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Mitchi 10-06-2009 09:56 PM

Brace For impact - WWC Chapter 2

Recruitment open. 8 slots left

Ragnarok online:
1. Felice Lithos (Mitchi)
2. Setsuna Lethis (Gladiat)
3. Mayu Amrita (Maget)
1. Kurt Flier (Krakas)
2. Ryan Hunt (FlamesBlader)
Maple story
1. Thaeres Greenswood (Mitchi)
2. Azthra Greenswood (Mitchi)
Trickster Online
1. Micah Silva (Pedro Romero)
2. Louise Lupi (Sandrie)
3. Caden Lavonette (Mirei)
La Tale
1. Susan Dumia (Sandrie)


A princess is in danger, and the universe threatens to be torn asunder.

A long time ago there was a small planet, one filled with mirrors and reflecting pools, and countless windows that gazed to the outside worlds. This world was small, and few lived there, in few small villages where magic flowed free as water.

In the Capital city of Breylan, a castle stood, it's proud stone walls echoed it's timeless nature. There lived in this castle a family that, since time began, had been Watchers guardians that kept a close eye on all that happened within the other worlds. From here they could obsesrve the many magical lands that existed on other planes, from the demon plagued continent of Rune Midgard, to the Mysterious Caballa island, from Victoria Island and it's surrounding isles to the Kingdom of Rodesia, The royal family of the Watchers have kept peace.

However, an evil sorcerer has Stolen away the Princess Azalea, and has sealed the castle on another plane, away from the Watcher homeworld.

By their actions, the multiverse has been torn and ripped, and several heroes have fallen into this world. They will need to learn to combine their efforts in order to save this world and theirs.

Those heroes came and were successful. After freeing the young princess, the legendary warriors were sent back to their own homelands, still retaining their memories of each other and their adventures, Proof that it was not all a dream. They thought that it would be the last time they would see each other. This however, was not so.

Alundra summoned the warriors back to her homeworld, requesting their help on another mission.

The evil that sought to merge the worlds and trap Princess Azalea were merely thwarted, not defeated. Apparently, there is a crystal which is the source or their powers, but there's only one thing that can destroy it: A sacred sword made of the essences of the four worlds which gave life to the warriors of legend. They must now seek out these essences, and destroy the crystal, and the evil force behind it, once and for all.

But...just who is this mysterious force?

The "legendary warriors" all received a special letter, one that could change the world.


The door slammed and a the man sitting at his desk looked up.

"Back already? That was fast."

A tallish, slender woman with medium length raven hair slipped off her heavy cloak and plopped down in the chair in front of his desk in a very unladylike fashion. She smirked and folder her cloak as she crossed her legs.

"Yup. Piece of cake"

"Don't get too cocky" the man said as he calmly handed her a parchment envelope. "You got mail. Doesn't say from who."

She grabbed the envelope and looked at it. It was simple, with her name, "Felice" written in what looked like Lampblack ink, in very beautiful penmanship.

"Ooh, I bet it's that sage I met last week. He seemed like the 'write a letter, maybe poetry' type." She said as she opened the letter.

"So, what's it say? Another admirer for the resident Ice Princess?" the auburn haired man said, smirking.


Felice furrowed her eyebrows and read the letter out loud.

Dear Felice

I thank you sincerely for helping my world, and saving Princess Azalea. Time has passed differently in your world than it has for mine, but here, it has only been a week since. I wish this could be a simple 'Thank you, how are you doing' but I fear that is not the case. While we thought you all had stopped the evil that plagued us, it seems that you merely put a damper on their plans. The culprit that trapped the princess is still out there, and we need to find him before he strikes again.

I'm humbly asking if you would like to take part and help keep the many worlds safe.


"See! I wasn't making it up, teacher."

The auburn haired man chuckled. "Well, We magical types see and perfrom stranger things."

Felice rolled her eyes and looked back down at the letter. Below the signature was another line.

Will you help?

"Of course I will" Felice answered softly. As she did, more words began to appear.

Read these words and you will be transported back to my world. They are part of an ancient spell that transcends time and space.

