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Dani 05-03-2010 06:20 PM

Rumble of the Dies Irae

In a land now rich with vegetation and life after a tragedy a thousand years ago had left the world as a wasteland, there were creatures of all sorts which had mutated and evolved from the treacherous events of the past. Humans, although numbers decreased dramatically, have successfully got their lives back on track after so long. Now, with the population growing once again and the polution of old having mostly gone away, more towns and even cities have been flourishing. Especially now with the discovery of magic, people live easy lives compared to what their ancestors had lived.

In an area in what used to be known as "America", a lake more pure and pristine then most at the time known as Lake Rinuh had once again blessed the town known as Syhi with a plentiful catch this year. Fisherman cheered as they pulled in their nets filled with fish. The town had been bustling with trade and life thanks to trade routes established by the guilds formed in each of the towns and cities.

Syhi itself had a guild unique to it, but it certainly was one of the more... rowdy guilds of the bunch. Dies Irae, famous for the successes but also famous for the extra damage they tend to do during such successes. The guild had been having a fight in the tavern at this very minute.

"Heeeeey you bastards! Keep your fight inside the damn guild HQ or I'll ring your necks!" A certain man known as Gary had roared. He was doing his job of posting new jobs on the bulletin board in the tavern, "Jesus christ I swear to god you guys will be destroyed by one of the rival guilds being sick of your constant bullshit!"

Little did poor Gary notice that a empty mug had been flung towards the back of his head. He yelped and rubbed at the spot.

"Hahaha! Bullseye!" Van, a young guild member had cheered.

"You little maggot...!"

"Hey are you bashing on my height!?"

Then a redhead stepped up on one of the tables in the midst of the fighting... She had some cherry bombs inbetween her fingers in both hands, "This party needs a bit more explosions! Get re--"

Then Miria, one of the tavern cooks, threw her arms around the redhead's legs, "Don't do it, Larietta! Do you remember how much damage you did last time!?"

Larietta struggled to get out of Miria's grasp, "Uwwahhh! Miria! Lemme go! I'm gonna faaaa~aaahhhh!"

Larietta then came tumbling down onto Miria, the explosives flying fight into the air. The guild members who saw this are now watching, eyes widened, jaws hanging, then bracing themselves for the explosions which will soon occur.

Cornlito 05-03-2010 07:08 PM

Olifen was just starting to come down from his room. Still getting used to having to see with only one eye.

"Damn girl. Having to get careless as usual." Olifen had his book with him and was just about to enter the tavern. Right as he stepped into it he heard an all but familar voice call out.

"Don't do it, Larietta! Do you remember how much damage you did last time!?"
It was Miria, and she was calling out the name of Olifen's curse. Then hearing an explosion and seeing a piece of timber flying past.

"HOLY HELL!" Not wasting time Olifen raced up the stairs, banging against the wall and heading towards his room. He swore not to come out until Larietta was not around to cause more trouble for him. he reached his room and sat on the bed, opening his current book. As Olifen opened it he saw a piece of wood spearing the entire book. "Damn her."

PedroRomero 05-03-2010 08:14 PM

Cameron was sitting behind the info desk when he heard the explosion from the Tavern which was down the way from where he was. He shook his head. Most likely it was that girl Larietta again. She really was a handful. He watched as Olifen hobbled away and back up the stairs. He then turned back to the tavern entrance and saw Van and some others exiting into the guild lobby.

Cameron sighed and set down his pen, leaving his personal tic tac toe game for another time. He figured he would have a mess to help straighten out.

"What is this?" he asked, straigtening his glasses and coming back from behind the desk.

"What do you think?" Van asked with a shrug. "It's Larietta again."

Cameron rubbed his temple but then the creases on his forehead disappeared and he gave a slight smile.

"You know better than to get her excited. Now we're going to have to have repairs again," Cameron stated. He really hated to be the one to deliver the news that Larietta would have to take missions with reduce pay to make up for the damage.

Noperative 05-03-2010 08:24 PM

The beast roared in outrage, swinging it's tail right at Evis. Putting on a burst of strength, he jumped back but it wasn't enough. His ankle was grazed and he lost his balance. Luckily he landed in a crouching position with a soft "thump" or else his life might have ended right there underneath approximately 2 tons of claw, muscle and scales. And that was just it's leg.

Rather than jumping back, Evis propelled himself forward, he didn't want to be too far away or else the Genra would use it's freezing breath. It was a good thing wyverns only have 2 legs, the gigantic claws could have killed him if they weren't on the wings. He cast quick strength burst and then stabbed the wyvern in the stomach with both swords, with enough piercing force to break boulders. It screeched in pain and swung it's gigantic clawed wing in a sweeping motion.

