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Sandrie 01-01-2012 08:49 PM

Paradise Found - Mabi RP v2
Port Cobh, the port of hope and dreams. Except perhaps for today.

Two people sit in the bar next to each other. It's a rather small bar, but it seems particularly crowded this day.

"Look at this!" Laila gleefully said to her robed friend.

In her hands was a brilliantly shining wand. It has wings on it and sparkles with electricity.

"I worked so hard to get this! It's so pretty too!" she said, giddy.

"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!" a drunken voice echos through the bar.
A man with a grin on his face. His face is flushed, his blonde hair is unkempt, as he staggers about the room. His clothes make him seem rich but at the same time something appears off.
"It's so shiny, can I seeee-"

"No, get away you-" the woman said, but before she could finish the man took it out of her hands and begins to wave it around.

"Noooo, my wand, stop that!!"

The man continues to walk around shaking the wand as if he was casting something.

"Hey Antonio, look at this!" his friend looks in horror when he loses grip of the wand and it crash lands into a bunch of empty bottles. Laila quickly runs over to see that her wand did not survive the fall, as broken as the bottles were.

There was moment of silence before Laila said to the blonde man, "Oh, It. IS. ON."


Dani 01-01-2012 09:31 PM

Kai looked to his friend, Laila, who was showing off her obnoxiously shiny and tacky wand. "Look at this!" Laila gleefully said to him. Though he didn't care about the silly trinket he was still happy to see his companion had obtained what she wanted and really as long as he didn't think about the blinding shininess of the wand it would be okay. "I worked so hard to get this! It's so pretty too!"

"Haha, well you best take care of it then," Kai pat his friend on the back, "Remember what happened to your alchemist suit... And that ice wand, too."

"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy!" a drunken voice echos through the bar. Kai turned to look at the owner of the voice, who was a blond man grinning copiously who was quick to snatch the wand, commenting on it's shininess.

Kai blinked, chugged his drink and slammed down the mug before saying, "Ohhhh boy." Soon enough the wand fell and was smashed into countless pieces along with a bunch of bottles. "You've done it now... You're soooooo screwed," the man chimed.

"Oh, It. IS. ON."

"So very screwed," he repeated.

Joey 01-01-2012 09:38 PM

The youthful giantess, Yuri Richards, stood behind the bar mixing drinks and enjoying the atmosphere. And why not? Annick, the owner, had finally caved and let her come in to get some experience as a bartender under her belt. The budding wonder chef had a lot more to learn, and bartending tends to make a hefty chunk of change, so it's definitely worth the trouble.

...Or so she thought.

"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! -- It's so shiny, can I seeee-"

"No, get away you- Noooo, my wand, stop that!!"

"Hey Antonio, look at this!"

Until this point, Yuri had just been ignoring the coming situation, but what happened next was enough to trigger a real reaction. As the wand crashed into the bottles, the tinkling of glass hitting the ground was enough to make her head jerk up.

"Ohhhh boy. You've done it now... You're soooooo screwed."

"Oh, It. IS. ON."

"So very screwed."

"Huh..." Yuri said softly to no one in particular, before eyeing the bar owner and saying, "Am I okay to throw mugs at their heads?"

PKShota 01-01-2012 09:58 PM

Ruca walked through the streets of Port Cobh, trying to clear her thoughts about things. Other than that, she was trying to think about what to do next, since she was completely bored.

"Ugh, it's so hard to find difficult monsters," she mumbled to herself. "Maybe I'll ask around town and see if they know anything..."

Her better choice was to head to the pub, a place where information was either reliable or not, and where shenanigans can issue. Ruca reached the entrance of the bar, now just opening the door. She only took one step in until she heard a furious tone.

"Oh, It. IS. ON."

RoflKnife 01-01-2012 11:57 PM

Inside the lighthouse, Monte, Elena, and Gilbert were waiting in a corner, ready to scare the living daylights out of someone. Last night, Gilbert suggested that they "haunt" the lighthouse of Port Cobh. Elena added that they should paint all the windows and lights inside black, so it's pitch dark. It would be easy to scare people, and the fact that the beacon at the top would be blocked would surely bring in tons of potential prey, attempting to find out what's wrong.