Felice read the spell that followed, and felt herself pulled from behind, and felt herself falling. She landed firmly on a couch -- a very familiar couch. When she looked up, she was on the couch in Alundra's cabin, and said pixie girl was sitting across from her, having tea.

Sandrie 10-07-2009 06:18 PM

[Note:Louise will be in purple and Susan in green.]

Louise was busy cleaning up her purse. It's been a while since she has done that, and of course everything is out of order. On the floor was numerous amounts of tools, papers, money, books:you name it, it was probably there. However Louise pulled out a letter, with just "Louise" on the envelope.
"Huh...? Why would I put sealed mail in my purse?" Louise asked herself. She flipped it over and opened the seal. Inside was this letter:

Dear Louise,
I wished that I would not have to write something like this, but I have no choice. While I thank you, and everyone's efforts for saving Princess Azalea, however, unfortunately that endeavor has only stalled what is to come. I sincerely and humbly ask for your help in capturing the one that had kidnapped the princess.


"Um...what?" Louise read the letter again, closer this time. Louise scratched her head and sarcastically said: "I'd love to, but how am I even supposed to get there in the first place?"
Suddenly words formed below Alundra's signature.
"Don't worry, I have that taken care of."

"Wha-?" Suddenly the floor seemed to give way and Louise found herself falling, and the next thing she knew she was on a couch, with her numerous items that she was cleaning out of her bag scattered about the floor. In front of her was Alundra, sipping some tea.

Mitchi 10-07-2009 07:23 PM

((Purple for Alundra, black for Felice.))

"Louise!" Felice gasped before getting up to help the fox lady off the floor.

"So nice to see you two again...time sure passed in your world didn't it?" Alundra said to Felice, smirking.

Gladiat 10-07-2009 07:29 PM

Setsuna was busy hunting cards for Felice. After she killed a monster, it dropped a small mysterious package with a letter attached to it. Setsuna opened the letter and began to read it.

"Dear Setsuna,
I prayed that I would not have to write this, but I had no other option. While I thank you and everyone's efforts for saving Princess Azalea, unfortunately the event has occured again. The princess has been captured again.

I beseech your help in saving Princess Azalea once again.


Setsuna looked at the letter and wondered why the monster was carrying it. As she looked at the letter again, a line appeared under it, and she read it.

Will you help us once again?

"Alright", Setsuna said outloud. More lines appeared on the letter.

Open the package and use the scroll inside.

Setsuna opened the package and took the scroll. She unsealed the scroll and recited the words on the scroll. A warp portal opened right underneath her, catching her by surprise. She watched as the world around her vanish, and she found herself standing on the back of the couch that Felice was sitting on.

Mitchi 10-07-2009 07:36 PM

((lol, The princess wasn't kidnapped again. XD Sorry if that was confusing))

"Hi Set. I see you got one too?" Felice said, smirking at Setsuna.

Alundra smiled at the three girls in her living room

"Fancy a cup of tea, ladies?"

Gladiat 10-07-2009 07:43 PM

((You two make it sound like she was kidnapped again. WTFFFFFF-.))

Setsuna tosses a few cards onto Felice's lap.

"I found a few more cards. They might be useful to you since you're a mage. Although I do not know if they will work the same here."

Setsuna jumped off the couch and looked at Alundra.

"Yes please" she replied.

Mitchi 10-07-2009 08:06 PM

((Yeah, I realize that. I'm sorry, that wasn't the intention @_@))

Alundra poured three extra cups of tea, then picked up a cookie from the plate in the center of the coffee table.

"Nice to see you again, Setsuna. And you too, Louise. I have already sent similar letters to everyone else that helped...what was it...a week ago? For our world anyways. My, you two have certainly grown." she said, nodding at Felice and Setsuna.

Felice looked at the cards Setsuna had tossed to her and smiled.

"Awesome...thanks Set, I owe you one. I've got a couple empty slots on my staff..." Felice said, reaching for a staff that wasn't there.

"Oh crap, my Staff is back in the office."

She was glad she had her cloak on her arm when she read the letter, so she still had that. Despite her name, however, she didn't feel like she had a whole lot of luck on her side.