"Shit." Evis did not want to get slashed by claws longer than his arm. He dashed to the side, switching into a roll just in time. The gigantic curved blades of bone barely missed him, lightly brushing him instead with the leathery wings. His leg had a shallow cut from one of the sharp rocks dotting the cave floor, but it only stung and he wasn't dead. But now the wyvern was facing away from him, the momentum of the swing had moved it off-center. It feebly swung it's tail at him again, only succeeding to crush a few rocks into powder.

Taking the chance, Evis enchanted his legs again with a huge burst of strength, propelling himself off the side of a wall like a rocket. His swords landed neatly in the monster's back, soaking his swords and clothing in blood and gore. Hopefully wyvern guts were easy to wash off. The wyvern howled in agony, swinging itself in all directions trying to get Evis off. But he only dug his swords in harder and waited it out. When it tried to crush him against a boulder, he suddenly sprung into action. He jumped off again and propelled himself off the boulder, this time aiming straight for the beast's head. The last thing the Genra saw was the sight of a gleaming, crimson blade gouging out it's eyeballs. It flopped to the ground, probably dead. Just to make sure, Evis walked back up to it and stabbed it's head a few times until he was sure that the brains were ready to be made into a pincushion.

"...Now to get this back to HQ." He stared at the dead corpse that was over 10 times larger than him. Maybe he should have taken a B rank instead.

Dani 05-03-2010 08:30 PM

Aidan had been sleeping in a crate by Cameron's desk. He awoke with a start to the sound of an explosion, and popped out of the crate sluggishly. He turned to Cameron with a sleepy expression on his face.

"Caaaaammy..." He yawned, "Where's my old man? Is he still out at the guild leader's conference over in Sheridan?"

Aidan then got out of the crate and grabbed Cameron's pen, then finished a diagonal row of X's. He set the pen back down and crept back into his crate, "Well whatever. If he comes back tell him I'm busy sleeping in this crate. It's very comfortable, just so you know."

Larietta then came walking out of the tavern, slouched over a bit. Miria was behind her. Syphie wasn't here today, so she didn't end up getting covered in soot or whatever the black substance was that covered the two.

"... It was only a table this time... Only a table... That's pretty tame... Haha..." Larietta laughed a bit to herself, "....Ayayayaya.... I'm going to have to pay for this... right?"

RoflKnife 05-03-2010 08:33 PM

At a certain table in a casino, a crowd had gathered, watching in anticipation as the four players were duking it out in a game of poker. One of them was an old man, another was a very elegantly dressed woman. The third one was the reigning champion at the casino in poker, and the last one was a particularly happy looking newcomer, who has had astounding luck throughout the whole game.

This was the last round, and all four of the players have gone all in, all confident in their hands. The reveal of the hands show the old man with a flush, followed by the woman, laying down a full house, jacks high, laughing gleefully. All eyes turn to the champion, who smirked and showed a full house as well, aces high. Only one person left to reveal, and he placed on the table a four of a kind. The crowd started clapping and screaming, "HELL YES, I WIN!" Ergus jumped out of his chair and hoarded all the chips toward him; at the same time, a loud distant booming sound resonated through the casino. Everyone looked at the exit, with Ergus commenting, "Uh...what?"

Cornlito 05-03-2010 08:40 PM

Olifen had stayed in his room until he was sure that everything had stopped. Grabbing his book and collecting his composure again he headed for the tavern again. As he reached the tavern he gave a loud yawn and looked around, putting on his best surprised look he could muster.

Olifen could hear other members complaning about the damage and saw Larietta talking to someone. Probably about the damages. Olifen gives a sigh and heads out the door.

"Oi, Olifen!" Someone called for Olifen but he just ignored the person and continued outside. Since the last book had a piece of wood through it Olifen had to get another book. He also had to do some explaining. It was a borrowed book.

PedroRomero 05-03-2010 08:58 PM

"Yes," Cameron said. "You are going to have to pay. It's pretty sad this has happened so often you already know the procedure. Nobody's hurt right?"

Dani 05-03-2010 09:16 PM

She shook her head, "... Everyone's fine unless Oli-Oli lost his last eye or something..." Larietta sighed and wiped the black residue on her face off with her sleeve, "... Where's Evis? Is he out on a mission?"

PedroRomero 05-03-2010 09:27 PM

"Yes," Cameron said, a worried look suddenly crossing his features. "That kid... I offered to have Aiden go with him and of course both refused. It's getting a bit late. I hope he didn't get himself in trouble or anything."

Dani 05-03-2010 09:30 PM

"... Aidan..." She looked over at Aidan, who was happily sleeping in a crate at the moment, "... You have got to be kidding me.. Wouldn't he just slow Evis down?"

PedroRomero 05-03-2010 09:40 PM

Cameron shook his head, "It just isn't right for someone to go on hunts alone. There's always an advatange to working in pairs... speaking of pairs..." Cameron turned to look at Van. "Say, did you finally pick out the hunt you wanted?"

