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Dani 06-16-2012 02:55 PM

Viva La Revolution

Deep within a midsummer night...

"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent..."

Deep within Sector Alpha, in a quaint looking study, a lone young man with the most peculiar silver hair flipped through an old text. The large book was bound in hardcover and stunk of old newspaper more than old books normally stank. His gold eyes following the lines flow as the words entered his head, "... Martin Luther King, Jr., huh." A smirk crossed his features, almost wry, "The leaders of the past certainly are interesting characters..."

Knock, knock...

"It's open, come in," the man called out to the person at the door without so much looking up from his text.

The door swung open and in came the young Spaniard with mixed descent. His bright red hair only served to remind the reader of the old text that the British Invasion was more imminent than that of other nationalities; even those of Asian descent like himself were looking meager in numbers. Drake Locke-Romero, bombs specialist and factory worker in the public eye took his stance and gave his division lead a salute before announcing the news that the silver haired man was waiting to hear.

"Good evening, Mr. Kagamiya," Drake greeted formally, "The letters have been sent out to all the recent applicants that have been accepted. If things run smoothly we should have them all report to a meeting within Sector Gamma. Travel permits are also being delivered with the letters as are the PCCs."

Kagamiya, as Drake had called him, slowly nodded his head in approval, "Good, good... It certainly has been a while since my division has had any new recruits."

"Indeed it has, sir," Drake agreed simply, "Will you be attending the Orientation meeting? It is a week from today, at 1900 hours."

Kagamiya got up from his seat and closed his book, walking to the window to gaze out at the rich scenery that belonged to Sector Alpha; beautiful lush green, elegant architecture inspired by ancient Rome that gleamed with white rather than the dull greys of the lower districts, citizens happily going on with their lives talking of the latest implants for lifespan increase.. The usual. Though all of the Division heads were required to keep an office within Sector Alpha to keep up with the current happenings, it still bothered Kagamiya and the others that they had to watch over such pigs. "Yes, I will attend. After all, I think it would be good for me to greet my newest troops, after all."

Drake rose a brow, "You're talking awfully openly about our 'work'... Don't they have the entire sector bugged with cameras and the like?"

"I took the liberty of dismantling them," Kagamiya replied simply, "Is there anything else you have to report to me?"

"No, that will be all," Drake clasped his hands behind his back.

"You are dismissed," Kagamiya turned to Drake, "Try not to cause any trouble before leaving the district. You know how law enforcement is up here in Sector Alpha, after all."

Drake scowled before turning sharply and leaving the room.


The following week...

**You have received your letter, your custom set PCCs, a dress code guideline to follow, a Travel permit to go freely between Sectors Beta through Episilon as well as documents leading you to where the meeting place is! The letter you received praises your strengths and generally says you will be a great asset to the team! Don't let your superiors down and just work on getting to the meeting on time; it is at 234 Memorial Road, Crescent Hall in room 5B. The documents you received came with a pin number for the lock mechanism, so don't lose it.**

Drake laid back on one of the couches within the meeting room, not giving a shit that he still had his combat boots on. Before him on the two small coffee tables in the room were various snacks, from even the unhealthiest junk food to the freshest of vegetables and fruits. Cheeses lay on plates too, and on another table were desserts and treats for those with particularly sweet tooths. Shortly before Drake dialed up Nihiru, hoping she'd show up since she'd be one of the squad captains for the team. He himself was the other captain. Meanwhile further back in a large, cushioned chair was Kagamiya, drinking his coffee and snacking on some toffee of all things. On his desk rested a plate with two cupcakes.

"So... Chief," Drake called out from where he laid around, "What's up with the cupcakes?"

"One of the applicants requested two cupcakes, so they're getting two cupcakes," Kagamiya replied simply.

Drake, having already lost interest, replied with a bored sounding, "Oh."


From the outside, the building looked as boring and simple as the rest of Sector Gamma. Though richer than Delta and Episilon, signs of decay were evident as was the people's suffering for trying to keep up with their jobs just to stay within the narrow niche that was the middle class. Though buildings were mostly in shape, it was clear that they had seen better days. There was not much green either, as most of it had been paved over except in suburban areas that developed shortly after the Protos Veneficio plasma barriers had come into effect (unique to Vasanta, technology that mostly blocks the Hel Desperatio storm when it comes).

How are the applicants doing? Are they going to show up?

