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Mitchi 09-09-2009 02:35 PM

This is our Song - Ar tonelico RP

Make sure you read ALL the rules in the first post, and post your character info and register them in the OOC thread.

World setting:

Many centuries ago, there were those who sang. They sang out of joy, out of anger, out of sorrow. They sang to create life and love. But now, those who sing are scarce.

In the floating world of Ar Ciel, there is the songless continent of Revm Ciel, the dreamy land. A war rages behind the scenes, between Reyvateils that are oppressed, the ones that want peace, and the humans that want to enslave them.

In this world, the voices of the singing maidens ring out and echo in the wind, creating and ending life, bringing forth both hope and destruction.

An on this floating land, there are two convocations, the peace loving Knights of sunlight, who want nothing more than for Humans, Teru and Reyvateils to be able to coexist, and the proactive Soldiers of Soare, whose goal is to liberate the oppressed Reyvateils and not only give them freedom and equality, but to retroactively punish the humans that have made Reyvateils suffer.


Available slots: 3 left! All Reyvateils.

Knights of Sunlight:

1. Mirei Elorei (Lendisa)
2. Solfège (Kotarou)
1. Artemis Indukala (Sandrie)

Soldiers of Soare

2. Lily Scott (Mitchi)
3. Sylvana Rangris (Maget)
1. Angelito Verde (PedroRomero)
2. Kress Lunera (FlamesBlader)


Soldiers of Soare HQ
Location: Silverdrop

A modest building built into a cave in the mountains, with a small and traditional eastern looking tea house and cafe, known as "The silver plum" as a front. Inside it contains the following rooms: A conference hall, Milliam's Office, Milliam and Lady Analea's bedroom, a Dualstall bath, a store house, and a small library. The Soldiers of Soare provide housing facilities in three apartment buildings. Each one has rather nice amenities, and most of the Reyvateil dwellings are in women only sections of the buildings. It is rumored that there are secret passageways carved into the mountains.

Leader: Lady Analea Lute Iasien
Second in command: Milliam Raine

Knights of Sunlight HQ
Location: Dawn's cradle

A medium sized Manor near the west end of town, the rooms included are those you would typically find in a manor; A kitchen, a dining room (often used for meetings), a study (used as a library), and a few restrooms. The bedrooms are used by some members of the Knights (namely Bell herself, as well as a couple other Reyvateil and the captain of the Vanguards), and the basement has been converted into a dualstall. The attic is said to be a weapons and armor storage. Like the soldiers of Soare, the Knights of Sunlight provide off site housing for their members, located in rented rooms and houses scattered throughout the city.

Leader: Bell Granme Lancaster

General Rules of the RP:
  • -Please post your characters in the Character creation section, using the Character sheet format I posted here, then please register them in the OOC thread in "The Bar."
  • -Don't control NPCs or Enemies, please. And don't just kill them off without DM permission.
  • -Please don't control anyone else's character unless they ask you to.
  • -Don't decide actions for other people.
  • -Don't overpower yourself, that ruins it for everyone else.
  • -Feel free to ask for help or hints in the OOC thread.
  • - IF you're unsure of anything, please ask me. If you don't have my MSN, pm me or ask one of the other RPers (almost everyone has mine)
  • -Have fun!

After a little bit of thinking and asking Ry for help, i'm adding a Rule update. Please heed this.

Rule on NPC control:

As an experiment, as I've never done this before, I'm instating a rule revision to allow NPC control, under the following conditions:

1. Please follow the personality description for them in the NPC listing. I personally believe that NPCs with some form of personality make things more fun.

2. Please do not control them during battle, or otherwise during any fast pased interactions.

3. No killing off NPCs without consulting me. That's just not cool.

4. No creating relationships with NPCs when they are not being controlled by me.

5. No altering of their personality darstically from what they originally were. If an NPC is normally very mild mannered and shy, do not make them suddenly boisterous.

6. No, you may not dive with NPCs without prior consulting. Kthx.

7. Establishing backstory is fine, but please do not progress the story without me.

8. Due to the nature of this RP's intended story, do not control the NPC Reyvateils.

If these end up failing, i'm going back to standard No-control. Thanks.


The wind blew, a soft breeze through the trees. A young Reyvateil through the streets, finding the dwellings of certain Reyvateils and Vanguards that had been called to accept an important mission. Those selected recived the following Letter:

"My dearest Soldiers,

I am calling upon a select few of you to carry out a very special mission. Please bring this letter with you to the conference hall before the morning bell in th church rings out.

Lady Iasien"

Among these select people was Lilly Scott, a young Half Teru Reyvateil. She had only joined the Soldiers half a year prior, and she still had not received any higher ranking missions, but felt this was a chance to prove herself. The letter had even been signed by Lady Analea herself! Lily quickly dressed and grabbed a special badge that would allow her access to the HQ hidden behind the silver Plum Tea house. She carefully tucked the letter into her pocket and made her way outside.


