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Dani 07-04-2010 09:45 AM

From Reality to Phantasmagoria

Black frills and white, heavenly wings with lace. A tickling grandfather clock and a mostly empty room that seems frozen in time. A young girl and a teddy bear with its head ripped off.


I'm sorry, Teddie."

She stared at the red-dyed fluff protruding from the bear's body, then slowly turned her gaze to the window being pelted by rain. She reached for her teacup on the small table in the center of the room, but pulled her hand away when she remembered that she forgot to call Janice to refill her cup.

The pattering of rain seemed almost like a melody to her. She ruffled her wings a bit and advanced towards the window slowly. Lightning flashed and lit her little room.

Bodies were nailed to the walls. One of the ceiling. They were all twisted in various poses which seemed like a sick ritual of some sort.

The little girl wasn't effected by this in the least. Her tiny lips formed a pout. She should call Janice to bring more tea and perhaps fix Teddie too.

Then, a solitary tear slid down from one of her snowhite eyes. She lowered her head and her hair which matched her eyes seemed to over shadow her face.

"It seems another phantom was born."


"So let me get this straight..." The incubus crossed his arms. It was seven in the morning and he was sitting face to face with a difficult man and a blonde bimbo in said bimbo's office, "You want me to go out and investigate what's going down with the disappearances? And find the missing people on top of that? What. The. ****?"

Mr. Le scowled yet Mrs. McCloud kept calm. The woman then spoke, "Yes, that is correct, Mr. Kagamiya."

Akaiito Kagamiya let out a annoyed sigh, "Look, I'm an assassin. A hitman. I kill people, not police work. I don't search out people and deliver them to their doorstep in one piece."

The woman smiled wryly, "Is that so, Shouyo Izayoi?"

"How the hell do you know that name?"

"We used to be co-workers in London. Remember Sheryl McCloud?"

"You sure didn't think very hard on your new name, then."

The woman shook her head. The amusement was very evident in her expression, "Nope. Anyways, I know you no longer do detective work, but just this once could you make an exception? I'll be sure to repay you, too."

Akaiito didn't say anything.

"So how about it? Will you take on this job?" She inquired.

"... Fine. But only since you're an old friend of mine, Sheryl."

She smiled happily, "Excellent! I knew I could count on you!"

"Oh sod off. Anyways, since you've already mentioned you don't want any obvious investigations going on... I'll go undercover as a student. Or something."

Mrs. McCloud motioned Mr. Le to go get something, and turned her attention back to Akaiito, "Great. Mr. Le is getting a uniform for you.. What courses would you like to take? Oh, and you take four courses one semester, then four different ones the next."

"Okay, so four courses, huh..."

"Eight if you think this will drag on the whole year."



The next day...

I can't believe I'm going to school. I'm one hundred and six and I'm going to ****ing school. The now black haired, dark eyed, 5'7" ordinary 'human' Japanese 'teen' thought to himself as he strolled through the hallways of the now lively school. It was almost time for period 1 and he was busy looking for his locker.. Thankfully I can shapeshift... To an extent. God, I hope their cafeteria has some decent food.

When he found his locker, he quickly threw his bag in and stared down at his black skater shoes with white soles. He rose a brow, "Eh. Whatever." He forgot the dressshoes he left at the hotel he was staying at.

He reached into his blazer's pocket and pulled out a paper with his timetable. He had music first period.

Well, hopefully this day won't suck. Hopefully this job won't take way too long. he thought as he closed and locked up his locker.

Nihil679 07-04-2010 12:01 PM

As the locker door closed, a girl stared at the Japanese teenager from where the door would have been hiding her face from him. Her Cheshire grin did not complement her seemingly bored eyes.
Nihiru cocked her head to her left, "A new kid, ehhh? We don't get a lot of those in the middle of the year."

Shinkirou 07-04-2010 12:37 PM

Walking around the school hallways, Nicky was trying out new apps on his iPhone. Looking up, he saw a tall, dark haired student by his locker.
Oh, is he new? I haven't seen him before.
The first period was Nicky's free period, so he could do whatever he wanted to do. He walked to the cafeteria and asked for some hot chocolate, and sat down at a table and continued to play with his iPhone.

Bandy 07-04-2010 01:38 PM

After finally finding his destination, the tall young man proceeded to knock on a door that said "Teacher's Lounge". A middle-aged man answers the door:

"Yes? Hey wait a minute, why aren't you in uniform, kid? You can't expect me to let you walk around here with those baggy pants and those sunglasses... Go get changed!"

The blonde chuckles and thought to himself: That old man hasn't changed a bit.

