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Sandrie 05-31-2010 06:57 PM

The Goddess That Turned Into Stone - A Mabinogi RP
OOC Threda - [please register there first if your interested!]
A note: I'm totally ignoring how time passes in the game, just assume that it's a normal solar calendar year, just with fancier names.
Today is Imbolic: People can play better music and are luckier on this day. [this changes based on the day of the week in the RP, just like in the game]

You can pick anywhere in the actual town to start at.
Sen Mag Plains:

(Blanche starts at peaca dungeon.)

The sun shines brightly on the town square of the city of Dunbarton. Chatter fills about the air, only stopped by the walls that encompass the town. People are exchanging goods, music can be heard from a distance, and the gentle wafting scent of food catches the breeze. Children are running through the back roads, chasing one another.
It was another peaceful Imbolic afternoon [Sunday].

Dani 05-31-2010 07:41 PM

"Yo! Welcome to the Dugaid Isle Castle Dungeon Boss Room! I'm your sexy host, the one and only Akaiito!"

The woman, aged at sixteen, rose her brow. She had come to the dungeon to see if the rumours of a Incubus who would rather play games and party then fight were true... And to get his horns.

".. Oh yeah..." the silver haired incubus crossed his arms and brought his index finger to his bottom lip, ".. I should probably recite that poem. Yeah, I'll get on that!" He cleared his throat and brushed a lock of hair from his eyes. He brought one of his hands to his chest and closed his eyes as if he were merely a bard. Well, had he not ended up in this rathole of a dungeon he probably would be one.

"If my eyes fail me, I will still be able to see thee.
If my ears fail me, I will still be able to hear thee.
Even without the legs, I will walk to thee.
Even without the lips, I will sing thy name.
Even with my arms broken to pieces, I will hold on to thee with my warming beating heart.
Even if my heart fails me, my brain will sing thy name.
Even if my brain fails me,
then I may,
Embrace thee with my blood..."

He then shrugged.

"Or something like that."

The woman was now getting impatient. The man was definately a formor... But... How could she take him seriously? She hadn't even bothered to say anything herself and this 'Akaiito' had already blabbered so much she wished he was already dead. She finally spoke, "... Look, I only came here for two things. One was to confirm the rumours of a Incubus who avoids battle with talk and games..."

"Oh, that sounds a lot like me!" Akaiito beamed, "Yeah, yeah! Those rumours are one hundred percent correct!"

"... And to take your horns."

Then Akaiito's cheery demeanor instantly became that of despair and fear, "... Oh, come on! My horns are equal to a human's golden jewels! Don't take them away!" He shielded his horns with his hands, "They're my pride and joy asides from my family jewels! Spare me, young human woman!"

She scowled, "No way. I came all this way, don't make me leave empty ha--"

... She was cut-off by a quick icespear shot which effectively froze her and sent her flying back. It was then that Akaiito began to sprint for the exit.

"Screw this! I don't care if this is cowardly in the slightest! I'm getting the hell out of here!"

"G-get back here!"

However, it was already too late for her. He had already broke down the door which lead to the statue of the goddess and quickly dived towards it, "I don't care if you are a goddess of the humans! GET ME OUTTA HEEEERRREE!"

And with that, a long goose chase through the Dugaid Isle town, then to Dugaid Isle itself ensued. After hours of running through the early morning, our young Incubus has managed to just barely escape into the area just outside of Dunburton. Judging from the sun's position in the sky, it was around 9am. Akaiito pushed himself further to a tree and slid down the trunk and onto his bottom. He leaned back on it and let out an exhausted, yet relieved sigh.

"Haah... Just barely..." he gasped for air, ".. Managed to-- haah... escape... Hehe... I think I'll rest here for a while..."

And so he did. Hopefully no humans would spot him before he could get somewhere safer.

Shinkirou 05-31-2010 08:21 PM

Shinkirou walked out of the library in the early morning. He wanted to learn how to cook, and decided to hit the library to see if there were any guides for beginner chefs. He couldn't find anything useful for beginners, so he left empty handed.

Shinkirou decided to ask Glenis, the grocery shop owner of Dunbarton, if she knows anything about cooking.
"Hey, Glenis!"
"Why, hello there.. um.. Shinkirou, was it? How can I help you? Looking for some bread, or rice?"
"Actually, I was hanging around Dunbarton to see if I can learn about cooking."
"Ah.. I know a thing or two about cooking. Makes sense, because I own a grocery store."
She pulled out a book, titled "Step-By-Step Cooking Skill 101" and handed it over to Shinkirou.
He quickly skimmed through the pages, looking at the basic techniques of cooking.
"Ohh, strawberry milk looks tasty. Do you have the ingredients for it?"
"I have strawberries and sugar, but you will have to get milk on your own.. you can get it from cows outside of Dunbarton."
Shinkirou paid for the strawberries and sugar. "I'll return the book to you some other time, thanks again!"