The cool, crisp morning air and gentle sunlight washed faintly over the city of Dawn's cradle.

All seemed calm and well for the citizens of the town, and for once, the Knights of sunlight had no worries.

Areas available to visit:

General shop
Grocery market
Public bath house
Various cafes
Melody park
Fallview Manor (KoS HQ)

There are currently no missions for the Knights, so feel free to wander around and interact

Sandrie 09-09-2009 02:49 PM

"'s so nice out today!" Artemis thought to herself. She was sitting on a bench on a park. There wasn't anything important she needed to do today, so she just went to the park to relax a bit, for once. She joined the Knights only a year back, so she hasn't gotten the most important of missions, but she treated the ones she did get with the most care.

Artemis held on to her hat as the wind picked up slightly. "It's a shame that more days can't be like this." She leaned back on the bench.

Rhois 09-09-2009 06:05 PM

Mirei sat in the library, enjoying the peace and quiet in the room. Standing up she stepped towards the shelves and ran her fingers across the new and old tomes, selecting some at random and pulling them out she returned her seat before plunging into a day of reading.

"I like quiet days." She thought to herself, smiling contentedly.

Kotarou 09-09-2009 06:29 PM

"...Keep the change, Soraneko," said Solfège, leaving a few Leaf notes on the counter and walking out. The waitress gave a quick bow and a "Come again!", as she stepped out into the bright sunlight. Solfège stared up at the clear, blue sky... There was the distant tower, and high above, the Blastline.

"Heeey, Solfège!" said a passing knight, followed by his reyvateil companion. She looked a little disheveled and embarassed. "What brings you to these parts?" he added.

"Thought I'd get myself a drink. I was feeling bored. But you look happy. What's up?"

The knight put an arm around his partner. "Just dived. Got her some new Song Magic! Isn't that right, sweetie pie~?"

The reyvateil giggled. "Oh you~"

Excuse me, we're in public.

Solfège coughed, and the knight smiled sheepishly. "A-Anyways, Solfège! How did that guy work out? Wait, don't answer - you rejected him, didn't you?"

She shrugged. "Too old fashioned. If he had guts, he'd talk to me face to face. Who sends LETTERS these days?"

The other girl shook her head sadly. "Lady Bell's probably gonna tell you off again... how are you going to make more Song Magic?"

Solfège nudged her dual chakrams. "These haven't let me down yet, and they won't for a long time. I don't really need more Song Magic..."

The elder reyvateil shook her head. "Take it from this big sister, that's what you think early on, but you'll eventually change your mind!" she said as she patted her on the shoulders.


Solfège looked at the couple as they made their way into the town.

You'll eventually change your mind, huh...?

She stretched and decided to head back to the mansion. Passing the park, she saw the young, happy faces of the children, prancing about and playing, as the elders watched over them. A blue haired girl, seated on a bench, caught her eye.

Oh. That's ...probably Ms. Indukala...

Mitchi 09-09-2009 07:29 PM

Lily looked up at the clock that was above the door of the apartment building she lived in. Knowing she only had about 10 minutes to get to the HQ, she took off running, careful not to trip or bump into people. Thankfully, it didn't take her too long to get to the small but well maintained Silver Plum Tea house.

She made her way inside and pulled out the small badge-like pin she had and held it tightly in her right hand, waiting for the hostess to seat her.

"Good morning Lily, would you like a table in the back?"

"Oh, yes please ma'am." She said, nodding. After nearly 6 months, of course the hostess would recognize her, but it still brought her relief to know that she wouldn't get put on the spot and possibly told off for "trying to sneak into the back room." One time of that happening was more than enough for her.

"Right this way."

She followed the middle aged woman to the back room, where there was a small armoire in the corner. She opened up the door and pushed on the false back to reveal a small passageway.

"You'd better hurry. Lady Analea doesn't like it when people are late."

Lily nodded and hurried through, not stopping until she reached the conference hall. She peered inside and saw that Milliam, Lady Analea's Vanguard, was waiting at the end of the long table, in one of the two empty seats at the head.

She walked in and nodded, then quickly took a seat at the long, polished maple table. The walls were stone with purple velvet hangings, and a crested flag hung over the doorway, bearing the symbol of the Soldiers of Soare; A dragonfly with a sword running down the length of it's back.

"Good Morning, Ms. Raine" Lily said, feeling like a school kid.

"Ah, there's no need for such formalities with me. You're Lily, are you not?"

"Yes ma'am."

Milliam chuckled.

"Well, Analea should be here soon, so just sit tight. Hopefully the others will be here soon as well."

