leaving Derf to dread his task for the day. There were literally 100s of things Grandison was allergic to.

Dani 11-16-2010 05:49 PM

Ludo had finally made it to the office. He chugged the juice in his bottle and tossed it into a trashcan. He then slammed both hands down on Luap's desk.

"HEY!" Ludo greeted with a large cocky grin on his face, "So I heard that you guys finally found a way to make a map that stays consistent to the changes I make to the building..."

Luap nearly jumped out of his seat and almost spilt coffee on himself. He set the mug down and looked up at the student from his paper, "... Yes, that's right."

"Well you know what?"

"What?..." This seriously wasn't the time to deal with Ludovic Doreann, Luap thought.

"Your map's spell and enchantment over the school's been just disenchanted! And guess what?!" He seemed to be filled with such glee like a hyper schoolgirl. It's hard to tell if he's just being sarcastic.

Luap groaned, "What?"

"There's now ten new magic locks over the spell! Have fun!" Ludo laughed happily. He then marched out of the room without closing the door behind him. Luap merely planted his face on his desk. Well it was still better then Grandy duties.

And with that the school changed its shape once more for the day, and this time no one had a functioning map to help them navigate.


Kai blinked and stopped in his tracks when he noticed he was walking in a complete circle. Seems like Ludo changed the school layout for the day... With a shrug of his shoulders he started walking away while whistling a cheery tune. As he turned a corner he bumped into Matthew Yuley and they both fell to the ground rather ungracefully.

Kai quickly got up and brushed himself off. He then held a hand out to Matthew.

"Hey there, Goldie Locks," he grinned, "I'm half surprised you aren't tailing your baby brother."

PedroRomero 11-16-2010 06:14 PM

Matthew ignored Kai's outstretched hand and collected his notes together before standing back up. If Kai's words effected him he didn't show it.

"That's what I hire people for," Matthew replied. "And the name is not Goldilocks. I would assume someone as lowly as a janitor would know my name by now."

He looked around and realized that though the area looked familiar it was decidedly different... again.

"That damn Ludovic," he frowned. "He's changing the school around again. If this effects my attendance--"

Dani 11-16-2010 06:24 PM

Kai laughed, "Okay okay no more nicknames, Princess Yuley. But is your little brother really that incompetent? For someone to make sure he's safe every given second... Damn." He crossed his arms.

"That damn Ludovic. He's changing the school around again. If this effects my attendance--"

"My my aren't we the model student," Kai was still smiling like always, "Too bad Ludo will always be a step ahead of you. I bet these complex mazes he makes everyday were made just to make your perfect attendance rot in a ditch!"

Kai picked up the mop from the ground and started walking off, "Well later, Princess Yuley." Off to go find Nahiko now for daily exercise.

Nihil679 11-16-2010 06:43 PM

Nahiko's stomach began to growl. In hindsight, she probably should have grabbed something to eat before dazing into class. As she stood up, all the other students in the class averted their eyes away from her to not catch her attention. Nahiko shuffled out of the class and walked about the school.

The school layout had changed again, it seemed. Must have been Ludo messing with the school's "new" map system. Nahiko didn't care either way, after a few minutes of walking around, she managed to drop by the vending machines. Without a second thought, she reeled her fist back and slammed it into the side of the machine, causing it to drop handfuls of snacks. She grabbed a couple and began to head back to class when that voice caught her ears.

"Too bad Ludo will always be a step ahead of you. I bet these complex mazes he makes everyday were made just to make your perfect attendance rot in a ditch!"

Nahiko scowled, tossed the snacks into the air and caused them to stick to the wall with her gravity ability, then ran towards the source of Kai's voice.
As a small detour, she ran into her (being the only member) Second Inventor's Club and produced a large sword from the room. As she ran by the corner, she saw him.

She screamed in the most bloodiest and murder-intentful tone, small animals would drop dead with a heart attack. The walls of the hallways suddenly began folding inwards as the gravity around the area strengthened.

Shinkirou 11-16-2010 07:13 PM

On the sixth floor of Wolverhampton, on some random hallway, Nicky was happily munching on some toast and drinking some milk. A teacher walked past him, and looked at him again.

"Nicky Dane, why are you not in uniform again? Must I remind you of the proper wear that you have to bri--"

Nicky looked up at the teacher.

"Sorry, but Saya doesn't like uniforms..."
"Saya this, Saya that! I have yet to meet your imaginary friend! You cannot use half-witted excuses to get away from wearing your uniform! Come with me."