After that was over, Shinkirou bought some empty bottles and a kitchen table and knife from the general store and headed out. He found some cows standing around and eating grass, but his attention was directed towards a rather peculiar silver-haired man, who was resting beneath a tree. He tiptoed his way to the person, and yelled:


Dani 05-31-2010 08:41 PM

Akaiito jumped up and made quite a bit of distance between him and the person.

"Uwaaaghhhh! D-don't kill me! Don't take my horns! I don't want to fight, okay!?" he panicked, then he realized that it actually was a man he was speaking with, "... Oh, it's a man. My horns are safe then!... Unless... You swing that way..." he coughed, "... 'Kay-thanks-bye!"

And with that he began to sprint again. He headed south, hoping the purple haired man wouldn't follow him and that he could make it to Peaca dungeon. Most formors go there for protection nowadays since most humans, elves and giants don't bother treading in there due to the elite formors which take powerful explorers to take out.

Shinkirou 05-31-2010 09:21 PM

Shinkirou watched him run off, and laughed. "Haha, what a weirdo!" he recalled the man talking about his horns, so he assumed that he was an incubus. "I wonder what an incubus is doing just outside Dunbarton. Maybe he's lost?" He took out an empty bottle from his bag and walked over to a cow to milk it.

PedroRomero 05-31-2010 10:23 PM

There was no point in sleep. Everywhere he turned was a type of darkness that penetrated every inch of him and into his armor. The dungeon was all he ever knew, and all he could care to know. Why should he ever want more? There was no inclination that he deserved it.

The people that ventured down there knew not what they sought. Was it honor? Was it treasure? He felt each strike and he countered with strong ones of his own. He left piles of bodies and felt no remorse except for the fact that he still lived. Perhaps it was the fallen traveler who really deserved to keep breathing and yet once he'd been engaged he couldn't allow himself to fall. He fought until their death. His armor became worn and yet his spirit, though down, raged brightly within. The golden rays of his core threatened to seep through the newly made puncture.

He felt shame at his exposure. Nobody could see that his dark shell actually contained light. He relied on others like him to mend his broken exterior. They gave him a book to study and aid him to become proficient like they were.

So he wandered through the dungeon, drifting with the others. As a whole they called themselves Formors. He called himself by no name. They called him Blanche. Though he could not accept their name he understood that when residing with others there would always be a need for titles.


The word stood for something he could never embrace. Perhaps it was additional punishment for sins he knew not of except for that he committed them. On the off times he would sleep he could see them. He could see the hazy battle grounds. He could feel the feeling of having loved and been loved. He could see rivers of blood and he could sense the very bloodthirstiness of his soul. The screams of his enemies and comrades were like orchestral music and yet somewhere the him that was existing now recoiled where his dream form didn't.

He would awake and vow never to sleep again only to break his promise again.

He was roused from such a dream by the jostle of metal against metal. As his consciousness retook control of his metal form he could see a man swinging his duel wielded blade against his seemingly inanimate form. He crushed the intruder and his friends but the mark was done. There was a gash in his shoulder that no formor had the materials to mend. He could only be thankful that it was in a place that revealed little of his inner form.

The only way to reform his armor then was the journey upwards and collect the needed materials but the world was unwelcoming towards his type. He resigned himself to wallowing around in the dark, loathing now both himself and his iron shell.

Sandrie 06-01-2010 04:54 AM

Laila was sprinting across Dunbarton, running south outside of the city.

"Damn apple trees. Why would someone they plant them far OUTSIDE town where lots of bears or foxes can come and attack me?" she said muttering to herself.

"'Oh Laila, I really need your help," she said, mocking the town's priestess's voice. "I need 10 apples, and fast! Now if you mess this up again...well, you might consider finding another place to get holy water. Hmmpth."

She finally made it to an apple tree after groaning to herself some more. The tree was enormous, it's roots reaching yards away from the tree itself. The prized apples, however, well equally out of reach as were the branches and leaves.

"Even better. Maybe I could uh, punch or shake it some and some apples will fall off." Laila took a look around to see if anyone was around before trying to madly shake the tree.

Dani 06-01-2010 07:48 AM

He ran as fast as he could, but he could feel the fatigue catching up to him. Not only that, but he could truly feel the emptiness of his stomach too. With a loud growl he fwomped onto his belly and laid on the ground as if lifeless.

"... Foooood... Need foooood..." He struggled to get back up onto his feet and held his stomach, "I'm gonna die like this... Foooooooood...."

He looked at his surroundings. Up ahead, he could see a very dead like area and what looked like a dragon statue of some sort in the distance just barely poking out of some hole in the ground. Although he rarely left the dungeon, he had some basic understanding of his surroundings. The human city was north, so now he decided to go west to where he recalled where Peaca dungeon was. However, before that he should probably get something to eat. Peaca is fine and dandy and all, but everything there is either dead or was never 'alive' in the first place.

