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Joey 04-28-2013 12:42 PM

Ahjussi's Cooking Material Locations Guide
Original Guide located at:

Ahjussi's Cooking Material Locations Guide - WarpPortal Community Forums

Ahjussi's Cooking Material Locations Guide

I decided to make this for the convenience of all chefs.



West Mt. Mjollnir Edible Jellopy – Poring Edible Pollen – Flip

East Mt. Mjollnir High Protein Collagen – Fabre / Thiefbug Grasshopper Hindleg – Rocker Edible Antenna - Swamp Thiefbugs Tough Leaf – Andanora Butterfly Tube – Creamy

South Plain Green Jellopy – Poporing Flip’s Stamen – [Red Plain Flip, Plain Flip, Breeze Flip] Low Fat Omega 3 – Rabong Tough Meat – Blue Rackuf / Brown Rackuf Peco Peco Meat – Peco Peco Edible Gondre Stem – Wormtail Frog Egg – Rodafrog

Izrud Hill Crab Pincer – Coraltus Fresh Fish Meat – Mermen & Mermaids Edible Grasshopper Wing – Trancer

Payon Forest Million Mushroom – Spore / Truffle Smoldering Heart – Horong Toad Webbed Feet – [Toad, Poison Toad] Snake Backbone No. 5 – Boa Solid Bear Front Paw – Bigfoot

Joey 04-28-2013 12:42 PM

Original Guide located at:

Ahjussi's Cooking Material Locations Guide - WarpPortal Community Forums


Maple Forest Herbal Eggplant Peel – Mandragora Large Slippery Scale – Python Hot Mantis Urine – Mantis Gremlin Wrinkle Feet – Gremlin

Divided Plain Tail Skin – Pereiz Snake Tongue – Male & Female Boa Crunchy Shell – Potemkin Antibacterial Pig Tail – Savage Chewy Antenna – [Castoff Hellbug Warrior & Worker] / Powder

Verta Delta Senticosus Fruit – Francoou Root Tentacle – [Nependeath, Nependes] Water Soluble Sweetened Sap - Manderu Topshell Horn – [Feartus, Hermitus, Pearltus]

Sogratt Desert Frog Fin – Sandfrog Striped Nose – Sand Stalker / Fennec Anaconda Poison Gland - Anacondak

Road of Bless Light Inner Wing – Gold Creamy / Mettler / Gold Powder Marblingbling Sirloin – Desert Peco / Desert Wolf Tender Tail Meat – [Hazel, Wazel, Gerbil] Fugu Flank Meat – Desert Fugu

chiyeon 05-07-2013 09:42 PM

cooking tiem >:3

Joey 05-07-2013 09:53 PM

Really this list isn't too necessary, as you'll likely run across every single one of these items in game as long as you play far enough (especially if you do all your quests and khara quests). Still, felt like something nice to bring over to our forum.

KaiotakiBun 05-08-2013 07:52 PM

oh man, now im jealous. what about for Artisan materials? :(

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