((The name Felice means Lucky, which Felice certainly is not))

Gladiat 10-07-2009 08:24 PM

Setsuna looked at Felice.

"I found a Lich's Bone Wand while hunting. Got it from a necromancer I think. It hasn't been refined so it isn't as good, but it has two slots. It sometimes curses enemies near you when they attack."

Setsuna reached into a bag and pulled out a wand with a skull on it.

((Assume she can carry as much as her weight limit allows =P I pick up almost everything that can be sold for 100k or more on my server lol))

Sandrie 10-08-2009 02:10 PM

"F-Felice!? And Alundra, Setsuna?" Louise stammered out loud. "Oh my gosh, is that you?"

"I guess the world really needs saving, huh...I thought this was just a joke." She turned to pick up the mess that followed her here.

"How are you guys doing? I'm glad to see you guys look fine."


"Pant...pant pant.." Susan was huffing hard as she ran full speed into Migard [yes, there is a city called that in Latale lol].
"Darn that mermaid room...nearly got myself killed again..." she said cursing under her breath. She finally slowed down and slumped onto a bench, placing her guitars on the other side of the bench.

The wind suddenly picked up, and blew her hair into her face, but as she went to move it, a piece of paper found itself floating right into her face.
"Eh...?" She grabbed it and attempted to read it. It was in a pitiful condition, crumpled, missing words, and rips all over the page.

"What is this...I can't read any of this.." she said scanning the page. However the bottom was strangely clear.

I beg for your help, not just the safety of this world, but for all.


"Uh..what is this? "Safety of all the worlds?" Pfft, yeah right. Who is this Alundra person anyway."

Words began to form under the signature line.
"I can show you, if you like."

"Suuuure, random letter that apparently can communicate with me. I'm bored anyway, and I'd rather not suicide on Kais anyway."

Suddenly she felt her balance give way and the next thing she knew she was flat on the ground somewhere, her guitars falling on her.

"Ugh...not my day, not my day..." she said while getting up, grabbing her sparkling Valkyrie guitar from the ground. When she got up, she saw that she was in a house, with 3 people looking at her.

"...Wait...where the hell am I? And who are you guys?"

Mitchi 10-08-2009 07:31 PM

"Thanks Set. Though bone wands totally give me the I haven't used a wand in a while...what has it been, two years since I switched to Staves?"

Felice heard a crash, followed by a girl asking where she was and who they were.

"What? Who are you?" Felice asked the newcomer, her ice blue eyes full of surprise.

"I're the one that follows the woman named Iris...I'm surprised you heeded my call, and I thank you." Alundra said to the newcomer.

"But first, young lady, what is your name?"

Gladiat 10-08-2009 07:34 PM

Setsuna turned and looked at the newcomer and turned back to Alundra.

"You invited more people this time? Is it that much harder this time?" asked Setsuna.

She studied the newcomer with a expressionless face.

Mitchi 10-08-2009 07:46 PM

Alundra sipped her tea.

"Well, I wasn't sure if everyone would want to help again...I know Greenwood seemed like he'd rather be back at his home, and Ryan seemed like he was a bit antisocial...then there's Micah's lack of any case, I wanted to cover my bases. IT will be difficult, but it's nothing you lot can't handle."

FlamesBlader 10-09-2009 12:49 AM

(Hey, no insulting Ryan before he insults you!)
Ryan was in a good mood. ''Two high-bounty men down, more cash for me.'' He looked at the two huge bags next to him. He was about to get his weapons tuned, until a crow flew against his window. ''What the ...?!'' Ryan mumbled. He went outside to look, but the crow wasn't there anymore. Instead, there was a letter. ''What is this ...?''

Then he heard his neighbour ask : ''Hey Ryan, I heard something, you alright?''
''Yeah... I'm fine...''

He opened the letter and started reading. He already knew what the letter contained...
Dear Ryan,
I request your aid. I wish I wouldn't need to, but fate has forced me to. I thank you for saving the princess, but that action did not defeat the forces of evil. If you decide to refuse to aid me, I have others.