"Yeah," Van said. He reached into his side bag and pulled out a wrinkled petition. "It's the only one Gary would let me take even after I told him you were coming with me. He's really underestimating my potential."

Cameron took the paper and say it was a rouge desert hare. It said it was a rank C mission but that the hare was highly aggressive and digging up crops all along the countryside and alluding all traps.

"Ok, I suppose we can leave first thing tomorrow then," Cameron nodded. "And as for you Lari maybe you can help Miria and I clean up your mess."

RoflKnife 05-03-2010 09:45 PM

Everyone groaned and moaned, "It has to be THAT person again, from THAT guild..." "I think I'll eventually tune those explosions out..." "My house better be intact..." Ergus jumped on top of the table while everyone was murmuring and proclaimed: "PARTY RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, EVERYTHING'S ON ME, EVERYONE HERE IS INVITED!" Everyone's spirits quickly rose up again and the casino was back in action.

Dani 05-03-2010 10:13 PM

She pouted, she was hoping to hang out with Evis a bit. Hopefully he comes back soon, "... Okay..."

Larietta helped Cameron and Miria clean up the Tavern. Afterall, they couldn't leave it in that state for dinner... Right?


An hour or so had flew by and it was now dinner time. Syphie had come to the tavern. She had been out of town to visit family, and returned with plenty of ingredients for supper that night. Most of the guild members were now in the now cleaned up tavern, chatting amongst eachother and drinking away happily. Some were eating their meal- Arikk dragon steak and ribs was the main part of the meal. On the side were salads and soups. Dessert was an assortment of puddings and jellos.

Larietta had been sitting with Kriea, the Blacksmith for the Dies Irae. She was chatting with her a bit, ignoring Aidan who had been devouring his plate(s) of food at a different table with some other members, watching in amazement at just how bottomless the man's stomach was. Larietta herself had been eating light, since she didn't feel very hungry. She did, however, take a chocolate pudding though.

PedroRomero 05-04-2010 02:09 PM

Cameron finished eating his food quickly and pushed away his dish and leaned back a bit in his seat folding his arms behind his head.

"That was pretty good," he beamed. "Well, I suppose I'm done waiting on Evis for the day. I think I'm going to close up the front desk. Lari if he comes in later tell him to come to my desk in the morning to report his mission."

Cameron stood and picked up his dishes and took them to the back. It was another day at the guild but now it was all over and it finally time for Cameron to go home for the day. He just hoped that there wasn't any sewing to be done when he got there. He came back into the dining room and shouldered his work bag.

"Ok. See you lot tomorrow!"

Noperative 05-04-2010 04:30 PM

The doors of the tavern creaked open. In the shadows you could see a blood-covered figure dragging ... a corpse? It paused for a second.

The guild members reached for anything available weapons, be it crossbows or a fork, in case this person was dangerous.

Then Evis stepped into the light, slightly tired from dragging part of the wyvern corpse for the past hour. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh, it's just Evis."

"What is that, part of a Genra?"

"Ah," Evis sounded a bit annoyed, "Would someone mind getting the remaining wyvern carcass? I don't want to take the trip to the other side of the lake again."

He walked to the front desk, leaving a trail of slightly dried blood.

"Oy, hey Cammy! Stop slacking off and man the front desk properly!" He grinned at the older man. "Told ya I could kill the damn lizard by myself."

Dani 05-04-2010 04:44 PM

Larietta quickly got up from her seat (chocolate pudding and spoon in hand) and went over to where Evis and Cameron were, "Hey Evis! Nice new 'paint' job there on your armor," she grinned, "You should've told me you were heading out on a hunt, I was looking for you all over the place earlier!"

PedroRomero 05-04-2010 04:51 PM

Cameron took one look at the disheveled Evis and gave his customer service smile. In a light happy voice he said,

"I'm sorry. Office hours are over."

He walked past the younger male, roughly slapping his shoulder as he went.

When Cameron got into the lobby he made sure the ledger was put away and locked the cabinet. Then he left the guild hall entirely.

Noperative 05-04-2010 05:09 PM

Evis shrugged. "Eh, I should get a bath before I eat dinner anyway. Dragon guts reek." He looked over at Larietta.

"Hey Lari! Mind helping me taking this to the merchant later? I'll drop it off at the storage then go shower off. Hopefully it was worth ruining my armor." He went down the hall, dragging the corpse.

"Oh, and get some pudding for me too!"

PedroRomero 05-04-2010 05:17 PM

Van plugged his nose.

"Ugh man could you have the courtesy of at least bringing that in through the lobby and not where we all eat," he grumbled from his spot beside Aiden. "I think I'm done."

He got up and took his dishes in the back.

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