The teacher grabbed Nicky on his shoulder, and that's when Saya woke up. He whipped around and smashed the toast into the teacher's face, then grabbed him by the neck and thrashed him against the wall. Thousands of ice arrows began to form around the poor teacher, as Saya's sharp eyes pierced into his.

"...If you EVER mention the word 'uniform' in my presence again, I will shove these arrows into your eye socket, and make them come out of your MAN-MAKER."

The teacher could only weep as Saya dropped him onto the floor. The arrows shattered while Saya walked away, still drinking his bottle of milk.

Sandrie 11-16-2010 07:32 PM

Laila was munching on an apple on her way to class. So far today, nothing has happened, which was an achievement in her book. Of course, it's only the first class of the day, so she still has a long way to go.

She popped into a classroom, but after noticing that this wasn't where she was supposed to be, she quickly ran out, her face a little red.

"Stupid changing hallway crap. I'll never be on time if I have to keep wandering around-"

In the distance, she could see what appeared to be a large amount of ice needles aimed at a teacher. Laila gulped as the kid single-handedly made the teacher break down into tears while he nonchalantly drinking a bottle of milk, and was walking towards Laila.
"Okay, I know I should say something, but I really gotta be careful..."
She took another bite of her apple and tried not to make eye contact while passing by.

PedroRomero 11-16-2010 07:39 PM

To say Matthew was displeased by the disrespect showed to him by that idiot janitor would be an understatement. He clenched his fist and went forward to follow him and as he rounded the corner--


Matthew grit his teeth and covered his ears. Never mind, he had better things to do than mess with janitors, especially with that loud first year around. He turned around and went to look for his classroom in the maze of the school.


Grandison went to class like a normal person.

RoflKnife 11-16-2010 07:57 PM

Right after looking up from the map, Leht found himself slam into a wall face first. He let out a yelp of pain while dropping his documents and whatnot in his hand, and staggered back a bit. "What the hell...?" Leht said, under his breath. He picked out the map out from his small pile of papers on the floor and checked it. There shouldn't be a wall here. He turned around and noticed someone being held at ice-point at the end of the hallway.

Is that even...

Leht turned his attention back to the map and noted the hallway didn't match the map as well. Did his map break or something? He kneeled down to pick up his things and checked his watch. Yeah, no way in hell I'm getting to class on time... He checked his schedule again while doubling back. room 318... Chemistry. Who designed this bloody school?

Dani 11-16-2010 08:00 PM

OOC: ahahahahahahahaa leht

Kai stopped in his tracks, then nonchalantly turned around and turned back at the corner. He then began to sprint; he passed by Matt his shoulder brushed the teen so roughly that it could've pushed him down to the ground. Kai was too busy running from Nahiko to care now.


After picking up his messenger bag Ludo was sitting in his first period potion brewing class. It was surprisingly already nearing 8:00am and classes start in five minutes. He flipped open his textbook which was filled with doodles on the pages of various random things. Mostly of the other students in some comical fashion. On the back of the front cover was a doodle of Matthew in a princess dress. He'd drawn it since one time he had been talking to the Head Janitor Kai and he described Matthew as "one uptight princess". Ludo flipped to a page which hadn't been messed up from doodles and pulled a pencil out of his bag. He hoped the lesson wouldn't be super boring.



Kai had just finished cleaning the tables in the cafeteria right when the bell for lunch rang. With a satisfied grin he quickly made his equipment disappear with a snap of his fingers. He wiped whatever water was left on his hands on his pants and helped himself to some pizza in the caf... Some being about six slices of it. There were various other foods but the pepperoni pizza appealed to him the most now.


Ludo quickly shoved his books into his bag after what was a rather mind numbing calculus class and headed to the caf. Unlike the many other students, Ludo knew his way around the cryptic mazes and this often lead to a group of students following him just so they wouldn't get lost.

Genji 11-16-2010 08:16 PM

After their first class, May and Elly started having a short conversation.
"Jeez, it's time for lunch already?" May observed, surprised at how fast time went by.
May was holding onto Elly's books for her classes. Having a 'mobile library' was the best thing about having a physically strong sister.
"Yiap, and I can smell the salty, greasy pizza from anywhere!"
Elly grew a smile.
"You know it's just gonna be crappy public-school-quality pizza, right?"
The smile died.
"Yeaaah. But we don't really know anyone here yet. We're transfer students, remember? And you're usually the social butterfly!"
"Yeaah, yeah. And by the way, this magic stuff is pretty boring. I have no clue how you got so interested in it."
"It's fun stuff. You would have such a euphoric feeling if you actually got something to happen!"
"Alright, whatever you say. Oh, and you are paying for lunch today!"
Elly took out a little coin purse. She weighed it.
"Yeh, I think I have enough to cover the both of us."
Elly tossed and caught the purse multiple times while the two were headed to the lunch room.