And so, in the middle of the night, Monte stole a pail of black paint and a paint brush. They sneaked into the lighthouse, and started painting all the windows black, removing any light sources inside. Before Monte put out the beacon, Gilbert wanted to make it creepier, and wanted to bring some seaweed to smear on the walls to make it slimy. After a midnight dip in the water, Monte brought huge globs of seaweed in the lighthouse, slopping it everywhere. The walls were sticky and slimy, it was hard to see, and the floor was now slippery with seaweed.

Putting the beacon out, they hid somewhere, and waited. They had a handful of guests entering the lighthouse, completely confused by what happened. Some of them slipped on the stairs, and the trio had to stifle their laughter. They made some unnatural noises, with classic ghost moans, scaring most of the guests off. There was one person brave enough to head to the top, but Monte popped out and frightened him, sending him tumbling down the stairs and running off. Throughout the night, they could hear their bewildered and unnerved guests talking to each other, saying the lighthouse was haunted.

Morning had come, and now they were waiting for more.

Marzai 01-02-2012 07:40 PM

All he wanted was some peace and quite so he could read "Eternal Rest." For the thirty-sixth time. But it wasn't just for enjoyment. Rather, it was for eye-coordination, to better his vision and identification of minute details with just a glance.

But no. There was the ruckus:

"Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy! -- It's so shiny, can I seeee-"

"No, get away you- Noooo, my wand, stop that!!"

"Hey Antonio, look at this!"

Fwip~! Bdingaliding~!!!

An irritated growl escaped from the young scholar, biting down slightly on his bottom lip in frustration. He clicked his boots together two times as he pondered why he came here.

"Ohhhh boy. You've done it now... You're soooooo screwed."

"Oh, It. IS. ON."

"So very screwed."

He drank his wine, clearly irked as the Giantess bartender looked at her employer, asking the OK for throwing mugs.

"You know what? Fine," Desta suddenly piped up, slamming his own glass onto the counter. careful enough not to shatter it. He spun sharply around on the stool he perched on, placing one leg atop the other in an irritated relaxation. His cylinder shimmered under his left arm as he propped his elbows onto the bar behind him, his Composite Shield leaned onto the side of the stool.

"I shouldn't have expected quietude in a pub. I'll have to read this later..." He closed the book and tossed on the surface of the bar, then propped his cheek in his right hand.

Eventually, though, a smile appeared on his face. "Now, this will be interesting. I bet on the girl!"

PedroRomero 01-03-2012 11:13 PM

Darkness had enveloped the outer world when Blanche emerged from his dungeon home. It was the first time on the outside but it had to be done. There were things more important than his displeasure of the light and the beings associated with it. The beings who often ventured into his home for reasons that escaped him other than to bring havoc.

He walked remembering the poem scribbled in a tome he left behind. Thinking about those bitter words warmed him and he pressed on through the night under the glow of the moon and stars. Fatigue did not overcome him for he was not a creature in need of sustenance and as the foreign sun light began to make its appearance as a purple line on the horizon he could see his destination.

As he stood there at the edge of the forest he could see the rolling hills of farmland that stretched before him. This was the land of the hume, the land of the enemy, the land of the ones who could help him. The ones who would. And thus he pressed on towards the scattered structures in the distance, a town he would learn is called Dunbarton (that's the name of the town right?)

Sandrie 01-05-2012 12:27 AM

The blonde man didn't quite notice that Laila's precious new wand was broken. He continued to stagger about, mumbling gibberish to his friend.That is until he got a punch to the stomach. He reeled back in pain, and fell back on his friend. He quickly (as quick as a drunkard could) got up and began a full out brawl.

"Hey come on, what would Portia th-" Antonio said but was cut off.

At this point, the twosome had quite a bit of attention from the other bar-goers but at this point neither of them seemed to care. They were pushing each other into tables, knocking down other people's drinks and tables.

Annick gave a sigh and told the giantess, "Ay, just get 'em out of here. And make sure someone pays for this mess!"

((Sven, Dunbarton would be the closest town from Peaca yeah, Port Cobh is east of it. I'll post a map later))

Marzai 01-09-2012 09:54 AM

"Hmm..." Seeing the punch to the blonde fool made the young alchemist scholar frown. In fact, that punch really seemed to make him cringe.