~ Alundra

''Oh, so now I'm the heartless eh? I know you can hear this, Alundra, and you also know my answer. Guess I'll just poof there again, huh?''

One short line appeared, a bit below '~ Alundra.'


He saw his sight blur. ''There we go... again...''

He found himself standing next to some unknown girl.

''Um, hi...''

Sandrie 10-09-2009 05:25 AM

"Huh? Iris? Oh, no no no no no. Her, and all those people I met are all coincidences. And they are all crazies, I swear.[LOL] I bet-"

Susan stopped, noticing she gained the stares of everyone.

"...My name is Susan Dumia. I'm an bard. That means...uh, I can do stuff kinda like support magic. I play songs and good stuff happen to people. Yeah."

[I'd type Louise's too but I gotta run lol]

Mitchi 10-09-2009 08:47 AM

((wtf Flames..."If you decide to refuse to aid me, I have others." That's so out of character for Alundra. I guess it works though, Pixies are great at manipulation. Oh right, and as for Felice, Remember that she looks VERY different, this goes for everyone. Pretty much the only ones that would even recognize her are probably Set and Claire.))

"A bard?! In the world Set and I are from, usually only men are bards." Felice said, in awe.

"Welcome, Susan, and you have my sincere gratitude. I am Alundra, the priestess of this village."

Alundra glanced over at Ryan, smiling.

"It's nice to see you again too, Ryan. How have things been? Care for some tea?" She asked, pulling over two of the several empty cups she had on the table.


While Alundra was talking to Ryan, Felice held a hand out to Susan.

"Nice to meet you Susan. I'm Felice Lithos. I have a pretty high respect for bards and the like, I can't make music to save my life."

FlamesBlader 10-09-2009 09:23 AM

''Yeah sure.'' Ryan said. While he nipped his tea, he said : ''Funny, the only bard I know is a demon. Just kidding.'' He would introduce himself, but the other unknown girl spoke before he did. ''I'm Felice Lithos.''
Ryan choked.

Mitchi 10-09-2009 09:31 AM

Felice looked over when she heard Ryan choking and rushed over.

"Are you alright?" She asked, her hand on his back.

As soon as she did, she realized it was Ryan, and a wave of awkwardness washed over her.

Sandrie 10-09-2009 09:49 AM

"Nice too meet you too." She said, shaking Felice's hand. "Uh, same with you all. This is definitely a change...can someone tell me what's going on? This letter or whatever was all torn up and I couldn't read much besides the last line...and the words that started appearing."

"A bard?! In the world Set and I are from, usually only men are bards."

''Funny, the only bard I know is a demon. Just kidding.''

These were some of the things that she heard from these people.

"...These guys are as nuts as those people from Iris's party! "Saving the world," eccentric people that I don't get...just what did I land myself into..."

Louise just finished cleaning up her mess, and got up to see what was the commotion on the other side. Ryan and someone else was there. After Susan introduced herself, she said, "Oh, my name is Louise, it's nice to meet you."

She went to grab some of Alundra's tea when she heard: ''I'm Felice Lithos.''
Louise turned around, but she didn't see Felice. " way!" She thought while she saw Ryan was choking.
"Wait...Ryan, are you alright?"

Mitchi 10-09-2009 09:55 AM

Alundra nodded at Susan.

"You see, this world is the one that watches over the safety of all the others. Well, some time ago, our princess was captured, and the people who sealed her away were going to destroy everything, so I summoned warriors from a prophecy here to save her and all the worlds. These four you see here helped me out then."

FlamesBlader 10-09-2009 10:04 AM

''Yeah... I'm good... I was just surprised...'' he said. ''So, Susan huh?''
"You see, this world is the one that watches over the safety of all the others. Well, some time ago, our princess was captured, and the people who sealed her away were going to destroy everything, so I summoned warriors from a prophecy here to save her and all the worlds. These four you see here helped me out then."

''Alundra, you didn't tell her yet? I think she should know before we take 'action','' Ryan said. He looked back at Felice. ''Sorry if I scared you... You've just... changed, you know?'' he said.

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