He walked until he was out in a huge open field of some sort adorned with craters everywhere. Ruins of houses were everywhere- truly these were the scars of a war which took place ages ago. Well, it was before his time, so it doesn't really matter to him much.

He then spied some humans and an elf eating at the fork in the dirt path. There was a little girl in a very elegant yet doll-like outfit and a dog there, too... A black lab? Maybe. He snuck behind a large rock close to the group and peered over at them.

"So..." a human boy began, "Can I have that mountain robe for 15,000 gold?"

"No," the doll girl deadpanned.

The boy pouted childishly, "But it's so expensive! How about I pay you half and pay you the rest later!?"


The boy's companions were watching while happily eating away... Smoked carp, fruit salad, T-bone steaks... Akaiito found himself practically drooling from behind the large rock. His eyes went over to the basket sitting beside a teenage boy whose back was towards our hungry incubus.

An elf woman nibbled on some of her bread, "... Nick, you made too much food. At this rate we'll all get fat."

"Just save the rest for later!" he replied, "We'll be heading to Rundal dungeon, so we should save the food in case we get hungry while we're destroying those skeletons!"

They went back to watching the boy try to bargain with the doll girl. Now was his chance!

Akaiito tiptoed over to the group quietly. They were all occupied so it was now or never. He reached out for the basket and clamped his hand on the handle. Slowly he lifted it and began to move away, then the black lab just happened to notice him and began to bark wildly. Kai froze and then everyone's attention went from their old business to the incubus. They all stared at him, and him right back at them.

"... Well then," Akaiito began as he took a few more steps back. He brushed the dust off his clothes and brought his loosely clenched fist to his head and 'bonked' himself lightly with a cute, innocent smile, "Oops~♥ I guess I screwed up~"

And with that he began to sprint once more. Peaca wasn't very far now. He could hear the enraged shouts from his pursuers which merely made him push himself further. He finally made it to Peaca and just barely made it inside of the dungeon. His pursuers stopped in their tracks as soon as he had went through the pit to the dungeon.

"... Dude..." Nick began, "That incubus just went into..."

"We aren't going to try and follow him... right...?" the elf woman shivered.

"Of course not! we'd get slaughtered!"

Meanwhile, Akaiito was in the dungeon, happily striding through and waving at formors he walked by. He stopped in one of the rooms and sat down on a coffin and opened the basket. It was still pretty packed with food. A cheerful grin was brought to his face as he pulled out some smoked carp neatly wrapped up in paper, on a plate and a fork which was in the basket and began to eat. There were two bottles of strawberry milk as well as some wine so he didn't have to worry about getting thirsty while eating.

Mission 'Stealing from the random humans and elf' complete!

Sandrie 06-01-2010 08:35 AM

"Whew, finally..." Laila muttered to herself, as the last apple finally dropped onto the grass. She found that shaking the tree didn't help much, so she ended up climbing up and knocking some apples down.
While trying to get off the tree she saw what seemed to be someone making a mad dash to Gariech. She only caught a glimpse, of...horns? But as she looked for the person again they were already gone. Shrugging the event off, she dropped down onto the ground and picked up the apples, shoving it into her bag. It turns out that it was still early, so she could afford walking back.

Tategami 06-01-2010 12:26 PM

Erhu yawned for what he hoped was the last time as he stepped into Dunbarton. He had slept in his tent that night, just like he did most nights when he was playing in Dunbarton... Unless of course he made enough tips to reasonably afford a place to stay. He pushed his blonde hair back from his eyes and looked around through the mid-morning sunlight, looking for a good place to set up shop. As he began walking towards the town square, he pondered.

Huh... Maybe if I make enough tips today, I should get some adventurers together for a dungeon excursion. I really do not have enough money right now... But maybe today will be better. I mean, my luck always seems to be better on Imbolic than on any other day.

He did a quick check to make sure his Ice Wand was at his side, and pulled the Lute from his back. He rummaged in his for a moment before producing a slightly battered "Tips" box, which he set in front of himself before he started to play, somewhat softly at first, but picking up as his fingers warmed up. He did his best to look cheerful and happy, and even sang a few lines - mostly nonsense syllables or long lost languages that no-one would recognize, but at least it was a step up from his normal fear of singing in public.

PedroRomero 06-01-2010 01:20 PM

The walls of Peaca were dark but one could still see the slithering shadows of the formors who dwelt within. Being well adjusted to the light, the residents were aware of the new comer within their midst. Slowly but surely, ghouls slipped into the place where the incubus ate. It had been some time before such delicious food was spotted. They wanted some. Especially that strawberry milk.

