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Shanni 07-18-2013 06:46 PM

[Event] Weekend Events 7/18 Weekend Events - 7/18/2013

Hello folks! It is almost weekend and we have a few events in store for all of you loyal fans.

From Fri 7/19 to Mon 7/21, there will be two extra Colosseum times at 10am PDT and 3pm PDT each day. This is to thank everyone for being so patient during the days with disconnection and map issues.

Also, Monster Invasion is coming back this Fri-Sunday. There is a twist this time; the exact location of the monster will not be revealed (only the channels). It is up to you to locate the monster and save Rune-Midgarts. Please keep an eye on Facebook, because voting will be taking place there as well as event start announcements. Click here to go to our facebook page!


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