PedroRomero 09-09-2009 07:42 PM

Oatmeal. The perfect way to start every morning. Not only were oats cheap, they're delicious. Angelito Verde smiled to himself as he added a bit more sugar into his bowl. Today he was sanctioned to go on a mission of the Soldiers of Soare and he had to make sure he had his breakfast. A big body like him surely couldn't operate without anything in his stomach.

After finishing off the large bowl of oatmeal and 3 apples, Angelito went and put on the rest of his clothing, tied back his hair, and headed on out.

It was a very crisp and beautiful morning, so he took the long way.

Finally, Angelito made it to the tea house and found that the normal lady wasn't at the counter so he let himself into the backroom. Even if she doesn't see him he was pretty sure she would recognize the sound of his heavy boots clanking against the floor.

"Good mornin', ma'am," he greeted. "I'm not late am I?"

He didn't stop to wait for an answer. He already knew that he wasn't late anyway, but it was just something he always asked.

Steadily, Angelito made his way to the conference hall to join the others.

"Good mornin'" he said again to those already inside.

((this was the hardest thing everrrr to write.....))

Mitchi 09-09-2009 07:48 PM

"Angelito, welcome. No, you're not late. So far it's just you two." Milliam said before looking around the nearly empty room. She wondered where the other s she had summoned where. After all, she knew for a fact she sent out more letters than just two.

She stood and walked past the table to the entrance way.

"I'll be right back, I'm just going to get some tea...hopefully everyone should be here by the time I get back." She said before exiting the room.

Lily looked at the tall man who entered, and nodded to him.

"G-good morning."

PedroRomero 09-09-2009 08:04 PM

"Yes, ma'am!" Angelito stepped aside to allow Milliam to exit.

Once she had passed he turned to look at the room's only other occupant besides himself. There he was greeted by a fresh new face. She did look a bit familiar... like he'd seen her around here or there, but that they had never formally met he was quite sure of.

"Why, good mornin' to you, missy."

He sure loved saying good morning.

He walked across the room and pulled out a chair.

"So, I haven't really seen you around before. I'm Angelito Verde, and you?"

Mitchi 09-09-2009 08:08 PM

"Oh, I'm Lily. Lily Scott. I haven't really been around for too long though, so I'm kinda nervous. The letter made it seem like this was some big mission, since..."

She caught herself and bit her lip.

"Sorry, I kinda have a tendency to prattle on about nothing in particular. It's nice to meet you."

PedroRomero 09-09-2009 08:28 PM

"Nice to meet you too," Angelito replied.

He could tell she was a bit nervous, but he also knew better to give any advice. Last time he gave a newbie advice he told them not to screw up and the kid nearly had a heart attack on the field. The time before that he told them not to stress it, and the kid ended up being too careless.

Krakas 09-10-2009 12:08 AM

((So KoS people have no missions atm? Sweet, to a cafe I go!))

Ren Aeoneous fiddled with his omelette, digging small holes in it with his fork. It's not that he didn't like the food, he hadn't even tried it yet. It was just that the food reminded him of someone close to him.

"It was her favorite food. Never got around to trying it." Ren smiled weakly, she had always insisted for him to have a bite. "Here goes." Ren counted down in his head while he took a piece off the omelette and placed it in his mouth, letting his taste buds take over.

"It's a little sweet." Ren savoured the taste, it wasn't that bad.

After he finished his meal, he thanked the counter and left his tip along with the payment before walking out the door. He had a list of items he needed from the general shop, ranging from food to other ingredients that he may need for later.

Ren helped himself through the general shop doors, and was casually greeted by the attendant. He had visited the shop enough times to be an instant recognition. That and he really never had to say what he needed anymore.

"The usual?"

"Yeah, that and I'm just going to check out the shelves. Thanks." Ren walked towards the shelves, looking at all the knick knacks and other accessories that lined the rows.

Maget 09-10-2009 01:26 AM


" Excuse me... "


" Pardon me...! "


" Oh my! "

The muffled noises of what sounded like some sort of scuffle could be heard outside the conference room, a female's apologetic voice following each sound. A few raps on the door shortly followed, before it swung open, a tall, silver-haired beauty gracefully stepping into the room.

Though there was no breeze, Sylvana Rangris' white robes seemed to sway in tune to her movements with each graceful stride. Her steps made nary a sound on the ground as she slowly made her way towards the back of the room, a silver cane in her right hand incessantly rapping the floor in front of her. The girl's expression was serene, a peaceful smile on her face, although her deep blue eyes seemed unfocused and she was staring straight ahead for the most part. The scene seemed to be perfect, until...

“ Ouch! “ Sylvana yelped, her bare foot striking one of the table's legs with a generous THUMP! The Reyvateil clutched her foot for a moment, grimacing in pain before calling out for her superior, Milliam.