Joey 06-16-2012 05:15 PM

Anna stood on the corner of Memorial Street, in a part of the city she had yet to explore, in a stance that shifted the majority of her weight to her mechanical leg. This was the only way she could really perform due to the weight of her violin, and she figured she better perform here, since these people are still a lot better off than the ones around where she was living. As she finished tuning, she began to play a strange yet upbeat melody, and nodded to people who dropped change in her case as they passed.

After she felt satisfied for the moment, Anna packed up the instrument and the cash, and proceeded into the hall. She took her time walking around since she hadn't seen buildings in such good condition as these since she had come to Vasanta. As she explored Crescent Hall, she happened upon the room that she was supposed to be going to anyway, so she input the security code she had received in the letter and stepped inside.

Anna stood quietly as the door closed behind her, observing the room before her. She first spotted the two men seated in the room, and then spotted the mass of snacks spread around the room. "You guys are really planning for a crowd, huh?" she said in a friendly manner as she strolled over and grabbed an apple, doing her best to hide her French accent, "I'm Anna. Should I show you some papers or something?"

Instead of wiping the apple on her shirt like a normal person, she instead held the apple in her teeth and wiped her dirty hands on her shirt, before placing her left hand back on the apple and completing the bite. She simultaneously offered her right hand to the man behind the desk, who seemed to be in charge.

Mitchi 06-16-2012 06:10 PM

"D, are you sure about this?"

Delia checked carefully to make sure she had everything she needed; Her travel permit, her papers and her makeup kit. She closed up her purse and smiled at the younger boy sitting at the edge of her bed. Her outfit was an unusual one for her, consisting of a fairly nice cream colored blouse and a navy blue pencil skirt that she had never worn, as it was one of the nicer pieces of clothing she had.

"Relax. Mom and Dad don't care what I do these days."

"You're a terrible role model."

"Watch it squirt, I'm still older than you are, no matter how big you get."

Delia studied the boy as she tied up her hair. It wasn't that long ago that he was a cute little kid, but now puberty was starting to take hold of him, and he had the gangly structure of a young teen in his growth spurt. As a sister, there was little more she could do for him. As a woman, there was nothing.

She took one last look in the mirror, admiring her eyes.

"Man, these new PCCs are great, they're such a huge upgrade from my old ones."

"The look less fake too. That green on your old ones was unnatural." The boy said, nodding. "Then again, not like you can get good ones down here. Say, can I have your old set?"

Delia picked up her purse and ruffled the boy's hair before walking to the door.

"Knock yourself out kiddo, I already backed up my stuff. I figured you'd want them so I reformated them for you. You know how to calibrate them, so have a ball."

"D...this is just a normal job, right? You're not doing anything weird, are you?"

"Course I'm not. And don't mess up my room while I'm gone.


Let's see....5B...

Delia kept the pin code fresh in her mind as she walked up to the door. Memorial street had been easy enough to find without trouble. She didn't even have to ask for directions from strangers.

She paused a bit before keying in the numbers. Realizing that there was no turning back now, she entered the code and opened the door.

In the room were three people; two men, and a woman holding an apple, who was holding a hand out to one of the men.

"Delia Jones. I'm here about the job." She said with a clear voice and a wry smile. She walked towards one of the couches and took a seat, smoothing her skirt.

Dani 06-16-2012 06:22 PM

And in came the first of the lot; a young french lass with a mighty fine rack and.. well, covered in oil. Though through the muck one could tell she was probably rather attractive underneath it all. Kagamiya contemplated shaking her hand but he did it anyways, "Anna Faulkner, correct? Welcome to the Erux. I'm the head of the division you will -probably- be joining."

"Sup, Anna," said the redhead taking up all the space on the one couch in the room. Just then another girl entered the room. The new comer helped herself to a spot on another couch and simply stated her name before taking a seat.

"That lazy one there is Drake Locke-Romero, and my name is Kazuki Kagamiya," the silver haired man introduced himself, "Call me Chief, Boss, Kagamiya, whatever works... Just don't call me by my first name." And now for the others... "Just relax and wait.. We're still waiting for a lot of people."

Nihil679 06-16-2012 06:50 PM

"Dammit, forgot about meeting up with the newbies today." Nihiru groaned and pushed the phone away from her, sliding it off the dusty bed and letting it drop onto the wooden floor with a thunk. "Ugh, shouldn't have went out last night."

She lazily scanned the room while still lying on her bed, trying to gather her thoughts. A folder of the information on the new recruits laid on the desk nearby from days ago, obviously never flipped through. The room itself was a wreck, but somehow still has all its facilities functioning; the desk, her bed, and a wash basin.

