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Shanni 07-23-2013 04:58 PM

[Notice] Patch Notes 7/24 Patch Notes - 7/24/2013

*Will update as more come in

a.Dark Illusion for Rogues and Assassins has been fixed and should work normally
2.Job change
a.Job change will be done after completing the quest. No need to click job change button anymore
a.New Khara
i.Red Cow, Blue Cow – Acquire and use Hong-I’s Essence and Chung-I’s Essence from the Garden of Baphomet (HARD).
- Title: Successor, STR+30/INT+30/AGI+30/WIL+10/VIT+48
ii.Fairytale Author from the other world – Acquire and use Deviruchi’s Picture Book 1, 2, 3, 4 from the Garden of Baphomet (HARD).
- Title: Intellect, STR+32/INT+32/AGI+32/WIL+9/VIT+43
iii.Three emotions – Acquire and use Patience, Fury, and Happiness from the Garden of Baphomet (HARD).
- Title: Equilibrium, STR+31/INT+31/AGI+31/WIL+11/VIT+44
iv.Breakthrough Arena – Defeat Gearbaz, Entraion, Giant Driller in Arena (Hard) within required time.
- Title: Fast & Furious, STR+31/INT+31/AGI+31/WIL+10/VIT+45
v.Ensemble of Hell – Acquire Guitarist’s Guitar, Vocalist’s Microphone, Pianist’s Remote Keyboard from Culvert of Abyss (Hard).
- Title: Rockstar, STR+31/INT+30/AGI+31/WIL+11/VIT+45
vi.Abyssal Fish – Defeat 333 Abyss Megalodon from Culvert of Abyss (Hard).
- Title: Abyssal Fisherman, STR+34/INT+30/AGI+30/WIL+10/VIT+44
vii.Huge Fan of Rockstar – Defeat 111 Guitari Fan, 111 Piani Fan, and 111 Bokari Fan from Culvert of Abyss (Hard).
- Title: Misery, STR+30/INT+30/AGI+34/WIL+10/VIT+44
viii.Keep on catching – Defeat 333 Black Shell Robberbug from Culvert of Abyss (Hard).
- Title: Endless, STR+30/INT+34/AGI+30/WIL+10/VIT+44
i.Rat Master Kremp’s Khara Mission will not work appropriately.
4.Kafra Shop
a.New Items
i.Premium Mount Box VI
ii.BigHorns Reins (30 Days)
iii.Munil’s Accessory Random Box VI
b.Set Effects
i.Heavy Forgetfulness Kafra Set (Kafra’s Forgotten Bag + Maid Headband): Bonus Effect: Vigor Rate 2% increase, Haste Rate 2% increase, Critical Rate 2% increase, Hit Rate 4% increase
ii.Kafra’s Forgotten Bag can be acquired from Phantom Pyramid
iii.Maid Headband can be traded with The Chance Coupon
iv.Magic Lamp’s gift set effect removed
v.Gothic Loli Set effect removed
d.Phantom Pyramid Reward Change
i.Fashion Mask Random Box
ii.Kafra’s Forgotten Bag
a.Dusky’s respawn time in Pron Fortress has been changed from 1 hour to 10 minutes.
b. 10 second Invincibility buff added to players entering the WoE map that is removed if the player attacks or uses a skill.
c. First gate's HP has been reduced.

Source: Patch Notes 7/24 - RO 2 Community Chat - WarpPortal Community Forums

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