“ Miss Milly~, oh Miss Milly, are you there? I got your letter... I'm not late am I? “ Sylvana questioned, her head turning slowly from side to side as if to look for Milliam. For some reason, the silver-haired Reyvateil seemed completely oblivious to the presence of the two other people in the room, or the fact that Milliam wasn't even there.

Finding the top of a chair, Sylvana promptly took her seat, a clueless but somehow serene expression still on her face as she tried to sense if there were any other people in the room. Upon seating herself, the Reyvateil noticed the air beside her was slightly different. Sylvana turned towards the source, flashing a smile at the one seated next to her.

“ Oh, hello there. Did you get the letter too? “ Sylvana asked in a friendly tone, sensing that the one beside her was a girl, and a young one at that. The traces of a light, fragrant perfume was enough for Sylvana to assume that it was a young lady. Her gaze was a bit off however, missing the girl's face by a few degrees.

Sandrie 09-10-2009 03:53 AM

"Hmm?" Artemis looked up to see someone looking back at her.

"She seems...familiar. What was her name...So...Soph...errr..." She was never good at names. "I'm pretty sure I've seen her around though.

Kotarou 09-10-2009 04:59 AM

We made eye contact.

The Teru Tribe Vanguard was quite famous, being an archer - one of the few long-ranged vanguards. You don't see many vanguards using bows.

Still, she was Solfège's senior, and just about an inch taller. It's probably the hair... anyway, she probably doesn't know me... I've only joined up a few weeks ago.

"Um... hello?" she managed, as the young woman made her way over to her.

Krakas 09-10-2009 05:29 AM

When Ren recieved his stuff and yet again lightened his wallet, he walked out with a bag of groceries and headed for the local library.

"The book isn't at the store, so let's try the library." Ren left the library as the final option, since usually they only allow weekly rentals. When he walked through the automatic doors he headed straight for the fiction isle. After a few rows he had found his book, and smiled with delight.

"Let's get to reading this before I have to go home." Ren looked for an empty seat at a table before making himself comfortable. While he sat down, he noticed a girl with aqua hair that caught his eye. "Have I seen her around before? She seems familiar." Ren tilted his head slightly, squinting unconsciously to figure out why this girl was bugging him.

Mitchi 09-10-2009 11:18 AM

Lily Tilted her head and raised an eyebrow at the new arrival, who didn't seem to have very good vision. It didn't take long for her to realize that the girl, while striking in every way, had a cloudy mist over her eyes, making apparent that they did not work.

Because clearly, the tripping and the cane didn't give that away on their own. Then again, Most blind people Lily had seen were much more careful and didn't employ the use of a cane to help them find their way. Usually, they would just have someone with them to guide them.

"Oh...hi. Yeah, I got the letter. Um...Miss Raine left to go get some tea, so it shouldn't take her too long to get back."

FlamesBlader 09-10-2009 11:41 AM

''Sir Kress, it's time for you to finish your apple and go to the HQ!'' one of the many butlers said. He was holding a map, and his gold plated bow. ''Why the heck would I need my bow? We're not going to fight, are we?!'' he asked, in an unpleasant way. The butler remained silent, he knew the boy would just become mad, like always.
''Fine, have it your way.'' he said and grabbed both items. He walked out of the door. The butler heaved a sigh of relief, it could've been worse.

''Lazy asses. Just couldn't bring me there, huh?'' Kress said. ''And who builds their HQ in a tea house? I hate tea!'' he said.
Eventually, he found the tea house.
''I knew I could do it! But it's still stupid.'' he said, while walking to the counter.
''I guess I'll just wait.'' he said, and waited for someone to bring him to the 'secret HQ'.

Mitchi 09-10-2009 11:49 AM

A middle aged woman, the hostess of the Silver plum, saw the young boy waiting to be seated.

"Do you need a table, young man?" She asked Kress pleasantly, a smile on her face.

FlamesBlader 09-10-2009 11:52 AM

''I came for the mission of the SoS...'' he said. His parents taught him to be polite, but it was sooo not him. But impolite talk wouldn't help him at the moment. ''Where's the rest..?!''

Mitchi 09-10-2009 11:55 AM

The young woman chuckled.

"Oh, are you waiting for a club from school or something? Well, I have a table you can wait at, so follow me." She said, still smiling.

She got behind the boy and gently nudged him, leading him towards the back room where the passage was, but not showing him where it was. It was the same room she showed Lily and the others, a small room with three small tables, one of which had four chairs, the other two only having two. There were various wall hangings made of beautiful fabric or decorative poetic scrolls hanging on the wall, and a door and an armoire on the back wall.

She pulled out a menu from her apron and set it down on one of the tables.

Clearly, he was either new, or a dumb kid trying to sneak in.

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