Nihiru quickly washed up and slipped on her Erux jacket and gloves, grabbed the folder off the desk, headed out of her room. The place she lived at looked like a typical apartment complex. However, most of the residents were either Erux members or supporters, and this was one of the Erux quarters. Nihiru flipped through the folder as she descended down the stairs and onto the streets, though not with much interest.


Nihiru barged into the meeting room and climbed over the sofa near the door, stepping on the seat and walking over to the table of food. She grabbed a bunch of the unhealthy looking stuff and walked over to the the sofa Drake laid on, jumping onto the cushion and sitting on the backrest at the end.

After finishing stuffing her face a bit, she looked up at the two ladies in the room. "Kazzy, did the others already flake?" She gestured at the chief with a smug grin.

Gladiat 06-16-2012 07:09 PM

"The meeting was at 7pm right...? I guess I should start heading there."

Aevum sighed as he grabbed his piece of toast and slung on his single-strapped backpack. Aevum had intended to eat before he had left, but he lost track of time and ended up leaving extremely close to 7pm. Fortunately, his house is located in Sector Gamma and it wouldn't take long to find the building. He began eating his ill-prepared dinner and walked out of the front door of his house in Sector Gamma. As he found his way towards Memorial Road, he began to wonder how his life would be like after tonight...


Hmm... where's room 5B?

Aevum poked around the building until he came across the room with 5B labelled across the door. He searched for the piece of paper with his pin code and walked into the room as the door closed behind him. He waved the letter that he received at the people in the room and leaned on the back of the couch closest to the door, still trying to finish his toast.

Veloze 06-16-2012 07:27 PM

"Dammit. Only a few hours in the Sector and I hate it already..." Aysel muttered to herself, returning the dirty look she recieved from one of the more cleanly dressed citizens. Sector Gamma wasn't particularly much kinder to her than Sector Delta. The bartender at the pub she visited here was especially unkind, and probably just as violent as she was. She guessed her treatment had something to do with her ragged clothes. Aysel sighed and pulled out the documents from the pack around her waist and looked over them for what seemed to be the fiftheenth time. "Crescent Hall should be... right down this road. Better hurry then!"

After passing by several boring and similar buildings, Aysel found herself infront of... a building that looked no different from the others. Still, judging by the sign, she had no doubt it was Crescent Hall and walked inside. "5B... 5B..." she repeated quietly as she searched for the room. Soon enough, she found it and confidently entered the pin code.

Greeting her was the sight of several young men and women, who she assumed to be her subordinates, and a table of various snacks. "Aysel Hughes." she briefly introduced herself before making her way toward the snack table.

Sandrie 06-16-2012 07:49 PM

Jeremy look a look at a clock. "I guess I better get moving, it's almost 7." He took another sip of his already stale coffee and picked up his suitcase and walked down a few blocks. His apartment wasn't very far from Crescent Hall, so it only took a few minutes.
It took him a few minutes to find 5B. He took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and entered the pin number.

Sure enough ,the door opened and he walked inside. He saw quite a few...interesting people already there along with a few tables with food on it. He spent a few moments looking around and observing his surroundings before he finally said a "Good evening."
He then took a seat in one of the empty couches away from the food.

Joey 06-16-2012 07:51 PM

"Delia Jones. I'm here about the job."

Anna heard someone else enter the room and introduce themselves, but did not avert her eyes while she shook Kagamiya's hand. "Anna Faulkner, correct? Welcome to the Erux. I'm the head of the division you will -probably- be joining."

She nodded in reply.

"Sup, Anna."

"That lazy one there is Drake Locke-Romero, and my name is Kazuki Kagamiya. Call me Chief, Boss, Kagamiya, whatever works... Just don't call me by my first name. Just relax and wait.. We're still waiting for a lot of people."

"Sure thing mon capitaine," she started, "Forgive the grease, between lubricating the leg and playing this violin, I've given up on a shiny clean lifestyle."

As she said the last of that sentence, Anna walked around to the side of the desk that Kagamiya was seated on and sat on top of the desk, a bit to the man's left. She took another bite of the apple and pulled a trigger on the back of her mechanical leg, which loosened the pressure on her lower thigh and femur. "Phew," she sighed in relief.

"Kazzy, did the others already flake?"

Anna snickered a bit to herself, but soon enough other people started bumbling into the room, one at a time. First a young man, and then a young woman, and then another young man.

Anna took another bite from the apple.