"Hey Mr Eisentsein! Long time no see! I'm actually not a student anymore, I'm here to teach for a while. I'd like to speak with Mrs Piché, is she around?"

Mr Eisenstein blinks for a minute, adjusts his wire-framed glasses.. and suddenly, he shouts his ex-student's name in realization: "J-Joshua Blitzer!"

As he says this, all the teachers turn their heads towards the door with surprised and happy faces. Joshua walks into the room, and shakes all of their hands while answering all their "How have you been"'s, and "What are you up to"'s. He was surprised that all these people remembered him. It was probably partly due to the fact that he has been in the media quite a bit..
He felt a delicate finger tap on his shoulder, a gesture that he instantly recognized to be none other than Mrs Piché's, the music teacher.

"Hellooo Joshua! Are you ready for your first class?" She smiled brightly at him. She was short, had curly hair and seemed very energetic.

"I sure am, Mrs. I can't wait to meet everyone!"

"Hehe.. I wonder if you'll have any fans in the class today."

"Heh, well I don't have a problem with that unless they start squealing. That's pretty annoying." They both laughed. Josh glanced through the lounge's window, into the school corridor. He was curious to see what his "students" would be like.

PedroRomero 07-04-2010 05:09 PM

Julio couldn't remember his real teenage years being this awkward. He stood in front of the mirror in the school bathroom and observed the skin around his right eye and on his cheek as it began the bloom into a sickly purple and blue color.

He had woken up late that morning for school and missed both the chance of catching a ride with his brother and hopping on the school bus. Instead he went for his bicycle and that didn't help him much either. He had rode down the street with one arm in a blazer holding onto the handle bars as the blue item of clothing flopped carelessly in the wind. It was when he had hit a particularly high curb approaching the school that his flying sleeve decided to get itself tangled with the bike's chain and wheel and he went flying head first into the bike racks. He was greeted with a gear shift to the eye and the sound of laughter all around.

He held his face, already feeling the swelling, as the school bell rang. He didn't want to bother with the nurse so he went straight for the bathroom instead, and that's where he stood now. He wet a brown paper town and pressed it against the bruise hoping it would go down soon. He really didn't need another tardy. His brother already blamed evverything on his "starcraft addiction" whatever that meant. He didn't spend that much time playing starcraft the previous night. He stayed up until 2 doing a damn research paper that's why he over slept and...

"Oh shi--" Julio's eyes widening in horror was captured in the mirror. "I forgot my paper."


Julio slammed open the bathroom door, still holding the paper towel to his face and raced down the hall ignoring the cry of a student and he knocked into them sending them to the floor. He kept going until he got to the front but that was where he was caught by the guard.

"And where do you think you're going?" the guard asked.

Julio uttered a curse and turned on his heel, facing the guard, "Hi Mr. Bowman," he greeted. "I left my homework and--"

"What's wrong with you face?" the guard pointed to his own face to show where Julio was still holding the paper towel.

Julio sighed and removed the wet towel revealing a still purple but now fading bruise. The guard scrutinized his face and the shook his head.

"Go to class, Julio," the guard said. "Don't let me catch you out here again."

He grabbed Julio's arm and pushed him back towards the classes leaving the poor student to have to try another method of collecting his research paper from home before 3rd period.

mamoru 07-04-2010 05:28 PM

Heath Holowitz was a habitual boy. It had been a little bit over a month since his transfer into Blane Ashton and yet his only friend was Haru -- someone he had known for most of his life. The fancy murals painted fresh onto the corridors, the bountiful estate, and even the cleanliness of the bathrooms appealed less and less to Heath as he lumbered to his classroom for nearly the fiftieth time.

No, it was more of his reluctance to be involved in the school. Though by now he had already socialized with most of his classmates, he found himself uninterested -- mistrustful -- of his peers. He found himself comforted especially in his first period class, however. He enjoyed playing his piano and he enjoyed being surrounded by people who felt the same way. Playing the piano allowed Heath to express himself where words felt. It also acted as an excuse to forget about troubles. Like how everyone believed him to be an exceptionally happy person. And like the disappearance of Holly, another childhood friend. He had shrugged her disappearance as her running away from her household, despite everybody else claiming that she was kidnapped.

Shrugging the thought off, Heath opened the door to the music room and was met with two unfamiliar faces.

Dani 07-04-2010 05:28 PM

That must be the bell for first period... Kai thought to himself, Sheryl mentioned there were two of them, one was a warning bell and the other the start of the announcements...

Akaiito hurried off to his first period class- Music. He wondered if his teacher was a... not so agreeable person.