Nihil679 11-16-2010 08:16 PM

"You should be eating healthier things than a greasy pizza, A-ka-ii-to." The short-haired girl's smile grew bigger with each syllable of the janitor's name. "If you keep eating like that, you might get a heart attack, then I wouldn't be able to express my love for you." The pair of daggers strapped behind Kuttsuki's waist clinked as she leaned closer to him. Wait, how did she even get there?


Nahiko slowly rose up from her seat and began making her way to the cafeteria... making her way being smashing down walls after walls for a path straight through classes and hallways. Unfortunately, the cafeteria, from what she remembered, was on the other side of the school from class. This will take a while.

PedroRomero 11-16-2010 08:16 PM

When Grandison had class Derf watched for a little bit but he figured the young Yuley would be fine on his own for a little. With that the Sprite went to explore the area and make a mental map of the new school layout so that if Grandison got lost he'd be able to help him. Unfortunately, Derf became lost himself and was never seen again....

The lunch bell rang and Grandison stood up quickly ready to leave, but the quick movement made him a little dizzy. He sat down again in order to regain his bearings.

"Hey, you must be pretty hungry," the student next to him commented.

Grandison looked up at the older teen who was now observing him with a smirk.

"Either that or you're pretty weak." The other student made a show of picking up Grandison's thing wrist and then dropping it back onto the table.

"Absolutely no muscle," the youth tsked.

Grandison's eyes narrowed into a glare but the other seemed to not notice.

"Don't worry. I'll protect you and show you the ropes. I know you're new here but I'm a 2nd year so stick with me and you'll be fine. I'm Van," the kid stuck his hand out.

Grandison ignored the outstretched hand and stood again, ready to leave the room. He didn't know what that kid was going on about. He certainly didn't need protection. He'd been fine the entire time he's been at the school with nobody to help him. Grandison put his bag over his shoulder and left the room along with the other students. He followed the crowd to where he figured the cafeteria was now situated in.

RoflKnife 11-16-2010 08:32 PM

20 minutes late...better than I thought.

Leht found himself in front of the Teacher lounge quite quickly, which was surprising, considering the draconian layout of the school. He stepped inside and introduced himself to the handful of teachers in the lounge.

"Hey, you're assisting me in P.E next period arn't ya!?" Someone patted him on the shoulder, although it felt more like a punch with the amount of force put behind it. Leht turned around and forced a smile. "I am assisting in P.E next period, but you are...?" This guy looked ripped. Really ripped. The muscled person introduced himself with a laugh, "I'm Mr.Buff, the P.E teacher of this school!" Buff gave Leht a few more pats, (punches, again.) "We have our work cut out for us, these scrawny little kids crumble after my daily 5KM runs! Kids these days are so out of shape!"

Leht forced a chuckle, and tried to end the conversation. "Uhhh...yeah, but we'll whip em into shape...but first, lunch, I'll see you next period!" Buff pointed at Leht with a smile, "I like you already! I'll see you in P.E!" and with that, he exited the lounge.

Leht walked over to some nearby vending machines and discreetly rubbed his shoulder. He examined the machines and they were very...luxurious. They dispensed hot food, hot coffee, cake, and other things you wouldn't think an average vending machine would have. I'll bet my paycheck this stuff is better than caf food. He picked out a cold cut turkey sandwich with a salad, and got a can of fruit juice.

Dani 11-16-2010 08:42 PM

Kai blinked and slowly turned around to face Kuttsuki, "Uh... But I happen to like my fatty pizza. Sides they gave up on making it themselves so they started ordering it from a pizza joint in town. It's actually pretty damn good now."

He finished his first slice of pizza and started on his second one.


Ludo made it to the cafeteria in not even five minutes worth of walking through the large school. A sigh of relied escaped from the students; they probably thought he was going to mislead them somewhere else. He went over and got himself some spaghetti then sat with some of his friends from his sixth period class- Elemental Magic studies. A class really for seniors but he managed to get in on it. If only he was able to do the same with summoning.

Sandrie 11-16-2010 08:45 PM

Laila was frustrated after a few more minutes of wandering, and decided to just skip class and go to lunch. In the cafeteria, she saw Kai taking a few slices of pizza. However, shortly after that, a certain girl came up to him, saying something and slowly leaning closer and closer to him.

She figured that Kai is probably in a really awkward position right now, so Laila came up to the two and said "Oh, hiya Kai, how are you doing?" in an attempt to create some kind of diversion.

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