A ghastly ghoul crept closer. He looked different from the others. His attire looked well made and spun with fine thread. Perhaps he was a leader of some sort?

"Hello," he said with a lopsided grin. "You plan on sharing?"

Dani 06-01-2010 01:29 PM

Akaiito blinked, then grinned happily, "Sure!" He handed the basket to the ghoul, but was sure to keep the wine bottle, "Help yourselves! There's plenty of food in there!"

PedroRomero 06-01-2010 01:30 PM

The ghouls did just so.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the dungeon Blanche noticed that it was oddly quiet. The ghouls were no where around. He found solace in that... there was few things he could find solace in. Being alone in his brooding was one of them.

((would have postd more but i gotta go to work bbl))

Shinkirou 06-01-2010 04:23 PM

"Phew.. Good work, cow!"
After gathering enough milk in a bottle, Shinkirou patted the cow's back as he pulled out his kitchen table. He set it up on flat ground so it wouldn't wobble, and placed his strawberries on the table.
"Alright.. thinly slice the strawberries.. add sugar.." He was reading the book as he chopped the strawberries on the table, while stirring sugar into the milk. "Has to be perfect.." Shinkirou muttered to himself. After a short amount of time has passed by, he finally finished making some strawberry milk. "Whoaaa.. this looks so good!" He took a small sip. "Augh, too sweet!"

After a few more tries, Shinkirou finally made some pretty good strawberry milk. "Hmm, maybe I should try making some different food." He decided to walk south down the road, where the apple trees were, to see if he can gather a few apples to make some apple juice. He then remembered the incubus, and wondered where he went. "He ran this way.. but isn't the Dugald castle up north? Maybe he lives in Sen Mag dungeon."

PedroRomero 06-01-2010 08:08 PM

The ghouls first went for the loaf of bread that was in the basket. They passed it around and each grabbed a bit of it.

"I wish we had some cups for this milk," one ghoul said.

The fancily dressed one laughed, "It's fine. We'll all take turns taking a swig."

"This is a great," a practically toothless fiend grinned. "Normally we'd have to fight to get this kind of grub."

Contrary to popular belief, ghouls did eat and they liked more than just the grubs and other bugs dungeon life offered them. There was nothing sweeter than strawberry milk pilfered from a daring traveler.

"So," the well dressed ghoul said, his hand digging around the basket in hopes of finding cheese. "What brings you here, stranger? I can tell you're no human or Elf."

Dani 06-01-2010 08:22 PM

"Ah, well," Akaiito began, "Human, elf and giant women keep coming after me for my horns," he took a bit from his fish, "It really sucks! A bunch of my buddies have died and lost their horns to those leacherous women!"

He shuddered a bit, trying to avoid picturing him without his horns and like a corpse.

"Then I just had it with hanging out in the dugald isle dungeon and serving myself up on a silver platter. I took off, leaving some poor hussy in the dust. I stole from some randomly travelers along the way and ended up here."

He finished off his meal and popped the cork from the wine bottle. He downed a few gulps, "I doubt you guys would understand the big deal over horns, since you aren't incubi... But losing our horns is like being castrated. It's mortifying," he paused a bit, "... I probably sound like some sort of coward, but hundreds of women have come to me already to try and lop my head off. Dungeon life is kinda boring, anyways."

"Haha," he laughed, "Sorry, I started to ramble."

PedroRomero 06-01-2010 08:35 PM

"It's fine," the finely dressed ghoul said. "Those humans and the llike can be such a pain really. That's why we do our best to keep the population down when we can. Aha!"

The ghoul pulled out a wheel of cheese.

"Anyway, my name is Shriek. I'm the leader of the ghouls and wights around this part. Then there are the mimics. They're good guys. There are ghosts too but I don't really concern myself with them. Oh and the armor guys too. They're pretty friendly as well... if you're not human!"

"Boss, he's not," a ghoul commented.

"Yeah... I know," Shriek deadpanned. "It was a joke." He returned his attention back to Kai. "Anyway, we're all basically undead, dead, or inanimate around here so atleast you won't have to share the little food that makes its way down here... that is if you plan to stay."

Dani 06-01-2010 08:42 PM

Kai laughed, "Staying sounds nice and all, but I think I'll become a traveler. There's a lot to see outside dungeons... I heard there's even a whole nother world just across the sea!" He downed some more wine and wiped his mouth with his sleeve, "I'll be sure to visit and bring food for you guys, though. You guys are pretty cool," he grinned.

PedroRomero 06-01-2010 08:43 PM

The ghouls looked disappointed.

"But... but," a short blue one stammered. "If you leave they're just going to go after your horns again."

Dani 06-01-2010 08:51 PM

"Mmm... Good point... But I'm sure it'll be okay!" he said, "Don't worry~ As long as I'm away from Dugald or am not in an enclosed space with a dangerous amount of bloodthirsty women, I'll be fine."

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