"I'd use alchemy," Desta said to himself, "but the barrier spikes would launch through the floor, a water cannon shot would make everything wet, flame burst is out of the question, a wind blast would send them headfirst into a wall, a golem would be too big..."

After reasoning, with himself, he paused for a moment, then gave a wry smirk as the bangs of his hair curtained his eyes.

"Sand Burst would make them blind. A little mess of sand wouldn't do too much harm here."

The young alchemist got up from his seat and loaded two clay crystals in his cylinder, then shot one at the enraged mage and the other at the drunken idiot.

Joey 01-09-2012 10:55 AM

"Ay, just get 'em out of here. And make sure someone pays for this mess!"

"Alright then," she replied before picking up an ashtray and bouncing it off of the heads of the two who had gotten themselves into a fight. "LISTEN!" Yuri shouted, "YOU CAN FIGHT ALL THE **** YOU WANT, BUT TAKE IT OUTSIDE."

"AND YOU," she continued, pointing at the obvious drunk, "YOU'LL BE PAYING FOR DAMAGES, GOT IT?"

She grabbed the two by the backs of their collars and hoisted them up, and looked to the alchemist who had just sand bursted them in the face. "I appreciate the effort," she stated, "Now grab a broom and sweep that shit up."

As she hauled the bickering pair outside, she brushed past some girl who was standing in the doorway. Paying her no heed, she stood the two outside and simply said, "You're welcome to come back in, when you can behave like adults. You don't see me coming into your place of business and breaking shit, do you?"

PKShota 01-09-2012 01:23 PM

"Geez, the place gets more idiots these days," Ruca thought to herself. She walked on inside, trying to pass by the seemingly angry giantess. She stopped to find the sight of sand spread on the ground, as well as an alchemist going ahead to grab a broom.

Ruca heavily sighed. She felt like she lived in a town of lunatics. She took a seat away from the messy floor and tables and watched the next scene roll.

Dani 01-14-2012 03:31 PM

Letting out a sigh, Kai got up and casually left the bar without paying the bill. He followed the midget-giant (oh the irony!) and his friend outside, slipping his hand into the hood of his ridiculous attire and scratched at the back of his head, "Yo, Laila, you okay? Let's just get out of here."

He looked to the giantess lecturing his friend and the blond man who stunk like the inside of a hobo's shoe mixed with the stink of alcohol, then back at his friend, "Remember the rumours about that imp disguised as a human who hangs around Dunbarton? We gotta go crack the case for that." He put a arm around her shoulder and began to lead her away. Be it intended to be romantic at all in the slightest or just to get the two the heck out of there is unknown.

Marzai 01-14-2012 07:43 PM

The alchemist got up from his seat, scratching at the back of his head with a grin.

"Alright, alright. Calm down now. No need to get your thong up your ass." He retorted.

"I guess I oughta clean up after myself. Don't want to be too much of a slouch, no surree," he said to himself, grabbing a broom and dust pan. Of course, it wasn't much sand. Just a small pile, is all. He was thorough though. Not one visible spec left.

"Well, I guess it's time I found some other place...much quieter than here." Desta grabbed his book from the counter, immediately flipping through the pages as he walked and practiced his speed reading. On the way out, he elbowed the giantess on the hip on accident, without notice.

He did turn to her, closing the book.

"Anything else you desire of me, miss?" he asked the giantess, still maintaining the lazy, carefree grin.

Shinkirou 01-15-2012 01:50 PM

On top of the corpse of a black grizzly bear sat a young man dressed in purple. Obvious wounds were showing all across the bear's body as Shinkirou got off the bear and pulled his sword out of the bear.

"Thanks for being such a nice sheathe for my blade. It's a shame you had to attack me, out of everyone in this world. If you were a bit more lucky, you wouldn't be dead right now!"

Shinkirou looked into the distance. Port Cobh was his next destination. He needed to sell some valuables he got from hunting. It was going to be a pretty long walk, but Shinkirou didn't mind the extra exercise he was going to get.

PKShota 01-22-2012 07:08 PM

Ruca sighed and set her elbow on the table. She did enjoy a scene, but not in the current mood she was in. She looked at Annick, who was staring at the open door.

"Maybe she would know something..." then Ruca put her head on the table, "...maybe not."

So. bored.

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