MsSquid 06-16-2012 07:52 PM

Allie had never been out of Sector Epsilon, so today was a bit of an exciting day for her, though not in a particularly good way as she was entering enemy territory. She had her doubts about the orginization she had decided to join. It wasn't the first time she had signed up for something questionable, only for it to lead to her being incarcerated, or robbed. The prospect of the whole "revolution" being a trap didn't bother Allie though because for the first time in her twenty-four years of life, she truly had nothing to lose and no reason to live.

Sector Gamma was unbelievably pleasing on to Allie's eyes. She had never seen cleaner streets, or more pristine buildings. Sector Gamma was far from beautiful to anyone who had lived there for years, but in Allie's eyes it was like an utopia. She hated it. It wreaked of privileged filth, and she silently insulted anyone she saw on the streets.

Allie was confused by Crescent Hall's appearance, as it wasn't a crescent at all. Doubts about the legitimacy of the Erux were starting to bubble in her mind and she grew a bit worried, yet she pressed forward anyway. After admiring crescent hall's polished innards, she found room 5B and punched in the pin code. A rather downtrodden group of different individuals were inside. All pigs to the slaughter, she thought. "I am Allie... Allie Asker. It is a pleasure to meet you all." she said. There was a snack table filled. It looked tempting, but she was certain it was poisoned. So she stood in the corner of the room, away from everyone. She felt awkward.

Dani 06-16-2012 08:10 PM

"Not quite, HiruHiru," Kagamiya didn't seem to bat an eye at Anna this time or at Nihiru's pet name. He simply flipped through some papers and documents before raising a brow upon checking a certain one out. "Drake, come with me... The rest of you just chat with one another or something until we get back."

"But I don't want to get up," Drake groaned.

"Don't make me demote you."

"All right all right," Drake hauled his ass off the couch and walked up to Kagamiya, "What's this about?"

"One of the recruits is..." and so Drake and Kagamiya walked off, slipping through a door close to Kagamiya's desk before their words became totally silenced.

OOC: going to bed just socialize or something etc

Nihil679 06-16-2012 09:05 PM

Nihiru watched as Drake and Kazuki leave. She sighed and wiped her hands clean of the crumbs from the cookie she was eating, picking up the folder she had brought with her and casually flipped through to look busy. Giving up, she tossed it onto the coffee table, almost knocking over a tray of food, and looked up at the recruits.

"Nihiru Honitsu, three year Erux member, I'll be one of your captains." Nihiru let out a loud yawn and picked off a grape out of the cluster she had on the sofa. "'Pleased to meet all of you' or something like that."

Shinkirou 06-16-2012 09:13 PM

"You're not supposed to be here."

In the middle of an alley, a patrol guard began to question Aaron's presence in Sector Gamma, but Aaron didn't respond at all. Arms crossed, Aaron stepped from side-to-side trying to get past the guard.

"Mom told me not to talk to strangers. Now move, or I'm gonna be late for a meeting."

"Meeting? Look, kid, unless you show me some identification that you are a resident of Sector Gamma, then I can't you pass."

Aaron rolled his eyes.
"I'm going to a meeting. Isn't that enough proof for you?"

Like a mountain, the guard didn't seem to budge.
"A meeting, huh? That's as suspicious as your attire. Why the hell do you have a giant beret on your head, anyway?"

The guard pulled on Aaron's beret, but Aaron grabbed onto his hat before it could come off completely.
"Shove off, you big freak! Don't touch my beret, or I'm gonna have to--"

As they were struggling, a bat somehow slipped out of Aaron's beret. Perfect timing, Aaron thought as he grabbed onto his silver bat and swung hard at the guard's face.


The guard fell on the ground. He seemed to have fallen unconscious after Aaron's strike.

"...Or I'm gonna have to hit you. Thanks for wasting my time, jackass."

Aaron stepped over the guard's face as he took a sprint to Memorial Road.


"5B, 5B, 5B, 5B..." Aaron walked around in Crescent Hall, still holding his bat. He found the room and tried to kick the door open, only to make a large thumping noise before swearing to himself.

"That hurt, you damn.. oh wait, pin code."

Aaron rummaged through his bag, looking for the documents that had a pin code on it. Once he found it he punched it in. Then he proceeded to kick the door open. Walking in with his bat over his shoulder, Aaron eyed the group of people that were in the room.

"Heeeellloooo, fellow revolutionaries! Great to be here, yadda yadda... that had better be food I'm seeing, 'cause I'm hella starving!"

Aaron ran to the table of food and began wolfing down on everything.