Sandrie 07-04-2010 05:41 PM

Kari had been sitting in her first class (biology) for a while. She kept to herself, reading her textbook. No one comes to class early until at the very least, the warning bell, so she made sure to get to class early so she didn't have to deal with people. However, her serene quiet soon became the normal chit-chat low roar of high school a minute or so after the warning bell rang, and students started coming through the doors.

Nihil679 07-04-2010 05:42 PM

Nihiru was irked. In an attempt to be nice, and possibly get a new "customer" to her ring, she approaches this new face and he ignored her! She chased after the boy. "DON'T YOU GOD DAMN IGNORE ME!" she screamed as she slammed her briefcase upon the back of his head.

Dani 07-04-2010 05:49 PM

Akaiito was quick to catch the briefcase with his left hand without turning, "You should watch where you swing that thing!" he chuckled a bit nervously, "Besides, if you really wanted my attention... I suggest you don't hide behind doors like a little girl."

He looked over his shoulder at the girl, "... You're not human, are you? Well either way, try not to bash random people with briefcases, okay?"

He let go and continued walking along to his first class.

Nihil679 07-04-2010 06:02 PM

"Oh? I see how it is, you're playing hard to get." Her devious smile returned to her face as she trailed after him, "So? Soooo? What if I'm not human? Are you scaaaared? How'd you find out anyways, hmm? Maybe you're not one either, ooh, wouldn't that be interesting to hear around the school. I have notta single thing about me that's inhuman, but I wonder about you. Wanna tell me your name or do I need to 'mess around' first?"

Dani 07-04-2010 06:07 PM

Akaiito sighed. He wish he had a coffee right about now. He ignored all her questions except for when she asked his name, "... Akihito Aizawa."

He wasn't very far from the music class. Just a few more doors down if the room numbers were leading him the right way.

Shinkirou 07-04-2010 06:16 PM

After finishing his hot chocolate, Nicky decided to walk around school, just to kill time. During his walk he found the new guy, being harassed by a female who was following him.

"...Single thing about me that's inhuman, but I wonder about you. Wanna tell me your name or do I need to 'mess around' first?"

"Uh, hey, shouldn't you guys be going to class?"

Nihil679 07-04-2010 06:32 PM

"Oh, an answer to the one question I wouldn't care much for." Nihiru eyed the piece of paper in Akihito's hand and snatched it, "Oooh, now this is much more interesting. Music, first hour; math, second; P.E., third; and something stupid I don't care for because I ditch at this time anyways." she read through quickly before crumpling it into a ball and shoving it into her blazer pocket.
She slapped her hand on Akihito's back, exclaiming loudly, "Don't you worry, I'll guide you around school! I share second and third with you, and no one gives a damn in my first class."

"Uh, hey, shouldn't you guys be going to class?"

Nihiru lazily glanced towards the direction of the voice, "What'd ya want, kid? Where'd ya think we're going?"

Dani 07-04-2010 06:53 PM

Kai let out another sigh after she smacked him on the back, "Yeah, sure. Whatever." He slowly turned his gaze over at the kid.

"Uh, hey, shouldn't you guys be going to class?"

He didn't reply and kept walking. He really felt shitty without his daily cup of coffee. How the hell did he manage to forget that?

Shinkirou 07-04-2010 06:58 PM

"H-hey, no need to get so worked up.. I mean, from anyone's point of view, it would look like you're harassing the poor guy!"
He grinned at her, then at the other teen.
"Well, I have a spare block right now, so I might as well follow you guys.. I have nothing else to do, anyways."

Dani 07-04-2010 07:07 PM

"You do that," Kai let out a long yawn, "God, I'd kill for a coffee right about now... So, who're you two?"

Nihil679 07-04-2010 07:07 PM

"Oh?" Nihiru grabbed the short kid and dragged him to Akihito, "I never said I wasn't, now was I, little hall monitor boy?"
Nihiru stared at Akihito and let go of the new kid, grabbing Akihito by both shoulders and shook him from behind, "Oiii, you don't look so good, got a hangover or somethin'?"

Shinkirou 07-04-2010 07:21 PM

"Geez, don't call me little.. Whoever you are."
Readjusting his blazer, Nicky eyed the new guy as he yearned for a coffee.
"I'll go get you a cup of coffee, you look awful.."
Dashing back to the cafeteria, he ordered a cup of coffee and carried it back to Akihito within a minute.
"Here you go, hope you like french vanilla."

Dani 07-04-2010 07:27 PM

Kai smiled sleepily, "Thanks."

he took a swig and let out a relieved sigh. He's been sighing a lot today. "Ah~ I'm alive!" he grinned happily and downed another gulp, "Hey, thanks again... whats your name?" He chuckled a bit, ".. Haha, sorry. I can't go a day without coffee."

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