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Default Role-Playing Forum Rules

Role-Playing Forum Rules

1. All forum rules still apply.

This is stated in the rules themselves, and is fairly implicit in of itself, but as a reminder, all of MyLunia's rules still apply here, in addition to the ones listed below.
2. Use proper English.

That means no l33t5p34kz0r, no AOL-isms, no foreign languages, etc. Generally speaking, if you copy + paste your post into Microsoft word and end up seeing a sea of red and green markings, you are in violation of this guideline. (Yes, this means that you should probably spell check and proofread every post you make in this section) Note that this applies to In-Character parts of a post only, Out-Of-Character parts are not as subject to this rule.
3. Keep it PG-13.

Please keep the content of your post within the limits of the PG-13 rating, as described by the MPAA. i.e. word porn is unacceptable, and will be treated in the same manner as image porn. In a similar vein, extremely graphic depictions of violence are also out.
4. Use of copyrighted material.

It can be tempting to use the 'ready-made' characters/scenarios/worlds published by other writers/artists/etc., keep in mind that in doing so you risk being tangled up in complicated legal garbage should the copyright holder or their representatives come to your doorstep. If you use copyrighted material, make sure the way you are using it falls under 'fair-use' and not 'derivative work', or you have expressed written permission from the copyright holder.
5. Principles of fair play are to observed at all times.

While role-playing in of itself calls for fantastic situations outside the realm of normality, there are certain limits that must be observed in the interest of mutual enjoyment by all participants. Most of these are dictated by common sense, for a full listing and explanations of the limits, read the style manual.
6. Private and Public threads.

Some people might only want to RP with their friends, and so will make invite-only threads. Needless to say, unless you have been invited by the thread creator, you should NOT post in those threads (you can certainly PM them and request permission however). Unless a thread is specifically marked private or closed to newcomers, it is deemed public and anyone can join in the fun (Note that this does not apply to dead threads, that would go under the category of necro-posting, which is a violation of general forum rules).
7. You must register your character in the Character Creation forum using a format similar to the one provided in the Character Creation guidelines

You may have multiple characters; However, you can only use one in each RP, and they must all be registered via the method provided in the Character Creation guidelines.
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