Marzai 06-16-2012 10:39 PM

The rustic toy shop was bustling. Well, as usual. But the bustling was all due to the more automatic toys. It was usually barren, the large accumulation of dust evident from the sunlight shooting through the windows, almost as if there were no windows to bar its path of radiance. There was a bearded, middle-aged man seated behind the circular oaken desk that occupied a clear shot at the front door. Wearing a black and red plaid shirt, he rested his elbows on its regularly cleaned, evident from its wear. His leathery hands were placed in front of his mouth, eyes closed.

He was entranced by the chimes, dings, and buzzes that surrounded him from the toys that praised his daily toils. There were shelves and racks full of active doodads and thingamajigs, newly made or made seemingly centuries ago. The toys spoke to the man that day; that his was time for his son to go.

Shigga L'Rayle bounded down the stairs, humming a tune his mother had taught him from her homeland. His blondish white shaggy bob bounced with the tune. The black long-sleeved shirt he wore, as always, seemed a little too big; much of his right shoulder was showing, and both sleeves seemed to overtake his hands. However, he carried a sizable duffle bag of who-knows-what and a magenta colored plush bear. His large emerald eyes locked on to his father's solemn position, and he smiled. His equally emerald colored shoes clicked against the stairs until he reached the bottom with a Thud!

It was then that his father opened his eyes, hearing the sound above the toys' clamoring praises. He gave his son a stern gaze not for the sake of sternness, but for knowing the gravity of the decision both he and his son agreed upon for more than a month now.

"...Did you see your mother before you came down, Shigga?" His voice seemed to reflect the dustiness of the little shop on Verdicosba Ave. Raspy, hollow, seemingly older than it should.

"I'd never leave upstairs without seeing her, Dad!" There was an unexpected feminine voice that piped from the son of this toy maker. Then again, it was hard for anyone else to tell. 'Is Shigga a guy?' is the usual question that first occupies a stranger's conscience. What usually follows is an impish grin and no answer to the mystery. The bangles he wore on the wrists didn't help discovering the truth.

"Alright, then," the father said, laying down his arms into his lap. "You may go. With that necklace, you keep us close to your heart."

"Always and forever, Dad," Shigga responded with a beaming smile. "And Magenta will make sure of it. You can count on us! Ciao~!" With a giggle, the boy bounded out the door, leaving the father alone to himself. That day, the shop was closed. If something were to happen to his son - let alone his wife - this would be the day to commemorate it.


"Gee, this sector's pretty snazzy, Magenta!" Shigga sounded more like a tourists on the way to the meeting place. He decided he'd take a small detour of sightseeing, but it was mainly a distraction for himself. The air seemed much fresher than Sector Epsilon's, with patches of green he hadn't seen in his lifetime. The architecture was white and prestine, stalwart in the pride of their designers of ancient times and reproduced by today's finest engineering and construction. Truly magnificent!

It's so exciting, thinking that all of this will be toppled by an army of toys, Shigga mused to himself. He knew that Magenta wouldn't be happier for that to happen. The thought made him extremely giddy, and it motivated him to hasten his stride toward his destination, his necklace pendant slinking and swinging from his neck as his bangles jingled to themselves.


"Five-beeeeeeeee~" Shigga whispered to himself, "Where aaaaare yooooou~?"
Oh, hell, Magenta seemed to think, You're playing hide-and-seek with a room? Shigga paused instantly and looked at his plush bear questionably for a moment.

"...You're probably right; that is pretty stupid," Shigga responded, as if he knew what the plush bear was thinking - if it were capable of thought at all. That didn't stop him from doing his usual cheerful prancing. Evetually, the boy had come across the room labeled '5B' on it - just as the letter had said. He pulled from the left pocket of his loose brown khakis and double-checked to make sure. Yep. T'is the place!

"Heh. Alright, the passcode now," Shigga said to himself, punching in the pincode, "Annnnnnnnnnd~"

"Ray-Ray has arrived~!" the boy said, making sure his voice was extra girlish. He wanted to see how many he could fool - wanted to see how many would mistake his gender. With a giggle, he looked around and measured just how large the room itself was - and just how many people were expected to show up.

"Oh, wow, Magenta," he went on, sounding genuinely feminine, "look at all of these new faces." Shigga proceeded to place a hand horizontally above his brow, clearly exaggerating how big the room was.

"Ooh! Food! Wow, you guys are sooo generous~!" Shigga pranced over with Magenta in tow to a seat midway between the two ends and plopped himself down girlishly, making an 'Emph!' sound while he was at it. Yep. Extra girly.

"As a way of saying thanks," he chimed to everyone, "I've made sure to bring a plushie for everyone!"

The boy dropped his duffle bag straight onto the floor, with it suddenly making a loud, iron Clang! noise that slightly echoed thoughout the room. Shigga, however, didn't budge. He sat there enthusiastically, and smiled slightly impishly.

OOC: Won't be able to post until way later tomorrow. Gonna go with my dad, bro, and sis to drag racing tomorrow for Father's Day.

Mitchi 06-17-2012 03:21 AM

Delia merely observed as more people started to enter the room. Strangely, she didn't feel like eating.

"I didn't expect there to be this many of us." She said with a slight smile.

Joey 06-17-2012 12:21 PM

As people continued to wander in, Anna ignored the majority, picking her apple clean and tossing the remains in a bin near the chief's desk. She considered going to grab more food, until she heard a really confusing sound.

"Ray-Ray has arrived~!"

What was that?! she pondered, Huh... Maybe if I ignore it...

"Oh, wow, Magenta, look at all of these new faces."

Hnnnngh... Anna seemed to groan in her own mind.

"Ooh! Food! Wow, you guys are sooo generous~!"


"As a way of saying thanks, I've made sure to bring a plushie for everyone!"

Finally unable to ignore it any longer, Anna turned to see who was making this squeaky, effeminate sound. What she saw was a guy who suited the bill of what she was expecting. Is he into guys or something? What's with this kid?

"I didn't expect there to be this many of us."

"I'm not too sure what I was expecting myself..." she replied before quietly muttering, "But a room full of eccentrics? What is this going to accomplish?"

Veloze 06-17-2012 02:48 PM

One by one, more people began to enter the increasingly small room, all of which looked and felt just as awkward as everyone else in the room. This made Aysel feel a bit more comfortable, or, well, it would have if it weren't for the overly-effeminate man... woman... person that had entered just a few minutes ago. The guy who entered just before it was at least a little tolerable, even though he tried to kick down the door and started hoarding all of the food.

"That's everyone... right?" Aysel asked, clearly annoyed.

Nihil679 06-17-2012 03:20 PM

"That's everyone... right?"

Nihiru picked up the folder off the coffee table, lazily flipped through it and took a quick head count. "No, missing one." This time, Nihiru simply dropped the folder onto the ground and slowly dropped into the sofa. "But man, these are the new recruits? I seriously hope the few of you can carry the weight of the rest. Feels like I'm going to have to deal with running a circus. At least the captain that had to put up with me had a competent-looking team."

Dani 06-17-2012 04:48 PM

"No kidding," said Drake as he re-entered the room with the Division head, "Well hopefully some of you circus performers flake when we do the first assignment."

Kagamiya couldn't help but chuckle, "Yes well, it seems we're missing our last applicant... I believe he's your cousin, Locke?"

"Yeah," Drake nodded, "He's a med student."

"How interesting," Kagamiya replied, "We'll wait a few more minutes before getting down to business." As he said this, he returned to his big cushioned chair and pulled out a briefcase from under the desk. He neatly places the documents he had been reading a few minutes ago into the case before closing it and returning it to it's original spot.

Drake then turned to the weird bunch of applicants and simply watched them be what they were (for the most part); circus animals. Even when he was an ordinary bombs factory worker in the pits of Sector Delta he wasn't as weird as this bunch. "I somehow dread the coming months of service, now."

Joey 06-17-2012 05:58 PM

"That's everyone... right?"

"No, missing one... But man, these are the new recruits? I seriously hope the few of you can carry the weight of the rest. Feels like I'm going to have to deal with running a circus. At least the captain that had to put up with me had a competent-looking team."

"Can't argue with that," Anna murmured, "This room is packed with baise connards."

"No kidding. Well hopefully some of you circus performers flake when we do the first assignment."

"Yes well, it seems we're missing our last applicant... I believe he's your cousin, Locke?"

"Yeah. He's a med student."

"How interesting... We'll wait a few more minutes before getting down to business."

"I somehow dread the coming months of service, now."

"Wait a minute Capitaine," Anna spoke to the chief while gesturing to Drake, "This lethargic one has a cousin in med school?" She then spoke to Drake, "Are you right-brained in a left-brain family? Pauvre vous..."

Satisfied with this remark, she reached down to her violin case and pulled out the weighty steel instrument and strummed a few strings, before beginning to softly play the prelude for Bach's Partita for Violin No. 3.

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